♥ ♪ Mix: Sheryl Crow – “Letter to God” ♪ ♥

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— Ms. Crow has my most sincere admiration.
This is some of Sheryl’s more recent,
lesser known music but these are my own favorite
recordings of hers, more than the early,
popular recordings (which are
still a lot of fun at times!) We also
give you links to three of Ms. Crow’s newer
albums for purchase from Amazon.com. Here is
the authentic Sheryl Crow revealed for us.

October 13, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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♥ ♪ Mix: Sheryl Crow ♪ ♥
“Letter to God”

Here is some fantastic (almost) new music
from Sheryl Crow. I know you will love it as much as
I do! I strongly identify with her music
in this concert-playlist, it’s very authentic.

The Truthful Patriot’s Corner (Link to Home page and blog), October 13, 2020, by Paul Evans. Email Paul at sailingtokansas@gmail.com. Video is courtesy of Krio and YouTube. Featured photograph is courtesy of www.SherylCrow.com.

Ms. Crow has my most sincere admiration and I’m sending out a big prayer to God for her. Also I want to also, especially, pray for the soul of my friends here at the Portage Road group home in Wooster, Ohio. We live in subsidized housing and are quite poor, money wise. It’s hard to live this way, and sometimes it can get depressing. Here at The Truthful Patriot’s Corner, overall, I want to be straightforwardly apologetic for having been confrontational towards the rich and the authorities in general. I know that many of the elite do care about the poor, such as the 220 rich folks who have taken up “the Bill Gates challenge” to give half of what they own to charity. I also believe I am a good researcher and would like to offer my services to, for example, the CIA, for whom my dad worked. I can be contacted at sailingtokansas@gmail.com. I am a good man and have supported the Patriot Act, our necessary surveillance and the rule of law for as long as I owned this website (about six years). God Bless you all.

Here are three links to Amazon.com purchase pages for some of Sheryl’s more recent music, Sheryl Crow, Threads and Be Myself. There is a lot of pressure put on pop artists to come up with really popular songs and CD’s. I can begin to see that maybe that affected Sheryl Crow and hurt her for a while, but “Be Myself” shows her fans that she’s going to be OK and keep singing for us. The reviewer Mr. Murphy at Amazon said, “After straying into 70’s soul (100 Miles from Memphis) and Country (Feels Like Home) Sheryl Crow comes back to her musical roots and delivers her best work since The Globe Sessions. Sounding confident and fresh at the same time this album is a welcome return to form from one of the best artists to emerge in the 90’s.” The average rating given to this album (from hundreds) is 4.6 out of 5, which means you really should give it your attention.

The playlist below has some of Sheryl’s more recent, less known music but these are my own favorite recordings of hers, more than the early, more popular hits. The music and lyrics are from Sheryl’s heart to all her listeners, maybe it’s not quite as catchy and might require more attention from the listener, but it’s the real Sheryl Crow. (Don’t worry, the playlist features some of the best songs from Sheryl’s hit albums, too.)

Visit www.sherylcrow.com or, visit Sheryl Crow’s Facebook Page. Some of her very latest music is available on Amazon.com as digital rights free mp3’s. It’s not as “catchy” as music as her the music of that period when she had all those hits, but I know you’d like it. You can purchase Feels Like Home from 2013, which is $9.49 for the digital album, or purchase her latest effort, which was just released on April 22nd (2017) and is called By Myself (order the digital album also for $9.49), which I fully expect will be her best so far! In recent recordings, Sheryl sings from her heart with music that must be very personal to her.

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