OK, Automation and Artificial Intelligence & Robots. In the name of God Don’t Forget Compassion for the Common Man

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— OK, artificial intelligence and automation are the course for
the future. We HAVE to ALL OF US make sure that the common man
has a decent future, too. Or else you are basically embarking
on a course of cultural genocide, and believe me,
God is real, and He will punish you. And so
will your consciences, if you have any. Are the global elite
embarking on a course of cultural or real genocide
against the common man under the guise of technology?
It would be so “convenient” if the poor
weren’t around now, wouldn’t it? (And maybe it could be a
gradual, creeping thing like the New World Order….)

July 19, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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The Daily Walk with Love

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OK, Automation and Artificial Intelligence.
In the name of God Don’t Forget
Compassion for the Common Man

Business and the Tech World Are Moving
Ahead with Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Robots:
But what’s to Become of the Common Man?

The Daily Walk with Love republished with editing, July 19, 2020, by Paul Evans. We are republishing this post because of popular demand — over 25,000 people have read this since it’s initial publication, a little over a year ago. It is without doubt the most read article I have ever written: so here it is again for everyone (including you rich folks). Included photograph courtesy of Parents Magazine. And NONE of this is classified. Please read it if you missed it so far, and pass it on. PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE.

The way it seems to me, the economy is about to implode and the dollar lose 50 percent of its value. Stocks are 70 to 80 percent over-valued vs. what they are worth. Maybe in the end (even if the world is only for the Illuminati, and the rest of us killed off by disease and war), we’ll get a global currency backed by gold. Dr. Ron Paul and others have warned us this would happen, noting that no major power has ever continued as a great power unless their currency is backed by gold. Many people feel the economy will collapse sometime this year, that maybe that is immanent. With the collapse of the stock market, and the dollar as worthless as the German Mark was in the early 1930’s, I foresee that President Trump will feel compelled to occuppy our cities and towns “to maintain order and oversee a minimum supply of food….” Everyone, then, should co-operate with the locsal, state and Federal authorities …and pray!

A few years ago, Rand Paul got a 78 to 18 veto-proof vote to end the (perceived) illegal aspects of surveillance by NSA. It is not my point to criticize the NSA surveillance, and this website, for example, has always supported the Patriot Act. If Anonymous really understood the critical nature of the cyber-warfare directed against America, for example, to take down our electrical grid, they would support it, too. The point here is that an alliance between the right and the left exists right now in the Senate and can get such a vote on points of agreement. One such agreement exists on issues involving the fate of the common man. It seems to me that the Zionist bankers and Illuminati seem determined to engage on a course of de facto genocide against the common man, although I feel this will be a creeping evil, like Obama’s 50 percent food stamps cut (five percent a year for ten years). If only all America knew the truth! Donald Trump cares a LOT about the common man, but right now is terribly constrained in what he can do and say. It will not always be so, though, and hopefully soon we will see a full end to Illuminati control over America, and finally we will be free! Meanwhile, it will get really, really bad for us. Please, if Trump feels the need, in the future, to “dismiss Congress,” or other drastic measures, I call on not only his base but also the left (on all those who care about the fate of the common man) to fully support the President.

Also see Pope Francis on “the God of Mercy”, The Daily Walk with Love, March 10, 2018, by Paul Evans.

— OK, artificial intelligence and automation are the course for the future. We HAVE to ALL OF US make sure that the common man has a decent future. Or else you are basically embarking on a course of cultural genocide, and believe me, God is real, and He will punish you. And so will your consciences, if you have any. Are the global elite embarking on a course of cultural or real genocide against the common man under the guise of technology?

There was an especially interesting article in Business Insider (or maybe ZDNet) to the effect that when this technological singularity occurred and machines and computers and robots became smarter than humans, some 87 percent of us would be in the “leisure class.” The article has since disappeared. Um, and just how many of us common folk would be there with you? Have the Illuminati or super-rich ever cared much about the poor, the sick and the homeless (did you know that there are some 300,000 veterans homeless?) They split up the middle class. Some went upward into the realm of “the good life,” but probably most of them, financially, should count themselves among the poor, now. They can’t understand this or accept their fate with any kind of acceptance, so what do they do? They borrow to make up the difference. Thus it is a fact that 87 percent of Americans die in debt, and the average debt is $61,000. Apparently the very rich among us no longer have any feelings for them, they have been weighed and found wanting so this is just “too bad” for them.

This is evil — such a sickening statistic. OK, the first robot has showed up at my local Wal-Mart, just as I predicted. ALL of the huge Amazon warehouse is staffed entirely by robots, with only three human supervisors, and where there are still humans working, they are actually being supervised, hired and fired by robots. And personally I believe the Singularity occurred with Windows 8.0. Could any human have designed that Start menu? And did you notice that with Windows 8.0 the Creator folder disappeared out of the Windows folder, Now we get the we see very small differences in the same video of the same song on YouTube. That started occurring about two years ago. And the very poor and homeless are being sent to FEMA camps in out-of-the-way places, outside of which are 5.2 million “coffin liners” stacked (Snopes verified). We are totally neglecting the common man in our planning. I see technology running rammpant. Despite actions taken by the President, jobs remain fairly static, and a lot of people are “falling off the back of their unemployment money” and many, many people who have given up and looking for a job, and so are not counted in the unemployment statistics.

