OH SURE, Let’s Fluoridate the Water!

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— Oh SURE, let’s fluoridate the water supply.
While we’re at it, in our pure greed
we can hydro-frack using hydroflouric acid,
reuse the wastewater to irrigage our crops
and so produce chlorofluorohydrocarbons
which destroy the ozone!

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Republished December 17, 2019
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Let’s Fluoridate the Water!

AND also let’s do hydro-fracking
using hydrofluoric acid in the wells
(but don’t say you weren’t warned)

MIR: The Land & Peace, December 17, 2019, by Paul Evans. “OH, well.” There’s no fixing stupid. BTW, this article is thinly veiled sarcasm, but totally backed up by science. (Like W. said, “you misunderestimated me.”)

SUMMARY: So far as I can see, fluoridation of the water supplies is a primary cause of global warming. (Actually I strongly believe that the worst cause of global warming is deforestation — trees cool and clean the air). I have a strong belief that graphs showing both CO2 and temperature rising similarly are actually almost purely coincidental. Moreover, if we’d take the fluorine out the water supply and also rid ourselves of Styrofoam, which they say accounts for a quarter of the warming and lasts 150 years in the environment, that would pretty much fix things. Moreover the measures provided in thee Paris climate accords would only lower the warming by 0.2 degrees, with the U.S. paying a hugely disproportional amount. (Corporate America would actually end up making money off of the carbon tax, but the little guy and small business would end up taking up the whole burden, some $7,000 to $10,000 per family.) No global warming? Sorry, the plant zones have moved a whole zone north, and also at depth the ocean is very hot. China, you are quite right, is building a new coal fired power plant every week, that’s bad but it is NOT CO2 in the atmosphere causing the global warming, though it might heat things up a little, it’s nothing like we see today.

The global warming is also caused partly by chlorofluorohydrocarbons which directly destroy the ozone shield. Of course everything ultimately depends on the solar “insolation,” right? “They” are actually concentrating gold by hydro-fracking with hydrofluoric acid in California, and then taking the contaminated water, and the FOOLS are then using to irrigate your crops out there… Hydrofluoric acid is the ONLY substance known to dissolve gold. And the acid (full of flourine) mixes with the chlorine in municipal water (which already has chlorine, right) and becomes chlorofluorohydrocarbons which directly destroy the ozone, thus causing (a good deal of) the global warming. Proposed “carbon taxation” actually would benefit the rich, and big corporations would make money the taxation. Donald Trump did exactly the right thing to remove America from the Paris Climate Accords, and he was under a LOT of pressure to just go along with it.

I read recently that the entire Amazon rain forest south of the river is almost all just “gone,” with the rainforest clear-cutted and turned into cropland. No wonder that the world’s weather is screwed up!

the evil of hydro-fracking with hydrofluoric acid

It has even been suggested in some YouTube videos that the elite know exactly what they’re doing and the increased global warming amounts to “terraforming” the earth for alien habitation. This is …seemingly absurd. As to the earthquakes, the elite now have the means (after lubricating the faults) to trigger major earthquakes with small explosions at depth. Yes, “they” are so evil they might do this. And it is all at the beck and call of the big corporations and investment banks. I don’t think Donald Trump would do it, but Trump is all that is standing between us and a LOT of grief. I’m not sure, though, that he has previously understood the relation between fracking and earthquakes or that we can now deliberately trigger earthquakes: Support President Donald Trump!
So, they are taking this hydrofluoric acid wastewater and using it to irrigate the crops in California, which WAS having a severe water shortage. So, Oh Yeah, buy California produce. They also passed laws making this legal in New York state.

