Mix: George Winston / Longing Love

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George Winston (and friends) play
their unique, folksy or new age, jazz piano,
with other selections, it is enchanting, and you
are invited to come listen.

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September 12, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
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Mix: George Winston / Longing Love

New Age Music with Heart and Soul:
George Winston and Other Cool
Artists with Your Favorite Songs

The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 12, 2017, by Paul Evans, video is a playlist starting with George Winston – Longing Love (new playlist), courtesy of George Winston and YouTube. This is a really good playlist with a lot of great artists! For the special ladies on my Facebook page: dear hearts you are so very special!! Everyone is also invited to listen to George Winston: December, The Daily Walk with Miracles, May 25, 2017, by Paul Evans, which isn’t as romantic but is really cool and special new age jazz piano. Featured photograph courtesy of WpNature.com. Ladies I remain “single and looking,” please email me, Paul, at paul.miracles57@gmail.com. You’ll never find a kinder, sweeter guy, before God I cannot imagine why at this late stage in my life I am still alone. This article is dedicated to my new friend (whom I still haven’t met yet); the one who sees my poverty and intellectualism but still sees my possibilities and the deep, abiding love I would offer you: Thanks dear!

Also watch ”The Perfect Drug” (1997) Nine Inch Nails, YouTube – 4:10, included below. “Three kinds of people in the world who’ve had sex: monks, addicts and hypocrites….” OK, I get really personal and almost sexual in my discussion to this article: Those people not wishing to read a discussion of human sexuality should NOT READ IT. Behold, I will do a new thing: be really honest.

Living a chaste life (chastity) is shot through the New Testament and if we are made perfectly anew, that would be how we live, ideally. This can be very hard for younger people: I do think God understands. See Romans 7:7 for further understanding. Photograph of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden courtesy of GodandScience.org.

Personal from Paul: To those who question my beliefs and faith, may I point out that I have often discussed my faith on The Daily Walk with Miracles, and I feel I have a real, factual basis for my beliefs and “the hope that lies within me.” In the first place, a little over a year ago, I DIED and came back about an hour later. Secondly, good people, I ask, “why is the sky blue,” Gott im Himmelblau! as the Germans say. Thirdly, why is the ocean essentially a 70 percent saline solution? I DO NOT HOWEVER buy into traditional Christian morality and religion at all. Some of you will hate me for that. Well, the Pharisees hated Jesus, too. And, in all honesty, even should I be wrong, faith is the right path for people, as LOVE and compassion move mountains and are almost always the right attitude. Would you take a five year old boy and tell him he would suffer all his life and then just die? I think not. But you see I HAVE DIED AND GOD BROUGHT ME BACK. It’s hospital-documented, and I HAVE STRONG CHRISTIAN FAITH, do YOU?

Really, let me be even more honest. The evidence will always be equivocal, and it will always be a question of faith. I believe that’s the way God wanted it. As for me, I believe. But I won’t put up with society’s bullsh*t, and so I suffer. You may not like what I write, but nobody’s making you read my thoughts, either.

Yes, I do so myself long for a love in my life, but this has always involved a lot of suffering for me. I don’t really understand why the fates have been so against me finding a sweet, loyal lady. But I DO know that love and longing and need are an attachment. The Buddha taught that all attachments involve suffering. I think if mankind were more accepting of their fate and more passive, there would be much less suffering in the world. But I need a woman…. “Oh, well.” (paul.miracles57@gmail.com)

Human Sexuality & Oral Sex:
“The Talk”

Adam Eve the Garden of Eden and the serpent

I do suffer somewhat in my own “alone-ness” and and wonder why God hasn’t sent me a beautiful, sweet woman yet, who might want even to marry me. The whole “sexuality” and related matters form the body of much discussion in the New Testament (and Old Testament too, particularly the “Garden of Eden” story). Let me just say that I am only a human man, that I am “comfortable in my own skin,” and that I see no harm in being a sexual man, UP TO A POINT. Desire is NOT the same thing as lust, which must, according to the Bible, involve coveting. There must be limits in what is called “oral sex.” This is because there is a certain degree of what is commonly called “possession” involved in oral sex. THAT is why God warned against it. Oral sex can be misused and abused, and one must be Very Careful about it. I personally abstain from it, I WAS somewhat possessed by it and because of it, but I’ve had one grande mal seizure and and also my teacher largely healed me through “the laying on of hands.”

