Music Videos: Seal – Best British Pop

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Music Videos: Seal
Best British Pop

Free Music57, February 12, 2015, collection by Paul Evans, videos courtesy of YouTube:

Time to lighten up with some tunes as only Free Music57 let’s you experience. Here’s one of the best pop singer’s ever:

This is the best British pop that I am aware of. I prefer SEAL to anyone else on the scene over in the U.K., except over in Ireland, U2 of course, but that’s alternative. The only thing I know that can touch Seal is Cat Stevens back in the seventies, but it’s an entirely different sound and genre of music. I first became aware of just how good Seal is back in the late seventies when "Crazy" got a lot of FM airplay. Then in the eighties, I bought the first and second greatest hits collections on cassette, and later on CD. My favorite, though, is "Future Love Paradise." See what you think.


Don’t Cry

Kiss From a Rose

Future Love Paradise

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