See Have Compassion for Your Brother, Even As God Loves You, The Daily Walk with Love, October 21, 2017, by Paul Evans: “Jesus IS Compassion. There is no single word to describe Jesus’ life, meaning, sacrifice and intent for us, His children except compassion, and IF we call ourselves Christian, we MUST live compassionate lives and try to be kind and forgiving when we are able to!

We hear that in technological circles, talk about “the Cloud” has become almost passe (doesn’t everybody have one?), that today if you aren’t automating your business with artificial intelligence, automation and robots, you’re going to be left behind. SO YOU’RE worried about being left behind? What about the former workers in the Amazon.com warehouse whose jobs were taken by robots. Do you suppose they’re WORRIED??

a mother in a hospital bed comforts her crying baby

Locally in my Wooster, Ohio, quite a few of the homeless who were encamped in a “Native American” tent city ended up at a FEMA camp in New York state. For the real conspiracy theorist, investigate the story that Obama spent approximately $1 billion on 5.2 million “coffin liners” which are placed about certain out-of-the-way FEMA camps, I guess in the event of the outbreak of some pestilence. (I have seen photos of these myself, but the idea that they’d be used as some sort of vehicle of genocide is likely absurd …isn’t it?)

Really my point here is simple, a basic appeal to the super-rich. See Ralph Nader’s book at Amazon Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us (2011-abridged-$15-$14 Kindle-paperback). PLEASE DON’T FORGET US, the common man, the little guy, the 47 percent who don’t pay taxes, PLEASE, we matter to God too!

I know I am not too typical, because if you gave me a shave and a haircut and a set of fancy clothes, I could pick up the upper-class jargon and mix with you guys fairly quickly. I actually prefer the country folk in Wayne County, Ohio where I live. We mostly listen to country radio (or sometimes rock ‘n’ roll), we’re just common folks, even the lawyers around here who dress in fancy suits. Where will our future lie, country folks, common folks, poor folks, people who aren’t business-savvy or tech savvy, in the future of this Brave New World?

ZDNet, in an article which has mysteriously vanished, forecast a future where 87 percent of us were supposed to enter the “leisure class” because of automation and artificial intelligence. Knowing as we poor folks do the general attentions you have paid to our welfare in general, I am highly suspicious. It seems to me you have been systematically bifurcating the middle class upwards and downwards too. Service jobs don’t pay, an exec might snidely comment, clerk jobs are for losers. The Wayne County, Ohio, Goodwill determined (back in 2005, when most things were cheaper) that it would take two (of a family of three) making $13-something an hour, working 40 hours a week, to live by middle class standards. It is variously reported that 50- to 75-percent of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. In other words, THAT many of us are one really bad break away from a strong danger of homelessness. This is not the America I grew up in, and it’s political, they could make it better for us if they wished to.

These are all (directly) the plans of the Illuminati and the super-rich and in general, and these folks haven’t cared much about the poor beyond the mouth-service they have to make to get elected. We are entering uncharted territory, technologically. I am not at all certain in my own mind but that the Illuminati have not already decided upon this path of cultural genocide towards the common man and the poor. Perhaps that is what all the FEMA camps and the reported 5.2 million “coffin liners” outside them are about. Perhaps it will be a creeping thing such as has been the whole New World Order conception. I had a good article about all of this titled, “The Singularity: What Is It and Should You Be Afraid?”, The Daily Walk with Love, about two years ago, by Paul Evans. We HAVE to ALL OF US make sure that the common man has a decent future. Or else you are basically embarking on a course of cultural genocide, and believe me, God is real, and He will punish you. And so will your consciences, if you have any. A quotation by George R.R. Martin, courtesy of IzQuotes.com is “The Common people pray for rain, healthy children, and a summer that never ends, Ser Jorah told her. It is no matter to them if the high lords play their game of thrones, so long as they are left in peace. He gave a shrug. They never are.”

Download the latest stable Windows 10 Windows Insider advanced build at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windowsinsiderpreviewadvanced — or Linux, you can get at least 200 different FREE Linux operating systems at distrowatc.com. You will have to join the Windows Insider program but registration is free and open. Windows 10 Home is $119 and Windows 10 Pro is $199. I believe you get 15 days to evaluate the software and if you haven’t paid by then, your computer will cease functioning if you don’t replace the Windows 10 first. I bought Windows 10 Home even though I am poor: it’s that good. It really is wonderful, state-of-the-art software, as you might expect, though it does involve a loss of privacy. However if you knew what I do about privacy on the internet today, you’d probably give up on that whole idea anyway. Aside from VPN’s (virtual private networks) and a really good proxy address, there is little you can do, and even that is not fully effective in gaining privacy: really forget about it, in the 21st century privacy is a “quaint, outdated notion.” One thing you can do that helps a little is to use the Firefox web browser, which I believe now has surpassed Edge and Chrome in most its capabilities and does NOT spy on you. Microsoft’s Edge still does things no other browser can, and you can get it for your Android now, too, along with Cortana (from the Google Play store). Please realize that once you’ve put a Linux OS on your PC, it’s almost impossible to go back to Windows.

Also see Linux, Windows 10 & Artificial Intelligence (AI) – updated, The Daily Walk with Love, November 16, 2017, by Paul Evans.

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