MIX: Love Devotion Surrender – Carlos Santana Mahavishnu John Mclaughlin

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January 23, 2016

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Carlos Santana Mahavishnu John Mclaughlin
MIX: Love Devotion Surrender

End Extreme Poverty by 2030 with USAID

Free Music57, January 23, 2016, by Paul Evans. Free Music57 is returning to its roots, cutting out the politics, and bringing you pure listening pleasure, sometimes with a moral message but always with a music video or documentary! We try to entertain you with the very best music we know of from 50 plus years of listening, and also to explore new musical horizons. Video (MIX: Love Devotion Surrender – Carlos Santana Mahavishnu John Mclaughlin courtesy of Enrinque Proca and YouTube.

Psalm 37: 10 – 11 "10 For yet a little while, and the wicked [shall] not [be]: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it [shall] not [be]. 11 But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. "

JOKE: A black man named Jesse and a white man named Frank are best friends, and love each other sooo much! They have only friendly jests about the whole race thing. For example, one day the white guy said, “you know bro, I just know when I die I’m gonna go to heaven and be greeted by Jesus and he’s gonna have blond hair and blue eyes, like me.” The black man replied, “Hell, no, Frank, I know for a fact that Jesus is black like me.” Well, as Fate would have it, one day they both are killed together in a traffic accident and find themselves at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter welcomes them, saying, “well done, thou good and trusty friends, welcome to heaven!” And then a very Latino Jesus comes striding up saying, “Que pasa, Welcome!” What’s the point of the joke? Well so far as I am concerned, if humanity is to get much further down the road, we have to learn to live in peace and be brothers and sisters in Christian love, totally forgetting about ethnicity and race, Period. The alternative looks to me like nuclear winter. I’m sure that is what Santana would say to all the haters who try so hard to conclude that his music is evil in some way. Bullsh*t, Santana is the best, you can see it in his face, the eyes tell his story. And the way to get past racism is to simply not consider race at all.

Be sure and check out USAID’s End Extreme Poverty by 2030 program. “Faith without works is dead.” Consider the Compassion International program. For $38 a month you can sponsor a child who now lives in extreme poverty and help them have food and education and a better life. Compassion International – sponsor a child today. Here I feel a song by the rock group Midnight Oil is appropriate: “Poets and Slaves. People expect that song’s a little “dark” but I don’t think so. My favorite by Midnight Oil is One Country, a really patriotic song from the point of view of a very special but “ordinary” guy in Australia. (No, he’s not ordinary. Nobody is “ordinary.”) God loves ALL of us. Won’t you please believe that God is real, that Love is “the Force” and that He is real and all we need is real faith, real effort, and STRONG FAITH? Keep knocking at that door. Yes, a lot of us have a real hard time in life. I’ve been badly mentally ill most of my life. But I’m still here people, and the spirit of a really great charismatic Christian King, Paul Yuhanick, inspires me and motivates me to TRY HARDER. (Did you know that one-quarter of all Christians of many denominations now consider themselves “charismatic?”)

Won’t you join me in putting in that extra hour helping your neighbor, to REALLY, TRULY “love your neighbor as yourself?” As St. Francis of Assisi said in his prayer, “It is in giving that we receive,” and I am finding this to be so true! TRY people! Keep praying to God, keep sending out those hopes and wishes and prayers out to the universe. He is real and He is listening and HE LOVES YOU. Watch “Surrender to Love,” by Ottmar Liebert (off the album “Nouveau Flamenco.”

I should tell you, Santana is really cool, and I do love his music and have listened to it since the early seventies. But you should be prepared. When Santana teams up with Mahavishnu John Mclaughlin, it’s avant garde and it gets a little funky…. in a good way, folks! See what you think. Have an open mind, give it a good listen, and see what you think and feel about this cool music.

May “the Force” of God’s Love be with each of us, according to His good purpose. Watch Santana – All the Love of the Universe. Some Christian fundamentalists think Santana is “evil” or “Satanic.” HOW WRONG you are!! The REAL reasons you hate him is a.) he is Latino b.) he is left-wing economically and 3.) he is in touch with ALL the universe, like me, both light and dark, he “understands” evil, but he is NOT evil AT ALL. (And the Higgs bosun or “God particle” underlines ALL matter, right?) Carlos would NEVER hurt another living being. Never. Can you say the same, Christians? This is in fact what a (charismatic) “king” really is, someone who understands the Light AND to some extent is quite familiar with, and daily almost overcomes, the darkness, and CHOOSES to serve God. This is the “understanding” that Solomon had and understood as an Old Testament king of Israel. God gives us free will, and a Life, and what we do about it is up to each of us. Do the right thing, and God rewards you with His Love and Peace of Mind. If only you knew how precious is the gift of His spirit and this true Peace (“which passeth all understanding.”)

Choosing the higher reality (choosing Love, fighting the good fight, choosing God) is a conscious choice, which hopefully becomes a habit, and then an essence: to identify with the higher reality of God who is LOVE. Always identify with Love and Life and Light, NEVER hate or death or darkness. Saying you are saved is one thing, continually working for and choosing Love when presented with alternatives costs. But it’s the best feeling in the world. One main way of doing this is to read His Holy Word. Others also find this “essence” through service to others. I do try with my writings here to help people and in that way serve Him and find and grow in the essence of that higher reality and make it a part of myself. For too long my efforts brought forth too little fruit, but I am trying harder than ever to serve Him this way. However I must not neglect my reading of the Word.

psychedelic images of Carlos Santana from his album Corazon the cover art

Give up your resentment and anger (and passive aggressiveness) at your circumstances, accept your life as it is, and TRY to do the right thing in every instance and serve LOVE. Go now and sin no more. And “sin” is NOT what the televangelists are yelling at you about, to make you feel guilty and make you send them money. NO, each of us has in their heart a moral compass, and IN EVERY CASE — IF — you are honest with yourselves and not mentally ill, YOU KNOW what the right thing to do is, ALWAYS. You DON’T need to memorize the Law from the Bible. It is written in your heart. Turn from evil and follow Love and simply try to do the right thing, and you will know this Peace!

Also you might enjoy George Harrison-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth), YouTube playlist.

God loves you Carlos Santana and I do too! Bless you! I love his 1972 album “Caravanserai” (YouTube album playlist) and his 1973 album “Welcome,” ($7.99 at Amazon) and was a huge fan of the 1999 album “Supernatural ($9.99 at Amazon).” Hey, Santana has a brand new album out called “Corazón” (Love). Check it out on Amazon.com at the link above and to the right. May God Bless all these musicians who nourish us daily with their wonderful inspiration and musical abilities.

Carlos Santana Mahavishnu John Mclaughlin
The Cool Love Mix

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