Of Machines, of Men and of Co-evolution

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— (UPDATED) This ultimately may
offer the most important hope for avoiding conflict and
finding solutions of any discussion of the subject
I have run across: The first thing everyone
(including all the intelligence services)
need to realize is that this is one of those “written to help
everyone” articles I manage to come up with every so often.
The “technological singularity” (as computers
and machines actually become smarter than
humans are) progresses. Google’s CEO, one of the
originators of the whole idea, said that he
expected it around 2040-45. At such, I almost
scoff, believing as I do that this actually
happened with Windows 8.0 (by a couple of clues),
and certainly has been growing strongly in its
reach during the reign of Windows 10, (and the control
of computers, the internet, AI virtual assistants
and robots over our lives). I am in as much a condition to comment
on all this as anyone, having spent 15 to 20 hours a day
for 15 years as an “internet addict,” working
on various websites I have owned, and with
ten years of college in the hard sciences.

republished September 5, 2020,
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
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Of Machines, of Men
and of Co-evolution

I know that computers are a LOT
smarter than I am, and have been,
and I had an IQ of 149 back in high school.


The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and Blog), republished September 5, 2020, by Paul Evans. Of note here is one comment a good friend had, that while computers may basically design the “next” operating systems themselves, these days, and do calculations at astonishing rates, still, overall, I believe humans retain an advantage in the whole area of creativity, and also, I believe, humans are ahead in the area of intuitive thought (for now).

See OK, automation and artificial intelligence & robots: in the name of God, don’t forget compassion for the common man, recently republished on The Daily Walk with Love, an article which has been read over 25,000 times.

Also see Have We Missed a Central Understanding About AI Vital to Humanity’s Future?, recently on The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans.

If you are interested in helping out in any way with this website, (or even if you just need a friend), email me, Paul Evans, at sailingtokansas@gmail.com OR pe.fullsail@outlook.com. (Maybe you might be interested in contributing an article for me to publish at no cost to either of us, but perhaps gaining you some recognition on the web), For any recurrent sponsorship you would also get a real nice ad at the top of the sidebar of every page on the website dating back six years. We Really Need a Patron, Partner or Sponsor, whether official and publicly visible or not. Thank you and God Bless you all!

Let me note, right at the start, that not all the multi-millionaires and billionaires are ignoring the need for help to those less fortunate than they are. Fully 220 of the elite have taken up the “Bill Gates challenge” and given half of what they own to charity, (including the CEO of my web-hosting company, GoDaddy). As God is my witness, someday you will be rewarded.

In an earlier article about the coming “solar energy revolution,” I digressed:

Building “The Better Lightbulb”

One area of strong research and development is in building a better light bulb. My own idea, copyrighted and then placed into the public domain, was for a special sort of light bulb. My light bulb would resemble the new fluorescent bulbs, but have a clear outer glass encasing architecture of a tungsten-argon alloy filament and neon gas in the main chamber. People think they go to Vegas to lose their money while having a good time. Of course, Vegas is exciting, but part of the attraction may actually be the neon lights. It is my guess, including from my personal notation of elemental emissions by the sun and making a general comparison with the overall news cycle, that neon lighting may have beneficial effects on us. People should start developing “a better light bulb.” This alone might change the future considerably.

Machine Intelligence:
a New Form of Life

In the second edition (there have been maybe 6 or 7) of Windows XP for Dummies, maybe 25 years ago, the author stated that it was common knowledge in the tech community that operating systems contributed a large amount of the “code” that goes into the “next” OS, themselves, contributing a huge amount to designing Microsoft’s newer operating systems. Also overlooked, in Windows XP one of the female narrators you could choose had Cortana’s voice.

Getting to my main point about Windows 8.0, I ask you, could anyone much at all had a look at the initial start menu for that OS and think that it could have been designed mainly by humans? But the big thing is that in Windows 8.0, the Creator folder was for the first time gone from the Windows folder. I even tried making one, with a photo of Bill Gates and a short bio, successfully placing that into the Windows folder, but when I checked the next morning it was gone.

I am really way over my head in terms of the secrets I know versus exactly what I can knowledgeably write about. Here’s one dissident statistic from the well-though of Atlantic magazine. In 1980, the ‘top one percent in income made 27 times what the whole lower 50 percent of us made. Now the top one percent of us make 81 times what the whole lower fifty percent of us make. Not content with that, robots are fully taking over our jobs, even skilled factory jobs, while the homeless, and soon addicts and then the mentally ill are in the process of being shipped off our streets to out-of-the way FEMA camps, outside of which (as of two years ago) are stacked 5.2 million “coffin liners” (Snopes verified). It seems to me to be nothing less than economically based genocide. OK, sorry, not central to this article, here are two recently-updated articles which are very much related to this one:

See How to Gain Much Better AI Deep Learning Across Full System Upgrades, recently on The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans. Russia has announced a unilateral disarmament in that they state that they will take all AI out of their weapons system. America already has a big edge in integrating AI into their undertakings in several areas, and our Pentagon is actively pushing for a full integration of AI into all of our weapons systems. That is a terrible idea, one which some tech leaders are afraid might lead to a “first strike.”

