Mr. Mister: “Broken Wings” playlist

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— Here is an emotionally rich playlist from Mr. Mister,
with other great rockers included. This playlist includes
Mr. Mister’s two monster hits “Kyrie” and “Broken Wings, which still get a lot of FM radio DJ’s to play them.
These songs are about faith and love. Please
read the accompanying text for more.

April 25, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
God Bless America!!

Donald Trump 2019
“Make America Great Again!”

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Mr. Mister: “Broken Wings” playlist

Here’s an emotionally rich playlist from Mr. Mister,
with two monster hits.
and other great rockers.
which speaks about faith and love
(which all of us can relate to)

The Daily Walk with Love, updated April 25, 2020, by Paul Evans, video is Mr. Mister: Broken Wings playlist courtesy of YouTube. Dedicated to the love of my life, the cool and sexy smart woman who comes into my life, sees past my limitations and lets me show her all the love in this world. Photograph of Mr. Mister is from Mr. Mister’s two monster hits, “Kyrie” and “Broken Wings” (included) still get a lot of FM airplay on many radio stations. You know, they say to really be in or feel love, there has to be trust… To me, underlying trust (as well as good communication and dedication) aare absolutely fundamental in relationships. Never give up, have hope, don’t ever lose hope, you never know when God may bring “the one” into your life. If it is God’s will your life will get better, and prayer works.

This article is partly dedicated to Ohio’s governor John Kasich, who, in the teeth of determined opposition from his own Party members from the Ohio House, greatly expanded Medicaid coverage. I KNOW that your heart is in the right place, sir (although I don’t quite agree with your overall economics). I want to remind you that The Daily Walk with Love for a short time believed that YOU were the correct choice to lead the Republican Party forward, but this was not what happened, and so I was so happy to throw my full support to Donald Trump. I ask you, to the extent possible, to fully endorse and support Trump’s policies, even if his medical plans result in greater expense for Ohio and the states in general (for Medicaid). We must think of the good of all America and all insured citizens, including those now without insurance, right?

Also watch “Heal the World,” a YouTube video of a song by Michael Jackson There are those fundamentalist Christians and others who felt that Michael Jackson was in some way or another terribly evil. I am not one of them.


Now I ask, WHO HAS COMPASSION ON HIS FELLOW MAN? Show me a man (or woman) who has COMPASSION, and I’ll show you a Christian before God. And when you say, you do not properly observe the Sabbath, I say what Jesus said, “It is lawful to do Good on the Sabbath.” Watch this “GNOSTIC” GOSPEL: Gospel of Thomas Movie, Gentle, YouTube — 47:54. Did you know that there are 27 of these “Gnostic” Gospels, Gospels of the life of Jesus Christ which did not make the final cut into the Bible, for better or worse? I feel that this short movie of a recitation of the Gospel of Thomas is quite Holy.

The CIA has shown me, and I KNOW, the corruption, greed and evil of the Clintons: I covered an article here (on my website) showing that the Clinton Global Initiative caused ONE MILLION Nigerians to become homeless, and I CARE and that’s enough for me. Hillary would have been “more of the same, only worse,” as Donald Trump says. And she’d probably have caused nuclear war with Russia, or a general conflict in the middle east, which Israel and the U.S. have barely avoided for a number of years, now. The Clintons are totally corrupt. Another example is the whole uranium trading deal the Clinton Global Initiative was deeply involved in. Besides which Colin Powell (who was Secretary of State under George W. Bush for a while) said “Hillary screws up everything she touches.” As to President Trump, I pray that he will show discretion and work for peace in Venezuela and North Korea, before some game of nuclear chicken ends up blowing up the world. “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall know God.” But you see, Donald Trump, unlike Obama or Hillary, has learned the lesson from history that we cannot afford to be involved in appeasement for the sake of peace, or negotiate from a position of weakness.

I’m sorry, all you various right wingers: I’M SORRY. If you’re a Christian, and you want to “love your neighbor,” YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF HIM, you have to be your brother’s keeper! It MATTERS TO GOD, YOU SEE!!! And NO ONE is calling for a Communist (OR a Facist) revolution, remember what the PM of Burma said, “the only true revolution is a revolution of the heart.” HEAL AND FIX AMERICA, Mr. President. America wants and needs very badly to have faith in you, and I DO have faith in you. See Pope Francis: “Helping the Poor Isn’t Communism, It’s Gospel”, The Daily Walk with Love, September 13, 2017, by Paul Evans.

I am a spiritual, charismatic and Christian man. My loneliness is wrong before our Lord and it is NOT right, at this point it represents almost a singularity of wickedness and wrong thinking. It’s been hard to survive ALL the evil which afflicted me for so long: oh well, better days ahead. I am a kind, nice, giving and affectionate guy, and a committed spiritualist Christian. Looking for friends and fellowship? Maybe a relationship? Email me, Paul, at I would look forward very much to chatting and then hopefully video-conferencing with you, and hopefully even dating in person. I have not dated in almost four years and maybe you’d have to teach me “how to ride the bicycle again,” but meanwhile we might get to know each other well. I promise to be sincere, honest and affectionate, and will give you all the time you need.

Mr. Mister are all about the eighties and they epitomise the whole eighties pop-rock sound. Check out Mr. Mister on Facebook and on Twitter. The lead singer of Mr. Mister is Richard Page, please feel encouraged to check out his official website. Purchase high quality digital mp3’s for download at or download in iTunes format from Apple music, which slickly summarizes the group as follows: “A product of the L.A. session-musician community (which also produced the harder-rocking Toto), Mr. Mister enjoyed a brief but massive burst of popularity during the mid-’80s, crafting an atmospheric, vaguely progressive variation on slick, radio-ready pop/rock.” I think that might slight Mr. Mister’s contribution, I’ll always value the group and their sound. Wikipedia describes the band:

Mr. Mister was an American pop rock band most popular in the 1980s. The band’s name came from an inside joke about a Weather Report album called Mr. Gone where they referred to each other as “Mister This” or “Mister That”, and eventually selected “Mr. Mister.” Mr. Mister may be considered as representative of the melodic sound of 1980s pop rock. The band consisted of Richard Page on lead vocals and bass guitar, Steve George on keyboards/backing vocals, Pat Mastelotto on acoustic and electronic drums/percussion and Steve Farris on guitars/backing vocals. Mr. Mister was the successor to the band Pages, fronted by Page and George from 1978 to 1981.

If you were around in the early 80’s and listened to FM radio, you probably remember “Broken Wings” and “Kyrie,” which begin our own video playlist from Mr. Mister. I feel that these two songs are absolutely unforgettable, and hopefully you will enjoy the whole playlist. “Broken Wings” speaks strongly to the way I feel right now.

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