Music Video: Greatest Hits of Disturbed

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Music Video: Greatest Hits of Disturbed

Are You Disturbed?

Free Music57, January 9, 2015, by Paul Evans. I wish and hope and pray that the various denominations of the Christian churches would realize that no one of us has any exclusive hold on “the truth” and learn to be accepting of one another. My pastor, Kevan Franklin, made me aware of what a problem this is in the world today. This was Jesus’ wish at the Last Supper, knowing as he did the dissention among his various, power-hungry disciples, “that they may all be one.”

My favorite song on this Disturbed greatest hits collection is “Land of Confusion” which is an old Phil Collins song I like. Phil Collins was one of the greatest rock artists ever, with hits in the eighties and also back in the seventies, with the group “Genesis.” Phil Collins gets it. If this song in Disturbed’s collection is anything to go by, so does Disturbed. I have thought about the name Disturbed chose for their band to go by, and I wondered just how disturbed they really are, in real life. Probably, in real life, they aren’t “disturbed” at all. After all, they are a big rock group these days. If they want something, they go out and buy it. Personally, I’d like to have that sort of problem. I think that in the song by the name “Coming Down with the Sickness” Disturbed talks about a mental or psychiatric phenomenon, with the lyrics “coming down with the sickness,” and it’s about going mental. It’s about “going mental” about anything at all, about our Christian faith, religion in general, philosophy, women and sex, anything about which there are a bunch of conflicting views and really involved logic. In this sense Disturbed may truly be troubled in their worldview, but they are also sharing with their fans just what it’s like to understand how tough it is to live in the world today. Hey, it’s tough all over.

I am a Democrat and I believe in our President. Exactly what Obama has done is to put a caring face on entitlement cuts which otherwise would have been much rougher. Then, in the middle east, he has delayed and may prevent a conflict which I have a strong feeling might lead to nuclear winter. This would have an ending much like the Peter Sellers movie Dr. Strangelove, which I would recommend to everyone. You can stream Dr. Strangelove for $2.99 at You might ask, exactly what kind of “strange” love is it which would lead humanity to that kind of fate. It is NOT patriotic love, which sometimes drives Christians to support conflict in the middle east. We must avoid Armageddon at all costs, and that is exactly what Obama is doing in the middle east, so I say to you people, pray for your President.

We should try to understand that God loves us very much, even if sometimes it’s “tough love.” Sometimes, as in the situation humanity finds itself in in the middle east and in terms of our population and supplies of natural resources, it seems that God has abandoned us to our fate. I can’t exactly reproach God about this, but how could a God who is love and who is absolutely infinite have let this happen to people who are starving now, who have no access to clean drinking water right now? And according to the CIA report given to President Bush in 2007, it’s going to get much worse. All the problems will also get worse to the point where terrorist organizations will thrive, and this and migrating peoples were listed by the CIA as the single greatest threat to America.

For most of my life I was an agnostic. But whatever choice you make in life, please, in the first place, don’t “go mental” about it. Secondly just be yourself and do the best you can, I’m sure that is all God would ask of you. Then, as citizens, know there is a force out there, a force I sometimes feel in the dead of night, keeping me working when I am tired, and so very peaceful, that wants us to take up our own two hands, like the Phil Collins song “Land of Confusion” says, “these are the hands we’re given…” and work to the very best of our ability to make our land more free, to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and to make a better life for our family and friends and for society.

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As for us humans, we shouldn’t judge each other, because judgement is for God. God loves you very much. And frankly, we all have addiction issues. That is an issue I am especially sensitive about, because people have negatively judged me for my smoking habit all of my life. God forgives me my addictions and He forgives you yours, too. We all have issues. Are you addicted to Facebook? Twitter? blogging? clothes? fancy cars? money? women (or men)? sex? The internet or chatting? Nobody is free of addictions, everybody has issues, and we mustn’t judge each other. Period.

I am a Christian man. I am a member of the United Church of Christ and of the Unitarian-Universalist Service Committee (not the church, just this organization). I like the Unitarian-Universalists, especially their First Principle, “The inherent worth and dignity of every human being.” I found out, much to my surprise, that somehow I am officially “affiliated” with the United States government. Hey, that’s great, so far as I am concerned. I have attended a local FourSquare Gospel church the most, which is a fundamentalist church. I was baptized Lutheran, but not until 1979. I belong to Trinity United Church of Christ in Wooster, Ohio, where the minister, Kevan Franklin, is a good friend of mine. I have visited a few other churches in Wooster and always enjoy those visits, taking back something unique and special about each one. Wooster, Ohio, is a very special town, from it’s unique courthouse, to the many tree-lined streets, to the wonderful people you will meet everywhere. In late December, 2014, I moved to Akron, Ohio to live with my beloved Judy Watson. A finer, more Christian and patriotic woman you will never meet. I get along with agnostics, humanists, environmentalists and free thinkers, too. However, given what scientists now know about the almost infinite or infinite universe and its logic or “rules,” and their scientific and mathematical complexity, to me atheism is a rather arrogant position to take. I have to remind myself, “judge not lest ye be judged.”