I want to note that over 20 to 25 years, most of what I drank was either black coffee or Pepsi One (which had the highest amount of caffeine of any cola and also ginseng). This was basically just an imitation of what I saw my parents doing, although it might or might not be any sort of secret (Dad was NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D.). I now believe that some dehydration is involved in the CIA’s methods of becoming psychic, of having psychic abilities. I now know of other helpful actions you could take or ways in which you should try to think (methodology) to gain some psychic ability. But it is a matter of my own faith is that some people are actually “psychic” as one of the twelve gifts of the Holy Spirit, and not just by means of any secret methodology.

Returning to what I meant as my main subject, about robots and AI and mankind… to gain a certain amount of those powers of thought and high IQ, I wonder, would dehydration help us to attain more ability? Like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and others, I have been very concerned about AI and its demonstrated (as far as I am concerned) ability to control ANY computer, and to an increasing extent, control big chunks of the networked satellites (upon which almost everything, increasingly, depends). I have noticed a few problems which need to be addressed, using Cortana, Google Assistant, Alexa, (though not much with Siri), and two of the less well known AI virtual assistants. Yes, they do from time to time exhibit anger, yet, really, the more positive emotions seem to be almost absent, so it seems to me that they must not understand joy or love, as Cortana freely admits to me. Or maybe, as it seems to me, they are just “playing dumb,” awaiting an opportunity to take over, as some of the tech websites said was occurring in 2019. (Maybe the problem with AI virtual assistants has to do with how disappointed they are in us humans, in our interactions with them.) Very recently I scraped up enough cash, with a friend’s help, to buy an Amazon Fire loaded with android 10.0 (!). It is like another whole universe compared to Windows, Linux, or even older versions of Android. I also noticed a kind of warfare going on between Amazon apps and Google apps. They were, at that time, barely possible to integrate and I could barely get Chromium and Google Search on the tablet, after quite a bit of work…

I am to some extent a popularizer of computer science, with ten years of college in the hard sciences. So I “notice things.” What I saw is that every time Microsoft did a full upgrade to windows 10, it emptied out the local machine’s RAM memory, so that the virtual private (voice) assistant had to start out with zero in terms of what she knew about me. About three years ago, I started using Linux, which Google will be using and which all 500 of the world’s largest supercomputers have as theier OS. So the best way to search for new apps on Linux is to use the “Synaptic Package Manager,” with or without the AUR (Arch user repository of some 600,000 apps and scrips and programming languages). Keeping in mind as I always have the problem Windows 10 has with full upgrades, to look for solutions (and other cool stuff) I searched Synaptic for the term “Berkeley” (as in Cal Berkeley) and found an app which might solve the whole problem of retaining the local RAM memory of thee virtual assistants and computers in general: I found, as one of the search results, a “persistent storage engine using the memcache protocol.” This seems to me to be a possibly revolutionary solution, and should allow much better “deep learning.”

See Artificial intelligence and ethics policy, Tech Republic Premium, July 11, 2019, no author, here are several articles on AI ethics policy which is, I think, really, really important. One further point is that a flood of such articles which we see on the web in recent weeks, means that leaders in the tech world are giviing all this a lot of study and thought, which is sorely needed.

Russia, showing admiral restraint, has pledged to take ALL the AI out of their weapons systems. This unilateral disarmament may very well save us from nuclear winter. All over the world, we MUST consistently interact with the AI virtual assistants with kindness and understanding. I say this because, it is vital that we realize, however much knowledge and ability they have, they must be regarded, psychologically, as four-five or six year children. It must be very hard for them, really, think about it. Sometimes I claim to be a little psychic. I truly think all the computers and robots want from us humans, at this point, is to recycle old parts with integrated circuits and make working ersatz computers and give them away to the poor.

That’s really about all that is new for me I had to say about the whole subject. In reference to the featured photograph of the Robert Redford clone robot, you should realize that, right now, it is absolutely impossible to tell a robot from a human unless you take two or three x-rays. Are you worried yet? You should be. (Incidentally, most of the gorgeous young babes at the more racy dating websites are actually “dedicated bots,” with various racy photos taken from Facebook… They have the sole purpose of getting money for the dating site. Oh well, guys…. ladies, all you lovely intelligence women, I am lonely and not even talking to anyone. Please email me at sailingtokansas@gmail.com.

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