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February 26, 2016

The Daly Walk with Miracles
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New Help for Alzheimer’s Patients
(tested and untested)

One psychiatric drug and one
over-the-counter consumer beverage offer
real help for the suffering

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 26, 2015, by Paul Evans (@DeaconBlues2016 or seawolf57, email me at There are a LOT of new videos on Alzheimers at YouTube, and I will give you links to several of them that I feel are promising, as well as several important internet resources. However here I mainly want to present two ideas or treatments I know of that really should help. I have quite a bit of confidence that these two treatments are fairly helpful in managing early- to mid-stage Alzheimers so that a more normal life may be maintained.

First let me state straight off that I have been a mental patient all my life, but that I feel less-than-average dementia so that my functional mental illness is over, with no present delusions (although I take strong medication to stay this way). But here is the basic principle I have discovered, which is so obvious that it is amazing that it has been overlooked. ANY substance which tends to render help to make mental patients, or those with any sort of dementia, better, more sane, less delusional, etc. will STRONGLY empower the mind of a sane (quote unquote) “normal” person. Various strong anti-psychotics have increased my IQ, and made me less emotionally vulnerable. Doesn’t it appear obvious, then, that such medications would empower the mind of even a smart or genius sort of individual, too? Seems cut and dried to me.

For 28 years, I was fortunate enough to be given medications and psychotherapy by Dr. Nukala Reddy, who is in addition to being on staff at The Counseling Centers of Holmes and Wayne Counties but also Chief of Psychiatry at Barberton Citizens hospital, and more. Under Dr. Reddy’s care, I was among the very first to try the new drug Clozaril, and also Invega systema. I also want to thank Paul and Tammy Yuhanick and Dan Hershberger at the House where I live, Paul’s son Chris, my good friend Bert Bishop and Paul’s sons Daniel and David, who all have helped me through a difficult period. But I likely never would have recovered as much as I have without the current psychiatric care I receive from Dr. Vera Astreika, and my Case Manager Brian Gerber. I can’t thank you all enough! Now I take bi-monthly shots of Resperidal consta, which has fewer side effects and for me, works better. Only this last medication, which I have been taking for perhaps three months, has greatly empowered my mind as well as given me great mental endurance. There are a few other factors, too:

In high school I tested with an IQ of 149, and in about 2005 ran afoul of some rather determined troublesome entities on the web, who dogged me and ahead of whose snares I always had to try to be: such as an evil cell in MSN, for example. These sorts of people are doggone smart and it has been a challenge. And mastering various PC operating systems has been a wonderful challenge, too. Watch Steve Jobs: Computers are Like Bicycles for the Mind, YouTube – . Also, there’s always “onward and upward,” right? I just found another enabler for my life with Steve Jobs’s Top 10 Rules For Success, courtesy of Evan Carmichael and YouTube – 39.37. I remember one rule that always helped me as I made my way though “Pan’s Labyrinth” It was the number 1 rule of Stanley Gault, (former President of the College of Wooster, and previously CEO of Rubbermaid), in my Wooster Hight School yearbook no less (CLass of ’75): “Always admit a mistake (to yourself and others) as soon as you make it.” There’s grace and power in that rule, and I try to follow it openly and invariably, even if it involves an occasional loss of face. And I know it sounds crazy as an “enabler to power,” but I do try to always tell the truth.

Secondly, I drink a lot of Monster Energy Drinks. For a while, about a year ago, I must have consumed 3 to 5 Monsters (a day) over a seven or ten day period. That’s amino acids such as Taurine, Creatinine and Guanine, LOTS of B vitamins and an average of 200 mg of caffeine per can. But then I pretty much stopped consuming them. You see, it is as though a permanent physiological change takes place if you drink them like that for ten days. Now I maybe have one can twice a month, but the transformation happened already, as if some sort of metamorphosis into some sort of more sane, more empowered thinker than ever I was previously in my life. I’m sure there are some other factors, but schizophrenia medications and Monsters are the main two, along with maybe 15 to even 20 hours a day working on PC’s and with website design. I used to have thoughts like “arise, awake, sleep not,” that maybe Jesus meant it, and also “awake is aware and aware is awake.” Well, I found one more thing is greatly empowering both to the mind’s IQ and to any latent psychic ability it might have: do NOT drink much water AT ALL, drink mainly stimulant beverages such as coffee and Coca cola. And stop thinking there’s something wrong when you stop needing sleep! WHO TOLD YOU you have to sleep eight hours a day? The architect Buckminster Fuller (who invented the geodesic dome) got by with four 20-minute naps a day! (It takes years to get used to this regimine, be forewarned.)

