Santana w Alice Coltrane – 1974 Illuminations

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March 31, 2016

The Daly Walk with Miracles
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Santana w Alice Coltrane
1974 Illuminations

(Isn’t YouTube a communist plot?
everything is FREE!)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated March 31, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is Santana w Alice Coltrane – 1974 Illuminations, courtesy of “Master Eddie and YouTube. By the way girls, I am very definitely “single and looking” and my dating profile is ready and waiting (as I have been, all my life), at OKCupid, which is an absolutely FREE site and has been called “the Google of Internet Dating” by Newsweek. Are you listening girls?

A confession: mental illness is a terrible, terrible affliction from which I am just about healed. But sometimes God uses that, God is always taking “wrongness” and turning it into something good. Amen and Blessed Be.

The title of this Santana album reminds one of the Illumiati, so I wanted to say an important word or two about them. The Illuminati are in fact mostly “middle of the road,” politically, many of whom are successful businessmen, and there is large overlap in any comparison with the Masons. In fact though, most Presidents of the U.S. and ALL Supreme Court Justices up until 1972, when Sandra Day O’Connor was made a justice, were Masons. The founding fathers of the United States of America, then, were mostly Masons, almost all of them, and mainly “Deists” in their conception of Christianity: but they were basically Christian.

The Masons are smack up against the internet, now, in maintaining their “stratified” system of secret or esoteric knowledge. (Basically, you couldn’t stop the truth from coming out unless you shut down the internet.) Ultimately, this all was going to come out: far better through the open agency of the internet, and TRUTHFULLY, than with some kind of civil insurrection. And keep in mind that, originating in France as a reaction to evils perceived in the Roman Catholic church, it started out as a good force for change. But every organization of any size does get infiltrated by evil. It’s up to you and me, my fellow Americans, to change the Masons and the New World Order and make it a good and decent thing. I’m sure “change” from the old ways will happen, just be patient and work for change from within.

That great Democratic lion, Tip O’Neal, once said that all politics was “local.” Get out there and organize and get the local and state officials elected to REALLY effect change. And by the way, Obama has done what he could, and is a good President, in my opinion, a Christian and a patriot. (Did you know that both the Patriot Party and the Black Panters are part of the Rainbow Coalition?) In considering such legislation as Obamacare, despite its flaws and the lousy giveaways, for example, to Big Pharma, I try to think like my daddy taught me when he said, “the real test of legislation is, ‘what will they think of this in 50 years.'” Obamcare can be fixed, and should not be discarded. I have practical solutions to make it a lot better, simple changes that could be made with a few executive orders… not that anyone is asking me…lol.

The alternative to toleration and some kind of acceptance is to have civil war and very likely nuclear winter. To say the Masons are “evil” is to say the entire history of the United States of America is evil, and that just isn’t so!! God Bless America!

Please feel encouraged to watch Santana’s Welcome, in my opinion THE best album to get high (on life) with.

From the description at YouTube: Illuminations is a 1974 collaboration between Carlos Santana and Alice Coltrane. Jazz musicians Jules Broussard, Jack DeJohnette and Dave Holland can also be heard, on saxophone, flute, drums and bass. Alice Coltrane delivers some harp glissando, while the string orchestra adds a serene mood to the music. Carlos Santana (whose Indian name Devadip appears on the sleeve) plays electric guitar in his own fashion, utilizing feedback, long notes and simple melodies, letting much space to the other instruments. The album is conceived as an instrumental jazz album, with lengthy solos on guitar, saxophone and keyboards. The introduction to Angel of Air, with its violins, has been sampled by the Cinematic Orchestra.

00:00 Guru Sri Chinmoy Aphorism – 1:11
01:11 Angel of Air/Angel of Water – 9:55
11:06 Bliss: the Eternal Now – 5:33
16:39 Angel of Sunlight – 14:43
31:22 Illuminations – 4:18


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