New “Universal Solar Fuel” Discovered; Saudi Oil Obsolete

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Solar energy from quartz sand, bottom line: 5 cents per kilowatt hour.
Efficiencies 1,000 times better than solar ever had before.
An absolutely amazing investment opportunity, and big oil
is finished & may hit $10 a barrel.

October 28, 2016
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New “Universal Solar Fuel” Discovered;
Saudi Oil Obsolete

New Miracle Solar Technology
to Replace Oil, Gas, Coal and Fuel
Abundant Energy Future

How a “New Fuel” Could Create
a $48 Trillion Dollar Energy Market

The Daily Walk with Miracles, October 28, 2016, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of Money Morning and YouTube. Photo of a sunny Peace sign is one of my favorites.

SUMMARY: The Future… in a grain of quartz sand! Chemical engineers have perfected a way to use simple pure grains of quartz sand, and using the latent heat when this sand is heated by the sun, to turn turbines and produce abundant solar energy.

Watch This New Fuel will Kill Big Oil, October 28, 2016, by NewsMax Finance.

See Italian Company Uses Sun-Heated Sand to Produce Energy, Bloomberg on Renewable Energy News, May 21, 2015, by Flavia Rotondi and Alessandra Migliaccio, Bloomberg. In terms of the date of the article and the attempt to produce solar energy in this way, this is one of the very earliest attempts, in this case with a 500 kilowatt plant in Salerno, Italy. The basic idea is to use the hugely heat-rententive properties of sand and mirrors to focus the energy of the sun and mirrors to heat the sand. A turbine uses this steam heat energy, and it can last every day six hours after the sun goes down. It’s basically a whole new kind of solar energy. A more recent article is Scientists Store Solar Energy in Desert Sand, The Green Optimistic, January 8, 2016, by Mila Luleva. After the time of this article, many very rich people have bought into the idea and invested many hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars, betting on the new technology.

Bottom Line: 5 cents per kilowatt hour (some companies are offering 7.7 cents right now). Efficiencies 1,000 times better than solar ever had before. And absolutely amazing investment opportunities from technologies utilizing simple grains of sand (watch video to find out more).

The daily Bible verse for October 28, 2016 at The Official King James Bible Online is Proverbs 18:10 — “The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

See This Is The End for Big Oil, Oil and Energy Investor, February 7, 2016 and ongoing:

A stunning breakthrough in chemical engineering has unleashed a massive supply of fuel.

Enough fuel, in fact, to power the entire globe for over 36,000 years.

This fuel is so revolutionary, it’s poised to decimate Big Oil’s obscene profits, make OPEC obsolete, and hand the United States 100% energy independence.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Defense just invested $7 billion in a single day.

…And billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are going all in.

Watch the video on this “universal fuel,” derived from simple grains of quartz sand and solar energy, here.

Solar-Power Breakthroughs

photograph of a solar energy grid deployment

See 8 crazy new solar research breakthroughs: “As the solar industry booms, so does R&D. Here are 8 exciting new research developments in solar energy research,” Tech Republic, February 25, 2015, by Lyndsey Gilpin.

Watch Scientific Breakthrough: Next Gen Transparent Solar Panels, Public Domain TV on YouTube, November 23, 2015.

Watch A New Industrial Revolution for a Sustainable Energy Future, Stanford University on YouTube.

See U.S. Army develops new solar cells that are 1,000 times thinner than current technology, YouTube, July 11, 2015.

Interested in “getting off the grid?” Visit Solar Help.

NewsMax: Billionaire trader says “half the U.S. energy
industry will be bankrupt in 6 months”

From a NewsMax newsletter:

Warren Buffett dumped his entire Exxon position worth over $3.8 billion.

Bill Gates unloaded nearly $1 billion worth of oil stocks.

And George Soros couldn’t get out of oil fast enough, selling off multiple positions…

The real reason …could push oil as low as $10 per barrel, completely decimating Big Oil and sending the broader markets into a full-blown collapse.

You see, a shocking discovery outside Bern, Switzerland has unlocked a massive supply of free fuel.

Enough fuel, in fact, to power the entire world for 36,000 years.

This fuel is so cheap, …every major energy player on the planet is shunning oil in favor of this new fuel. In fact, the U.S. Department of Defense just invested $7 billion in a single day.

And Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, Ali Al-Naimi, says the country is investing $109 billion to bring this new fuel on line and could stop using oil entirely.

Here is your investment opportunity, a private video: Watch The Greatest Leap of Mankind: Unlimited Free Energy.

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