Paul Evans: The Story of My Unique Family

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— The story of my unique nuclear family, the Evans family:
With my dad’s passing in 2012, I am the last of us alive,
even my sister has passed away. They were a highly accomplished
but basically classless group in their opinion, and we
all cared about our fellow man a lot and followed
the news closely. Now that I’ve been alone for more
than five years, I’m finally realizing just
how blessed I was. If you have family, love them all you can.
You never know when you might lose them, when God
might take them to heaven. Being alone can be hard.

January 10, 2018
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Paul Evans: The Story
of My Unique Family

If I (myself) can be homeless five times, coming
from my family, it can happen to anyone: one must
not regard the poor and the common man
with any superiority or disdain, ye rich ones.
It could just as easily be you!

The Daily Walk with Love, January 10, 2018, by Paul Evans. I want to sum up each of the significant people in my nuclear family (and their parents) with a paragraph each. It is a pretty unique heritage, insofar as I can see, and I am proud of and grateful to each of them. I fight a feeling all the time, a feeling I have let them down, with my lack of social and monetary success, but I do my best with The Daily Walk with Love, and this is all which has suggested itself to do in my time left, as I struggle with mental illness on full (minimum) disability. I do think I’m doing much better, but getting old too: I’ll be 61 on the 27th of this month. And so it goes, I’m LONELY folks, and I do love to chat, won’t you open up a chat with me, Paul Evans at Thanks. Video is U2 Greatest Hits Full Album 2018 ♪ღ♫ U2 Collection ♪ღ♫ U2 The Best of 1980-1990-2000 Playlist, YouTube — 1:56:46. Featured photograph of me, Paul, is from October 3, 2017, and the photograph below is me with my mother Eleanor in 1961, when I was four years old, and are released to the Public Domain.

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The Story of The Evans Family: My dad Jack was a good father to me, although he was somewhat wrapped up in his own intellectual concerns. We hung out a lot together. He primarily studied languages, and was fluent in perhaps ten. He was actually born John Gough, son of Galen Gough (which is Gaelic – Scottish – or Irish, not sure which), but that man soon left dad’s mom for personal reasons I needn’t go into. His mom, Fannie Mae Mathiesen, a Dane who also had English blood (the Henry’s), soon remarried Solson E. Levensky, a Ukrainian Jewish man who joined dad’s Baptist-raised mother and went into Unity together. After a stint in the Pacific in WWII, dad was in intelligence services, ASA (Army Security), AFSIA (a continuation of the WWII OSS and predecessor to CIA), then NSA and CIA. In CIA, dad was in charge of and chief editor for two sections of Russian emigres. Then CIA had him do some statistical work and some “field work,” which he strongly disliked. Dad was happy there only working with languages. With a masters degree from Georgetown in Russian history in hand, dad left intelligence and taught college most of his life. He eventually got a Ph.D. from Yale, and his Ph.D. dissertation was on “Structure and Style in the Drama of A.P. Chekov.” His last job teaching was at The College of Wooster. Later, dad and I together took care of the four acres of property we owned and lived at northwest of Wooster above a little village called Overton. Dad spent his last few years at WestView Manor Christian nursing home here in Wooster, passing on on May 3, 2012 at the age of 87.

Paul E Evans and his mother Eleanor Krieger Evans when Paul was 4 years old in 1961

Dad’s stepfather (the only father dad ever knew from infancy), Solson E. Levensky, was somewhat notable in his career, too. Evans is actually a shortening of Levensky, but we’re not related. Levensky started out as a Marine captain, chasing the guerrilla Sandino around the Nicaraguan countryside in the 1920s. In the 1930’s, dad’s whole family moved to Shanghai, (Nationalist) China, where Levensky (whom we always just called “Skipper,”) was in charge of the marine contingents guarding the gunboats on the Yangtze, or Yellow River. They actually made a movie about that starring Humphrey Bogart, called “The Sand Pebbles,” (1966), YouTube — 2:18:53, which is a pretty darned good (free) movie (turn the volume way up). Skipper finished his career with the Marines in command of the battalion of marines guarding the nation’s Capital in WWII. After that Fannie Mae (or “Mo” as she was known) and Skipper lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in the 1950’s through the 70’s. They used to sail small boats up and down the Atlantic coast. After making a good deal of money selling insurance in his retirement, Skipper died young from a bad heart valve. Mo moved up to Wooster in the late 70’s, attended Central Christian Church, and passed on in 2002 at the age of 97. Dad and I visited her twice a week and played dominoes with her while she lived in Wooster.

