Music for the Soul: Ambient Chillout Mix (2016)

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— Sometimes you don’t quite know how to “classify” music.
Sometimes it’s… ambient but has stronger elements
than most ambient does, and is chillout music
of the first order, as well. This recording emphasizes
the base line on guitar and barely audible sexy voice
in the background too. It’s best, I think, as chillout you can
have playing as background music, and let the music
permeate and infuse your mind. In that regard it’s
“better” than most ambient music you will find.

March 16, 2018
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Music for the Soul:
Ambient Chillout Mix (2016)

Ambient chillout with strong
overtones of bass guitar, drums
and a sweet female voice you can hear in whispers

The Daily Walk with Love, March 17, 2018 by Paul Evans. Read the introduction above to see how I feel about this “chillout for your soul.” When ambient/chillout throws out some “chi” at me and I feel energized by it, that’s when it especially appeals to me. This music video sure does that well, with bass guitar, drums and a sweet and sexy accompanying female voice, which at many points you can barely hear, There’s all sorts of wonderful accompanying video footage that goes with this music. I feel you will really enjoy that. It’s NOT in particular traditional ambient music, it has a certain power to it by which you might actually want to watch the video and see with the video which accompanies the music (to get the whole experience), if you can find the time.

The combination of sounds and music and video is powerful, especially to those who are used to the whole genre of ambient music and meditation too. You can definitely use this video in meditation, as a sort of guide, to trust in the source and the sound, to just let go of your ego. At any rate, I hope you will give this a try, because I think you might be rewarded. The YouTube channel this comes from is called Indigo, and I know they have a lot of videos quite similar to this one if you’d like to check them out. Featured photograph courtesy of Spain Info.

Also see and watch Here in Heaven @ Chillout Dream Mix ☆ 2016 ॐ, also from the “Indigo channel” at YouTube.

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