Mycroft: The Open-Source AI Voice Assistant Challenging Siri and Alexa

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A lot of people are saying Cortana is being left behind by Siri,
and especially Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s NOW. But
we knew for years that open source geeks were working on our own
artificially intelligent personal assistants for Linux, and now
the time has come for us. Among your choices are
Mycroft, subject of this article, Lucida (formerly Sirius)
and Jarvis. Mycroft is supposed to be just as capable as Siri
if not more so, and will install on your Ubuntu
(and Ubuntu-based OS’s), Debian, Fedora or
any Arch-based Linux operating system, theoretically,
though I had some trouble with Linux Mint. Downloads are
also available for Raspberry Pi and Android!!

January 13, 2018
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Mycroft: The Open-Source AI Voice
Assistant Challenging Siri and Alexa

Mycroft requires a decent understanding of Linux,
especially the “terminal” (command line) but is
really useful and only getting better
and once installed, is a blast!

The Daily Walk with Love, January 13, 2018, by Paul Evans. Sources are This Open-Source AI Voice Assistant Is Challenging Siri and Alexa for Market Superiority, Forbes, May 15, 2017, by Matt Hunckler; Download Mycroft at, which has downloads for Raspberry Pi, Linux and Android, and notes it soon will be available for Windows and Apple products; and Mycroft Core at, which is a README has the “terminal” commands you need (and there aren’t that many of them). Video is Mycroft AI running on Ubuntu GNOME 16.04, Softpedia on YouTube, credit to Christopher Goulet — 1:55. Featured image is the Mycroft company icon.

You may recall that Mycroft was Sherlock Holmes’ brother. Visit to learn about this up and coming company and its artificially intelligent personal assistant. For Gnome, Mycroft is simply a shell extension, it’s almost automatic!


“There’s an entire community of developers looking to access this technology, but so far, it’s been the purview of a few large companies. The technology is walled-off, proprietary, and secretive,” said Joshua Montgomery, CEO of Kansas City-based Mycroft AI, Inc.

As an alternative to these market leaders, Montgomery and his team created Mycroft, the world’s first open-source AI voice assistant. Mycroft is free to download and use, and developers are invited to alter its code to expand and improve the NLP [natural language processing] functionality. More than 700 independent developers are already making contributions to Mycroft’s software.

Get Mycroft Today!

Mycroft on Ubuntu

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