Mix: Eric Burdon and the Animals 2011 HD ♫♥50 years

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Eric Burdon, former lead singer with The Animals
and also with War, pours his heart out
with live performances from 2011 based on
the song “Boom, Boom.” Have a listen.

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September 18, 2017
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Mix: Eric Burdon and the Animals
2011 HD ♫♥50 years

Eric Burdon sings some of his best
with his band the Animals, from 2011

The Daily Walk with Miracles, September 18, 2017, by Paul Evans. Video is a great playlist based on Eric Burdon & The Animals – Boom Boom (Live, 2011) HD ♫♥50 years, All Christians should take Eric Burdon to heart. I hope we all enjoy this great playlist and perhaps even learn a thing or two. Eric Burdon, who was the lead singer/songwriter both with The Animals and later for War, was a terribly gifted singer/songwriter and a very good man I greatly admire. He was the moving force and songwriter for the Animals and also the group called War, both of which are important of rock history. The featured photograph celebrating rock music is a photograph of Eric Burdon courtesy of American Songwriter.

Please also feel encouraged to read what Wikipedia has to say about the long and inspiring musical history of Eric Burdon. For those who are unfamiliar with Eric Burdon and his more famous association with the band War, you might want to watch a cool Mix or playlist based on the hit song Spill the Wine.

Please feel encouraged to visit Eric Burdon’s music, MIX: Eric Burdon – The Devil And Jesus and Eric Burdon: still rocking, check out “Til Your River Runs Dry”, both right here on The Daily Walk with Miracles. Also check out The Animals Facebook page, or Eric Burden’s own Facebook page. Also please feel encouraged to visit my own (Paul Evans’) Facebook page. For digital mp3 downloads of CD’s and songs by Eric Burdon, check him out on Amazon.com.

Eric Burdon & The Animals
(Live, 2011) HD ♫♥50 years

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