Music Video: Paul Simon – “Graceland”

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December 29, 2015

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Music Video: Paul Simon – “Graceland”

Happy New Year to All!

Free Music57, December 29, 2015, resources by Paul Evans, From the music video courtesy of Paul Simon, “krakenek” and YouTube. I absolutely love the beautiful freedom and love which Simon and Garfunkel expressed in their music, and so today I dedicate their greatest hits album as the music I give to my Christian “master” (“rabboni” or “beloved teacher”) Paul Yuhanick, as the music I love, for him, especially. Check it out in the sidebar:

Paul Simon – Graceland

Thanks to the Yuhanick family for tolerating all the phone calls and emotional turmoil of mine. Thanks be to God for my fiancé Judy! Thanks be to God for His grace and Jesus’ love.

I hope I will still help people and serve the Lord with this website, for a long, long time.

God’s Love
A Startling Proof of God’s Omnipotence and Love
For Each and Every One of His Children

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