stylized gold bar from Rev Neal's article on the nature of evil

I am disabled myself. They tell me I am mentally ill. I say they are the ones who are mentally ill. They judge each other, they judge me, and God tells us strongly not to judge each other. They hurt each other when Jesus told us to love our neighbor. So who exactly is mentally ill here, and who is acting like a Christian? I seem to have taken upon myself many of the maladies known to man, and God has kept me alive this long. I believe that God is very real, and God is love itself. More than anything else, this is what God is. God is love and God is Life (John 1:1) (in him is no darkness at all) So God is Light too. Those are just three of the names of God, Love and Life and Light. Perhaps that is the Trinity. The Holy Spirit (love), Jesus (life, which dies and is reborn) and Light, which is Jesus, but Jesus is God, too. That is the “sun of man” (same as the “son of man,” it’s in the Gospels) but God gave Jesus access to the power of the Light of the universe. This is what Christians believe, while Jews do not believe in the Light of the universe as God, while seeing the sun as God (whom I believe is the same as the Greek god Apollo), it seems to me. Some Christians may see the sun as God, too. The pagan Greek and Romans were more concerned with this solar system, and some of them saw Jupiter as God. Scientists now classify Jupiter as a “brown dwarf star.” It has 97 percent of the angular momentum of the solar system, which has something or other to do with gravity. Perhaps the planets would now be regarded as “lesser Gods,” and are seen that way by at least some Roman Catholics I have spoken with.

I believe that both conventional Christians and Jews are both wrong. I see God as EVERYTHING, and how could there be anything outside of God? The entire electromagnetic spectrum of particles is all alive, each particle has mass and charge and is vibrating, which fits a basic biological definition of life. Alternatively God might be nodes of life existing in very many places in the universe, planets which have life on them, and comprising the very mind of God. Perhaps God truly is All, both light and life and love. That is what I think. God is smiling. You should smile, too. God loves you.

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

My Motto: “You tell the truth, and then everything works out all right.” I used to think that anyway. Sometimes, admittedly in this life, you do have to lie. Other times, you just need to shut the hell up. You try hard in life to avoid problems, but some things just happen to you in life, like it’s Fate, or Karma. It’s really nobody’s fault. I’ve learned my lesson: there are quite a few things I am just not going to to talk about on this website. Sad but very necessary. I just want to have a life and exercise my God-given right as an American to make some money off of my ads. I’ll give God his ten percent cut, too.

I’ve thought a lot about Fate. I tried to figure out whether Fate was another name for God, or if it was something separate that even God doesn’t control. The truth is, I don’t know. It could be that our fate has something having to do with culture, and how well you fit into your culture or subculture. More likely, in fact I am fairly certain, Fate is in fact another name for God, and it is just one of His holy attributes. Maybe God has many names in many cultures. God is All, or Love, or you might think of Him as some Wiccans do, as “The Great All,” which is an almost pantheistic conception, isn’t it.

As for my strong intention to tell the truth to my readers: I can’t. I need to have a life, I need to be “O.K.” with the powers that be, and so I am “dirty” like any other human who gets along in this life. Therefore, sadly, there must be “sins of omission” and also subjects and current news that I just don’t cover at all here. Do you hear that, Goldman Sachs? Do you see, Microsoft, and C.I.A.? I just want to get along, and I don’t even cover the news or politics much any more at all on our sister website, The Daily Walk with Miracles. I am concentrating on helping people and serving God, but I know that God wants me to have a good life, so I co-operate with Washington and no one in authority needs to worry about me. I’m cool!

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I don’t hide the fact that I am a charismatic Christian. I try really hard on my website to just be upfront about it and do not much hide the fact that this is a fully Christian website. At the same time I am a night owl and give darkness all the respect I can. You’d all be well advised to do the same, to “render unto God what is God’s and render unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s.”

I’m a simple man like anyone else, working out my salvation in fear and trembling and hoping I might get the unbelievable opportunity to worship The Father someday in heaven. I have lived a corrupt life and this website is partly, as an atonement, to help people and partly of course to serve God. That’s why I try so hard here.

OK. I admit right from the start that Disturbed is in some ways an evil group, at least in terms of real Christian morality and some of the things they advocate. They are messed up, they are “disturbed.” But the song “Land of Confusion” is a particular favorite of mine, and Disturbed echoes the “wrongness” and confusion which is so very common in America these days. People just are “disturbed.” This is about life the way it is, in the streets of the big cities and also in the little Georgia cracker towns. We’ve got a long way to go as a society before we can call ourselves a truly Christian nation. In my experience, some of the real Holy roller, holier-than-thou types are really wrong-minded, maybe especially about money. People who have money, who don’t have to worry about it, do NOT understand the way it is for the underclass. They cannot. If you haven’t walked the walk with us, don’t judge us, just as Jesus taught. And remember, “faith without works is dead.”

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stylized gold bar from Rev Neal's article on the nature of evil

Please visit the official C.I.A. website. The good guys. Also the unsung heroes in our video “Bad Company” by Five Finger Death Punch.

With thanks to “the King,” Paul Yuhanick, and dedicated to my beloved fiancé, Judith Watson.

Disturbed – Greatest Hits

stylized gold bar from Rev Neal's article on the nature of evil

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