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It seems to me that oral sex and the whole “Garden of Eden” story are there to scare people away from doing this and that it is NOT meant as an absolute prohibition but a test of Love. Perhaps in ancient Hebrew society, what is meant by that story is that IF you love AND TRUST a lady enough to do this, then you qualified to be allowed to marry the lady. Can you see that? In other words, it is a deeply hidden cultural thing about being Jewish (or Christian). I am saying that the lady will in fact be “in you,” and that you will to a certain degree experience HER MIND in you, and as a part of your own mind. Quite how this works is a divine mystery. YOU HAD BETTER, if you “do” oral sex, be willing to trust the lady with your life!! But isn’t that partly what marriage is about, two people trusting each other with their lives? Somehow, despite three engagements, and four women who tried to possess me, I find myself alone in this regard. I have suffered from seizures somewhat and even had one grand mal level of seizure. For the rest of it, I have been healed by my teacher, who is a great charismatic Christian king, my friend and mentor in all important matters, but especially in matters discussed in the Bible (which is most everything, right?). But I am saying that oral sex involves a certain degree of possession and there HAD BETTER be strong mutual trust. Wasn’t the real sin, considered in terms of this Bible story, the disobedience to God and the awareness of sin? When God said, “who told you that you were naked,” THAT was when he got angry. At times it has seemed to me that if there is no shame in oral sex, there is no sin. But I believe that in some sense this is spiritual marriage before God. These are my honest beliefs. If this helps younger readers be prepared, so be it. But don’t just go off and do this with a casual girlfriend, either. And don’t do oral sex with ANY-one you don’t trust with your whole life. Hopefully soon I will find the woman that will love me truly and come into my life right here in Wooster, Ohio. I am saving this for the woman I marry. Yes, at the age of 60, I still long for my soul mate. ~ Love, Paul paul.miracles57@gmail.com.

Watch Billy Joel sing his special song, Honesty, YouTube – 3:50. Also watch The Who, Blue, Red & Grey, YouTube — 2:47.

The Quiet Beauty
of George Winston’s Piano

Listen to the touching and dramatic quiet solace in these George Winston compositions (and from other artists). Hear the beauty. If you are at all inclined to new age sounds, or even if you don’t commonly listen to this genre, these songs are well worth your time and attention. Visit the official George Winston website. If you listen at all closely, you will feel the compassionate love for life and nature that Winston has. It seems to me that compassion is rarely wrong. Jesus IS compassion and Compassion is Jesus. What is so wrong is what the Judeo-Christian religious communities have done with His compassion. Judeo-Christian so-called morality is all wrong. They SAY they are compassionate, really they are about money and pleasure for it’s own sake, to the exclusion of decency, and all this is so very wrong. But compassion IS the nature of Jesus’ love for you. Hey I guess if you wanted to simplify you could say it’s about “jazz piano,” but it’s like nothing else you’ve ever heard. Are you listening? I feel you will fall in love with George Winston even if you do not generally like New Age or jazz.

Wikipedia has a good summary (as always) about George Winston:

George Winston (born 1949) is an American pianist who was born in Michigan, and grew up mainly in Miles City, and Billings, Montana, as well as Mississippi and Florida. He is best known for his solo piano recordings; several of his albums from the early 1980s have sold millions of copies each. Winston plays in three styles: the melodic approach he came up with that he calls “rural folk piano.”; Stride piano, primarily inspired by Thomas “Fats” Waller and Teddy Wilson; and his primary interest, New Orleans R&B piano, influenced by James Booker, Professor Longhair, and Henry Butler.

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Do You Want Somebody to Talk To?

Please email me, Paul Evans at paul.miracles57@gmail.com.
We can at least offer each other a little kindness and compassion, right?

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