Overview: What’s Going On in the American and World Arena of Politics

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Overview: What’s Going On in the American and World Arena of Politics is an attempt to show my readers some terminology, and show them where the battle lines are drawn in the political world. If we could just realize how morally good Donald Trump is, and how he stands (almost alone) in the global political arena, I’m sure that more of us would support him.

July 5, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Overview: What’s Going On
in the American and World
Arena of Politics

A primer for the politically new,
unsophisticated or “lost in the jargon,”
with references to Donald Trump’s Presidency

The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 5, 2017, by Paul Evans. This is an excerpt of a letter to a friend. Hopefully you might gain some knowledge of terms, just who is who and who you should ally yourself with as Christian patriots (or ANY patriotic Americans).

There are three or four things going on in the world that are really important. The first is an impending monetary collapse and/or reoganizatiton: The Shanghai cooperative of 40 strong nations is changing over to the yuan as their trading currency and mathematically this means the U.S. MUST not borrow and must balance the budget and very soon. Otherwise we risk another great depression. The second thing is the New World Order Illuminati and a possible viral attack on ordinary citizens: this must be thwarted. I find it interesting that my doctor just today prescribed me the antiviral drug Amantadine. I will republish my article on viral drugs: every human is of equal importance to God, who is “no respecter of persons.” We are ALL precious to Him and there will be no depopulation on Trump’s watch. Thirdly there is a neo-nazi plot worked into the New World Order plot, with German pharmaceuticals at work led by ex-Nazi officials. Much of this is a “Jezebel spirit” plot at the top: Beware of ultra-fundamentalist Christians who drink a lot of beer. The whole globalist EU began this way: Alex Jones called it WWII continued by other means.

Finally there is a Communist (Stalinist) plot being run out of the Russian Cultural Centers (with a Facebook group for each one). Then There is President Trump frankly trying to hold our nation together and stand for truth, justice and American culture. Some of you consider that you are “liberal.” “Liberal” lost it’s meaning (or much of it) when it morphed into something called “neoliberal” under Bill Clinton. It’s your basic New World Order/ global currency wars hogwash and the Clintons are corrupt and evil. Hillary would have been “more of the same only worse,” and may well have caused WWIII and nuclear winter by now. Colin Powell said she “screws up everything she ever touched” but then greatly disappointed many of us and supported her in the last stages of the campaign. Trump won because God loves America and because of the blatant corruption of the Clintons, which we somewhat exposed here on The Daily Walk with Miracles. During the campaign, one-quarter of Bernie Sanders supporters, the savvy ones, said they would support Donald Trump. He is America’s President and he deserves a fair chance to do things his way now.

To balance the budget as we now must, some 13 percent must be cut: It is NOT that Donald Trump is at all a mean-spirited man, but because we will not be able to borrow as we have, we must balance the budget soon. Otherwise we risk failure of some of our biggest investment banks such as CITI and the German giant DeutchBank and a terrible Great Depression again. The main factor is greed, illegal program trading and the utter failure of the U.S. global currency wars. It’s time we approached foreign policy under Trump’s “America First” concept and micro-finance in Third World nations. American exceptionalism had translated into several Presidents’ New World Order and this scheme was inherently flawed and failed. Let’s look at investing here at home and at micro-finance.

I hope and pray it is not too late to save this great nation. Our stock market (and dollar) is some 50 percent overvalued and there will be a market correction and recession, if not worse (says that paragon of predictive information’s website, The Royal Bank of Scotland. Please pray for President Trump… I pray for his safety and success every day and withdrawing from the Pacific Trading Partnership and Clexit PROVE he has his heart in the right place. Also, going all out to replace jobs lost to automation is exactly the right thing to do. He would do more if Congress were not so corrupt. OK, “Corporations are people,” (out of Old English Law and the Citizen’s United SCOTUS decision). As people, corporations have a right to free speech (lobbyists). Thus we find ourselves badly in need either publicly funded elections or term limits. And we need a slightly progressive fair and flat tax, with a full revision of the tax code. But you know and I know that Congress as currently constituted won’t do that. The one fix for that which is possible is term limits, and I pray for the President to order that as an executive order ASAP, before the 2018 mid-term elections.

The level of inequality and lack of upward social mobility is just too high for the average American. I hope and pray with all my might that the super-rich might see reason and lessen our burden before they cause the economy to implode or there is some kind of revolution. I know that if Donald Trump were leading us, most of the 30 million, mostly-combat-trained Christian militia would follow you into hell, sir.

photograph of President Trump talking to CIA personnel

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