Understanding the Power of the Law of Attraction

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— One of the golden rules of the Law of Attraction is to focus
on what you want, not consider much at all what you
don’t want, which is a sort of positivism. If you try to be
happy and are positively directed, that’s what you will attract
into your life, and so think good, positive thoughts about what’s
important to you and what you want to come into your life
(and it will – perhaps particularly if you pray for it).
Also, envision and contribute to building a
better world: (practice the ethic of contribution).
As Joel Osteen has said, “You don’t get success
and then get happy, you get happy
and then get success.”

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Understanding the Power
of the Law of Attraction

(Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome)

“Thoughts Become Things:”
Focus on Creating a Better World,
and Take Full Responsibility
for What Comes Into Your Life

The Daily Walk with Love, (link to Home page and blog), updated April 7, 2020, by Paul Evans, video is Alan Watts – Law Of Attraction – “Most EPIC Speech Of All Time”, by Alan Watts, Words of Wisdom on YouTube — 21:57 (This may take a moment to open, but my best guess is the video will quickly play on your computer).

Also see How Thought Manipulates Physical Reality! (Law Of Attraction), YouAreCreators2 and YouTube, Jan 18, 2017 — 19:35.

A lot of what I do here at The Daily Walk with Love involves understanding other philosophical and religious ideas from a Christian point of view: This is what comparative religion does. If true knowledge and understanding are enhanced by reviewing significant truths from other religions, can our Christian faith be harmed? Won’t we only gain by exposure to other world religions and philosophical ideas from down through the ages? Some of this involves philosophical views which might increase our overall understanding? How could that be wrong if our Christian faith is strong? Todays discussion and videos come from out of the Spiritual tradition. For a couple of years (2007-2009) I attended a Spiritualist Christian church on the far East Side of Cleveland, and these ideas were first presented to me there.

One of my favorite televangelists, Joel Osteen, once blew me away with the following discovery: You don’t get success and then get happy, you get happy and then get success.

A Discovery: Being kind, makes you kind; and living like Jesus taught, makes you like Jesus (as a disciple).

Also See Understanding God’s Love, The Daily Walk with Love, by Dr. Len Kenpo and Paul Evans, and “anonymous,” a wonderful story telling of God’s love for us and His wish that we love and rely on him.

Also see Anxiety: The Health Crisis That’s Crippling Us, The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans..

There are a lot of videos of much interest on YouTube by Alan Watts. See AWAKENING IS ABOUT LETTING GO – Alan Watts, Positive Vibes on YouTube — 1:04:46.

Other videos of interest on YouTube are Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome, The Event is Coming Soon on YouTube – 12:33. See The Event on YouTube – 21:49. “On the long and winding road of our lives, we all have been lost souls to some extent.” Holding on to fear and resentment holds no good result. Unconditionditional love can help all of us all to move forward to a better new world. Now is the time for cooperation, to create abundance and prosperity for all, creating a better “heaven on earth,” world without end. Use the Law of Attraction (www.lawofattraction.com) to try to attract to you the kind of future you hope for, both individually and as a society. See theeventiscomingsoon.com. One of the golden rules of the Law of Attraction is to focus on want, not what you don’t want. See Paradise or Oblivion, YouTube 48:11. Envision and contribute to buiding a better world.

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Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

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