Now, they’ve had quite a bit of rain in California, but are back into another drought with wildfires. They may not be still doing the irrigation with used fracking wastewater (which MUST contain traces of this hydroflouric acid), maybe saner heads will prevail, though I doubt it. (“And now kiddies, it’s time for that great American game show, ‘GREED’.”) Even if they’re not still irrigating the crops this way, I’m SURE they’re still hydrofracking this way. I mean a LITTLE greed makes a certain kind of sense, and is the basis of capitalism, OK, but this is really NUTS. Especially now that solar technology and batteries are so much more advanced. But then, nobody gets stuff like that past the big oil lobbyists. Sadly. In the final analysis, with your overweening greed, you are, in a sense, invoking economic karma, and I doubt sincerely that God will extend his Grace to you on this one.)

Now, besides stopping fluoridation of water supplies, there is a proven, good way to reverse global warming. New England, 30 years ago, was quite hot and that area was 25 percent forested. Now it is 43 percent forested and they had to spend $60 billion for road salt and expenses because of very cold winters a couple of winters ago. In other words, to lower temperature and cool and clean the air, simply plant trees and practice selective cut forestry. This is a simple, elegant solution to global warming.

See Global Warming: What is the Truth?, November 22, 2016; and ON THE GLOBAL WARMING: WHAT WILL (actually) HAPPEN IF YOU DON’T “FIX IT”, February 22, 2017, both here on The Daily Walk with Miracles, by Paul Evans. It’s as though Mother Earth were crying out to us, “you can pay me now, or pay me later.” But the easy fix is to take fluorine out of the environment and plant forests. Maybe we could leave fluorine in our toothpastes, but to keep it in the municipal water supplies strikes me as pretty insane. The various carbon taxes proposed are bogus fixes just designed to make big corporations money. TAKE FLUORINE OUT OF OUR WATER SUPPLIES.

Do you realize that the main San Andreas fault had a minor release in extreme southern California, but is LOCKED up north, and you are just totally asking for it? You are lubricating all these faults!! Are you people out in California NUTS? I wouldn’t be totally surprised if half of the state went shunting out into the sea!! Stranger things have happened. And I have 10 years of college in geology and earth science, and I’m telling you, just keep it up, and you are gonna get some bad kind of catastrophe out there. As if that weren’t bad enough, do you realize that there are actually two HOSPITALS in San Francisco built DIRECTLY on top of the San Andreas? I mean there’s stupid and then there’s insane!

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The current state of belief of “how the earth works” is called “punctuated equilibrium” in the construction of landforms. NOT the old “uniformitarianism,” (gradualism), and not straight “catastrophism,” (sort of self-explanitory as a word), but some kind of mix with longer periods of “steady state” and some fairly decent catastrophe’s. Go on, just keep up your hydro-fracking. (Psalm 46 describes what is gonna happen if you keep it up). This (these earthquakes) is also discussed in Nehemiah chapter 11. You are tempting Fate or maybe God. And now they are even hydro-fracking with hydrofluoric acid in New York state, it got legalized there. Damn I wish you had a brain, America. I love you and I wish you had a brain.

I had a high school friend named Craig, who’s father taught junior high school earth science. This guy, much to my STUPID liberal dismay at the time, led a campaign against fluoridating the water supply here in Wooster, Ohio. Well Sparky (they called him) was RIGHT. Take fluorine and chlorine and water and shake vigorously and you get: HYDROCHLOROFLUOROCARBONS which are KNOWN to destroy ozone. If you’re gonna frack with that, you are un poco loco en la cabesa, but then, this is America and we WILL make our money for new model cars and fancy vacations, if we’re the privileged few, who are way too many these days.

EXPLANATION: Please do excuse the satirical, sarcastic nature of this article. For me, as a man, writing stuff like this is very important to me, because you see it could save a great many people’s lives. So I went for “shock value,” which is NOT typical for the Daily Walk with Miracles. But I CARE about Californians, too! OH, I understand the darkness (all too well, this is the 21st century), but I totally identify with the Light (Third Day), as any other good charismatic Christian would. But fracking with hydrofluoric acid, which then turns into hydrochlorofluorocarbons in water supplies with chlorine is NUTS. May God Bless us all!!

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

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