More than One Jesus and “The Rules”

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God’s unmerited Grace: So, your faith is weak.
WHY and HOW did I come back from the DEAD (in 1979 and a year ago),
and why is the sky blue and why is the Gaia hypothesis true
and why is the ocean a 70 percent saline solution, good souls?

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The Daily Walk with Love

December 18, 2016
Justice is Coming!

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More than One Jesus and “The Rules”

God loves EVERYONE
(and this means you)!

The Daily Walk with Love, December 18, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is George Winston: Winter into Spring (YouTube, full album). Featured photo is courtesy of Lamott.

Here is a truth directly inspired by Jesus: "Knowledge with understanding worked by Love through Faith is Power in The Holy Ghost." An idea my teacher, Paul Yuhanick, which he received, about faith held by many Christians: Read your Bible to know God!

Actually (to be frank), Jesus is more of an “archetype” who existed a few times at least in various societies. The Buddha said, “for all know the way but few walk it.” Jesus, perhaps being somewhat more realistic, said, “for many know the way but few walk it.” I often think of my own ethical “system” as much more Buddhist than anything else. But I do try very hard to live as Jesus really taught us to, and, for me, this is what being a Christian really means. It isn’t really “rocket science,” either: anyone can do this. I think of Jesus teachings in terms of four major truths (rules to follow): 1.) Love God and be grateful to Him for the life you have been given. 2.) Really try hard to love your neighbor as yourself, or, failing this, at least try to be kind. 3.) Don’t judge people, really, at all. God has each of us on our own somewhat predestined path, and we’re all where we are for a reason. The last thing anyone needs is an individual’s or society’s negative judgement upon them. 4.) Finally, as much as possible, do NOT hurt anyone if you can possibly help it.

Perhaps God sends such a person as Jesus into various societies at various times when the society has a sore need for Him. I myself am far from being Jesus, although for some reason God did call me a “savor.” This is defined in my Oxford King James as “a kind of Christ,” or “someone with the full confidence of Christ.” I also know how terribly much of a very insufficient sinner I am. I KNOW I am a sinner, and that I am fully dependent on God’s and the CIA’s Grace that I am even alive. Jesus said, “For none is righteous. No. Not one,” and the Apostle Paul said “If I say I am without sin, the truth is not in me.” God save me from so-called “righteous” Christians and their judgement of me. I DO regret so very much my fallen, sinful nature, I KNOW God has forgiven me, and I am trying hard to lead a better, more moral life than I have at times in the past.

I am NOT Jesus, God called me a “savour,” “someone with the full confidence of Christ. I am just a sick, evil human, maybe an alien-human hybrid, but I am trying to do better. The aliens are NOT the Nephelim, God forbid, and they worship the light. Visit

These “rules” for life are simple, and are basically Buddhist in their conception. I THANK GOD for helping me and keepiing me alive despite all the evil in my life. God Bless and Blessed Be!!!

George Winston
Winter Into Spring

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

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