My mother, Eleanor (Louise) Krieger Evans, worked hard for her family. She was a very private woman and somewhat paranoid of the world “out there,” so we soon moved out to an isolated place outside Wooster, in 1985. I have been myself much happier since moving back into town late last year. However initially mom did quite a lot of work with the League of Women Voters and was instrumental in keeping the old Wayne County Courthouse intact and remodeled over the years. Most of us now realize that this structure is what sets Wooster apart and gives us a big part of our identity. With a B.S. in Botany, mom worked in a seed lab for Yale University, then later in Arlington, Virginia as an EKG and EEG tech (both), and finally worked for 11 years here in Wooster at the state agricultural station (O.A.R.D.C) as a tech in veterinary pathology. She also helped my sister raise and train our beloved doberman pinschers. But always she was a devoted mother who loved her family very much. Smoking killed mom at age 81 on February 8, 2007.

Mom’s father was a fairly famous anthropologist, Herbert W. (Wilhelm) Krieger, who was born in 1889, and with whom my family lived eight years of my childhood. We all called him simply “Grand.” His particular area of expertise was cultural anthropology, and in those earlier years this included the sub-disciplines of both archaeology and sociology. Grand was quiet, shy and kind, he got upset a few times but I never saw him angry once. The most important papers of Dr. Krieger can be found at the Smithsonian Libraries, or see the registry of all Dr. Krieger’s work, here (a life’s effort that takes up 14 feet of shelf space). A summary of significant events in his life is there too. Grand retired from the staff of the United States National Museum and was made Honorary Research Associate, U. S. N. M. in 1957, the year I was born, and purchased a pre-Civil War place down in Louisa, Virginia, where it was a pleasure to pass the warm weather months. Dr. Krieger passed on at age 81 on July 1, 1970. His wife (mom’s mom), Louise Schaele (often misspelled O-umlaut-E), was a noted concert pianist who nonetheless suffered from bad bouts of mania. When my mom was only eight years old Louise (or Lucy as we called her) was permanently hospitalized because of her mania and the lack of any good modern drugs to treat it. She never got out of the hospital and died in a psychiatric nursing home. I was never even allowed to meet grandma Lucy. What a shame.

My sister, Katharine Krieger Evans and I were not personally close, though we did a lot together, and I assisted her in training our “dobies” in obedience, utility, companion dog and confirmation, and going to dog shows in those areas. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but I tried to help. Katharine went to Virginia Tech as an undergraduate, majoring in animal science, and then to the Ohio State University veterinary school. She worked as a veterinarian in several areas around north central Oho, including Wooster, Dover, Kidron and Canal Fulton. Her health was never that good as she battled obesity and bad osteoarthritis, which combination ultimately killed her. She had to take much strong pain medication and I feel it was ultimately this which was fatal. Katharine was somewhat of a profile in courage as she couldn’t walk much the last three years of her life but kept working anyway, standing up to do her surgeries. She passed on October 8, 2007 after 59 days in intensive care, at the age of 52.

About me, Paul Evans: I have 10 years of college in geology, earth science, paleontology, geography and environmental science, with a liberal arts undergraduate curriculum and a B.A. from Miami University (Ohio, 1980). I did everything but write the thesis of my masters. I have edited 12 books including one on causes and cures for cancer (favorably reviewed by the U.N.), and one on spiritualism which you can buy on Amazon. I had the cover of History magazine with an article on the naval battle of Trafalgar, and I am published online in OpEd News, Daily Kos; in the Facebook communities for Fox News Politics, Fox News Chicago, and Fox Carolina News, and in many Google Plus communities including the Official Anonymous community and Fox Politics News. IF words and logic mean ANYTHING God is very real, and I also feel that the Christian religion is justified. At the same time, I would never judge you based on your particular religious faith, just as Jesus Himself helped the Roman Centurian Cornelius, who as such as an enemy of the Jewish people, and the Samaritan woman (since Jews were not supposed to even speak to the Samaritan people). I had a perfectly normal childhood but ran into mental difficulties at the end of my undergraduate years due to an unhappy love affair, which has only been magnified a few times since then by more troubles with women. HEY I am turning 61 years old on January 27th, let’s celebrate somehow! For friends, email Paul at God Bless everyone, and Blessed Be, too!

Also see Paul Evans: Who I Am & What I Stand For, The Daily Walk with Love, December 24, 2017, by Paul Evans.

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