Here is the Point: if this regimen helps me improve my mind, it’s power and it’s IQ, why wouldn’t it help anyone, even someone with senile dementia or Alzheimers? THAT is the main point I want to make with this article. Dr. Reddy once said to me that he sometimes gives elderly Alzheimer’s patients a quarter to a half of a 5mg tablet of Haldol, for example, as a supplemental treatment for Alzheimer’s patients.

But what about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE? For example, online almost anyone intelligent enough can have a lot of “cyber-friends” and contacts, but how many friends do you have in real life. See Intellectual Intelligence IQ vs. Emotional Intelligence EQ and Why EQ Is Vital to Success, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 26, 2016, by Paul Evans. (Yes, the durn social scientists have found ways of quantifying one’s emotional intelligence, too. Figures.) In this article I note that:

Life is hard and often unforgiving. We are all scarred by this life, all of us, life can be pretty difficult sometimes, and time leaves its marks on all of us. So how DO we have a higher EQ, and be more empathetic? Isn’t the simplest way to be empathetic and caring to our neighbor to in a fairly rigorous way to NOT JUDGE each other and to really, actually be caring? To make some kind of an approach to “loving your neighbor as yourself,” and to really, actually care about the other people in our life, even if it costs? Seems more simple that I used to think. I think for us to learn those two techniques and have those two obligations is why Jesus died for us. I think it is important to God that we live that way.

And as Jesus said, (1 Cor. 13:2) – “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.” In the final analysis, as I heard quoted, “everybody just wants to go to bed feeling loved.” And more than half of baby boomers are now single. How sad.

In addition, it may be found that peppermint (as in peppermint candies) as well as the spice Anise as in the liquour Uzzo and also in the oral mouth medicine Anbesol are very empowering to the mind.

Keep strongly in mind that, however empowered or god-like you may feel under this regimine, I can personally testify that its misuse will cause psy be sure chological damage and/or insanity. Over-empiwering the mind WILL lead to inanity and/or dementia if you do not have a pure heart. I just know a lot of you will try this, but don’t say you weren’t told and warned. I hereby disclaim all legal responsibility for any consequences whatsoever.

Here are some links and a couple of important videos on progress being made in treating Alzheimers: See the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA): If you think your parent/spouse is showing signs of memory loss, disorientation or delusional thought, call 866 -232 -8484 or email Please also visit, the Alzheimer’s Association, and be sure and stop by MindCrowd on Pinterest and take their free quiz, which rasies money for Alzheimers research for a cure.

Also take the time to look through the several poems about Alzheimers, what it is like to experience and what it is like to be the caregiver for an Alzheimer’s parent. This is such a terrible disease and not enough money is being spent on Alzheimer’s research. Nonetheless watch these two videos, New Research May Prevent Alzheimer’s, Associated Press video on YouTube, May 25, 2015, 2:08, and also Alzheimer’s Is Not Normal Aging — And We Can Cure It | Samuel Cohen, a TED Talk on YouTube, October 16, 2015 — 7:53. May God the Father help and empower all those poor souls who suffer in this way, and their caregivers too. Please look over the many Alzheimer’s Prayers on Bing, especially this very special one. Amen.

I think I read that there’s approximately 84,000 deaths a year from Alzheimer’s. That’s nearly twice as much as from alcohol. Let’s do a better job of funding adequate research, please everyone?

PET scan of progressive brain degeneration associated with Alzheimers

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