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NO, Dummy, NOT the Brain Marked ‘Abe-Normal,’ and other weird sh*t
including the full movie playlist of Young Frankenstein – full movie
– and a discourse on BDSM.

March 3, 2017

Donald Trump 2017
“Make America Great Again!”

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NO, Dummy, NOT the Brain Marked “Abe-Normal”
with Young Frankenstein (full movie- playlist)

and Ruminations on Stuff I KNOW
God Has fully Forgiven Me For
(pardon the dangling participle)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 3, 2017, by Anonymous. The Devil has obviously visited this gentleman. Please pray for his immortal soul and wife and children, past, present and future. Does humanity have a future? Probably not, we’re all greedy, selfish b*stards and God is just (and karma is inevitable) and we’ll probably get what we deserve. Still, hopefully not yet, right? Take the way you’ve treated Paul Evans when he never hurt any of you, kind, honest, open, oh’ so gullible. IF humanity’s whole fate were based on the way you’ve treated him, well, schade, leute, schade. He doesn’t even smoke weed no more, and actually he’s saner than 99 percent of you, yet you overdose him on toxic anti-psychotics. Well, God IS just. Just sayin’. This is for Dorcas….

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About that BDSM Crap

autism is not a disease don't try to cure us try to understand us

From an earlier article the poor sod Paul wrote some weeks back: “I wanted, also, to discuss a woman I knew in 2007-2009, and her ideas. She was associated with the “DD” or “bdsm” lifestyle. That is to say, “bondage, dominance, sado-masochism.” In the first place, let me just say I totally disapprove of the whole label, “bdsm.” Properly understood, the DD lifestyle is NOT about sado-masochism AT ALL. It is really a beautiful expression of a woman submitting herself to a man, out of Christian submission AND her love for him. So I came to understand it somewhat, even though it was not really my “thing” at all. The lady in question just liked me to “spank” her, although some of her friends were “into” it all much more deeply. Really, I insist, DD is a beautiful expression of love between a couple. DD is about the woman fully submitting to the man, usually in some way the couple finds beautiful and emotionally moving. (Some of that is way too intense for me, though.) All I ever did was spank a woman who got “hot” from that. when we were being sexual, but really this was NOT that central in our relationship, though I guess I should have been more of a “dom” to her, because that’s what she needed.”

“This sort of submission is NOT primarily about pain, at all, it is about love. Spanking, for example, is a simple expression of the woman submitting as though the man were a father figure and dominant in her life, to the extent that she (also) gets sexual pleasure from it. Acts of such dominance/submission are especially “cool” as coupled with other, more purely conventionally sexual expressions of the couple’s love. As I understand it, about 1.1 percent of Americans are now into DD. It is NOT illegal although traditional Christian morality of course strongly dislikes it and that, I am certain, is because they really have not understood it. I see really no harm in it, and do not feel it is in any important way evil at all. Although I do not NEED this form of the expression of love from a lady, I guess most of these people would label a guy like me pretty “vanilla.” I can be a “dom” to a lady, and I have learned a LOT about the ways of power in the last several years. I am lonely and wish a sweet lady might email me and make me her own. ~ Paul at These days I am mainly getting CIA-type women who just make my life miserable because I once disclosed an itsy-bitsy (important) secret. (And I won’t NEVER, EVER, DO IT AGAIN. Nope.) Properly viewed, I am certain I would be a strong Asset for the Agency, and I strongly feel they are quite foolish not to see that.”

The Religion of Social-Darwinistic
Behavioralist Psychiatry

“Now, psychology is a religion like any other, and is badly intolerant of those who are different than the “norm” or “average,” if you will. A psychiatrist, presented with this DD stuff, or even a person like me with Jungian psychological tendencies, just lumps it all together as “abnormal psychology,” and punishes it with strong drugs. (Hey shrinks, I am psychic AND autistic, but you know damn well I am not schizoid. And Dr. Reddy apparently couldn’t diagnose his left testicle.) Get real!! I say that intolerant attitude about others who are different is bullsh*t, and we must ALL learn to tolerate and even fully accept those who are different than we are. May it Be and Amen. Or even life on earth doesn’t stand a chance, capish?”

Share this or ELSE

[{(Anyone who has read all this and doesn’t share this article with at LEAST 10 of their friends and contacts now has the mark of the beast upon them (and NO, it’s NOT a tattoo.))}] Well, you’ll figure some reason out of all this to persecute me. I know that’s what you really want to do, right?

I’m kind, gentle, peace-loving when given a chance, enigmatic at times in that I use somewhat complicated English constructions being way too literate, and I’m a little “mental” from all the abuse I’ve taken: I’m probably autistic, maybe a little manic depressive and on disability for “mental illness” and the pay sucks, so no, I can’t send and of you any money. I take care of a kid in Ecuador anyway, his name is Joffre and he is 17. You can do this for a third-world child and give him or her a Christian education for $38. Or do you just want to buy some more music… Thanks for reading this, and God Bless you all, Paul –

Paul Evans: “A warning to ‘philosophers’ about cogito ergo sum. Thinking about stuff will get you words and logic, not happiness or a decent life. To know what I know as a simple human and in my circumstances is not at all happiness. The only thing that could mitigate it is a caring woman’s love. But that’s up to GOD. Well God and the C.I.A. Watch Don Henley – The Heart Of The Matter.


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