MIX: Santana – All The Love Of The Universe

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— Peace and Love
from Carlos Santana – Truly a man of God,
Santana’s music is full of references to Light
and Love. Here is a playlist based on a favorite song
by Carlos, “All the Love of the Universe.”
Ah, Carlos plays some mean licks, doesn’t he?

March 16, 2018
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

Donald Trump 2016
“Make America Great Again!”

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The Daily Walk with Love

The Daily Walk with Love
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MIX: Santana
All The Love Of The Universe

Surely Santana is of God,
Listen to the Music!

The Daily Walk with Love, March 16, 2018, by Paul Evans. We Are “The Official Music Blog of the CIA:” Brothers and Sisters, Peace, Love, Understanding, Toleration, Acceptance and Forgiveness: Let us TRULY Love God and Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves, without Prejudice or Hypocrisy! Videos courtesy of YouTube. Well hello, I’m Paul Evans, 61, the owner here. If you’d like to be friends and get to know me, please email me at debianuser1925@gmail.com thanks. Featured photograph courtesy of N.Y. Daily News. PLEASE share this article with your friends and contacts.

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

Join the Peace and Love Revolution! May all good people in the world, of whatever religious persuasion, join together in peace, love, toleration, yes even acceptance and work together to clean up the real evil in this world. At the Last Supper they asked Jesus what he really wanted, and He said, “That they all may be One.” Don’t you see it is doctrine which divides us as Christian people and as religious people of whatever persuasion? Should we not tolerate and work with ALL all neighbors in a loving relation, wouldn’t that be just what Jesus truly wants, if you want to make God happy? President Trump, we have supported you and will continue to do so, please good sir, please keep the interest of ALL of God’s children in mind, even those who are poor, after all, you could have been born in some inner-city ghetto, too. This is my honest appreciation of God’s will. Amen and May it Be.

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NOTE: About a year ago, there were 320,000 homeless veterans out there. Many of them suffer terribly with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and all of these good people who put their lives on the line have paid a high price. — This degree of suffering and homelessness among veterans is absolutely unacceptable. Everybody needs somebody sometimes: National Suicide Helpline 1-800-273-TALK. God Bless You All!

Watch Cool MIX based on Santana’s “Stone Flower”, The Daily Walk with Love, May 24, 2017, by Paul Evans.

Paul:quote me‘: “A warning to ‘philosophers’ about cogito ergo sum. Thinking about stuff will get you words and logic, not happiness or a decent life. To know what I know as a simple human and in my circumstances is not at all happiness. The only thing that could make my life a whole lot better would be a caring woman’s love. Watch Don Henley – The Heart Of The Matter.

Santana (Official website)

Santana (Official Facebook page)

From Carlos’ Facebook page, December 28, 2016:
The source and the force is the same
We are inseparable from IT
(beyond time or illusions)
May we Practice the art of crystallizing, discerning, selecting, distilling
our thoughts (from our Egos, whims, lower ambitions, destructive desires)
be vigilant, aware, present, lucid, knowing, trusting, believing
The voice of divine light-reason… is and forever more will BE our guide
It is impossible to fail if our aim, goal and aspirations… is with and for LOVE
There is only one being in the universe we are all It …The higher self
Can we get beyond the faces of GOD… (religions) And see and feel the heart only
Universal LOVE… When we say daily this affirmation
I am a beam of light that flows from the heart of GOD
And our true aim is for the highest good of ALL,
Then peace all where will be in our minds and on earth
May we develop the mighty willingness to change
The collective mind set of all people and transmogrify fear
Into what is most divine… Peace on earth
Happy 2016 soar with the wings of innocence and luminosity

The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible online for this article is Philippians 4:7 — "And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

See all downloads of high-quality (256kbs) digital-right-free mp3’s of Carlos Santana on Amazon.com. Please feel encouraged to check out his new album Corazón.

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