OH SURE, Let’s Flouridate the Water!!!

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Oh SURE, let’s flouridate the water.
While we’re at it, in our pure greed
we can hydro-frack using hydrochloroflourocarbons!

February 23, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
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OH SURE, Let’s Flouridate the Water!!!

And AND also let’s do hydro-fracking
using hydroflouric acid in the wells
(but don’t say you weren’t warned)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 23, 2017, by Paul Evans. “OH, well.” There’s no fixing stupid. BTW, this article is thinly veiled sarcasm. (Like W. said, “you misunderestimated me.”)

They are actually concentrating gold by hydro-fracking with hydroflouric acid in California, which the FOOLS are then using to irrigate your crops out there… Hydroflouric acid is the ONLY substance known to dissolve gold. And the acid mixes with the chlorine in municipal water and becomes hydrochlorflourocarbons which directly destroy the ozone, thus causing (most of) the global warming.

So, they then are taking this hydroflouric acid wastewater and using it to irrigate the crops in California, which WAS having a severe water shortage. So, Oh Yeah, buy California produce. Now they may not be still doing that, maybe saner heads will prevail, though I doubt it. (“And now kiddies, it’s time for that great American game show, ‘GREED’.” I mean a LITTLE greed makes a certain kind of sense, and is the basis of capitalism, OK, but this is really NUTS. You are, in a sense, invoking economic karma, and I doubt sincerely that God will extend his Grace to you on this one.)

Do you realize that the main San Andreas fault had a minor release in extreme southern California, but is LOCKED up north, and you are just totally asking for it? You are lubricating all these faults!! Are you people out in California NUTS? I wouldn’t be totally surprised if half of the state went shunting out into the sea!! Stranger things have happened. And I have 11 years of college in geology and earth science, and I’m telling you, just keep it up, and you are gonna get some bad kind of catastrophe out there. As if that weren’t bad enough, do you realize that there are actually two HOSPITALS in San Francisco built DIRECTLY on top of the San Andreas? I mean there’s stupid and then there’s insane!

The current state of belief of “how the earth works” is called “punctuated equilibrium” in the construction of landforms. NOT the old “uniformitarianism,” and not straight “catastrophism,” but some kind of mix with longer periods of “steady state” and some fairly decent catastrophe’s. Go on, just keep up your hydro-fracking. (Psalm 46 describes what is gonna happen if you keep it up). You are tempting Fate or maybe God. And now they are even hydro-fracking with hydroflouric acid in New York state, it got legalized there. Damn I wish you had a brain, America. I love you and I wish you had a brain.

I had a high school friend named Craig, who’s father taught junior high school earth science. This guy, much to my STUPID liberal dismay at the time, led a campaign against flouridating the water supply here in Wooster, Ohio. Well Sparky (they called him) was RIGHT. Take flourine and chlorine and water and shake vigorously and you get: HYDROCHLOROFLOUROCARBONS which are KNOWN to destroy ozone. If you’re gonna frack with that, you are un poco loco en la cabesa, but then, this is America and we WILL make our money for new model cars.

EXPLANATION: Please do excuse the satirical, sarcastic nature of this article. For me, as a man, writing stuff like this is very important to me, because you see it could save a great many people’s lives. So I went for “shock value,” which is NOT typical for the Daily Walk with Miracles. But I CARE about Californians, too! OH, I understand the darkness (all too well, this is the 21st century), but I totally identify with the Light (Third Day), as any other good charismatic Christian would. May God Bless us all!!

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