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April 7, 2017
Justice is Coming!

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Of Shoes and Ships
and Ceiling Wax

Does Anybody Want to Invest
$300 and Split $23 Million?

The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 7, 2017, by Paul Evans. There’s a myth about all this called Tantalus and the Grapes you might wish to read at Wikipedia. The title of this blog is taken from The Walrus and The Carpenter, by Lewis Carroll, on Jabberwocky. Featured photo courtesy of DeviantArt.

I’ll try to keep this short and to the point. I have $23 million sitting in my name in a Hong Kong bank, but right now it’s doing me no good…. I can (without too much difficulty) get at this money, all of it, but I need $300 (for the fees of the offshore bank I would move the money over to my account with, and their courier fees). I am currently so poor I don’t have $300 extra ever. For $300 to get the first $100,000, I will split the whole $23,000,000.00 with the person who satisfies me by mailing me $300 as a gift card. (You would also, OUT OF your share, pay half the taxes and fees of moving it all over to the States.) It’s $300 per hundred thousand for the first $100 thousand and I’ll take care of everything.

This incredible opportunity is open to ladies only who are single never married, widowed or divorced and who might be interested in “the good life” with me. Included video is a playlist based on Boris Grebenshikov – The Postcard courtesy of YouTube. For more information, please email me, Paul E. Evans at paul.miracles57@gmail.com

Money is the root of all evil… but actually I’d like to have some of that… so I could make a good life with a nice pretty woman. Any ladies who might be interested in me please email me at the above address. I do prefer Ohio women, though I’ll consider almost any half decent looking woman of any age almost.

The Daily Walk with Miracles owner Paul Evans in March, 2017

Individuals who work at investment banks all over the world, MAYBE fronting for the mob, send me several of those inheritance opportunities every week. But this one was real. I’d guess it’s how they launder their drug money… I really think that so far as I’m concerned it’s legal though, I checked that out with the Spanish authorities who were looking into that offshore bank. The MONEY is in my name, as ruled on by the Supreme Court of Hong Kong. I checked on the bank’s website, which was very advanced and obviously a big time investment bank. And also I even called the bank and had a nice conversation with them about it all (he spoke in impeccable British English, too.)

I have been homeless 5 times in the last 4 years, so I just never have $300 extra to get it — a beautiful trick Satan has pulled on me, don’t you think? Well if you can come up with $300 minimum to move over the first $100,000.00 via courier, I’ll SPLIT THE MONEY with you 50/50. What do you say, ladies? You will have to provide verification that you are who you say you are, but that and Possibly a lifelong relationship together or even marriage are all I’m looking for, I’m only trying too get what the God’s have denied me all my life. Fair is fair, Satan.

Ladies, ONLY if you are serious about a relationship with me, and you will be vetted by someone with the experience to spot frauds. To read about me see Paul Evans: Truthful Status Update, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 3, 2017, by Paul Evans: I am a spiritual and charismatic Christian man, kinda witchy but very Christian, sort of Buddhist in my ethics, kind, peace-loving, intellectually intense (and a blogger deep down in my soul), perhaps high-functioning autistic (but these days you wouldn’t know it much), and very giving and affectionate in relationships. I love music, writing and photography the most… and nature too. I smoke cigarettes (either light up or leave me alone, lol). So, ladies, how’d you like to be a millionaire?

Boris Grebenshikov Mix
“The Postcard”

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