Mix: Enigma – Gravity Of Love

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A moving collection of Enigma new age vocals
and electronic instrumentals celebrating love, and the love
between two lovers. This is as cool and erotic as it gets.
Sensual, gentle, quiet but energetic and uplifting,
Enigma gets my vote as the best new age fusion around. Guys,
dig that singer, Louisa Stanley, her sound is really sexy
in an understated, spiritual way, and Enigma
is one of the coolest “bands” around.

November 7, 2017
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Justice is Coming!

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Mix: Enigma – Gravity Of Love
(Greatest Hits)

The internet is the greatest revolution
in the history of mankind
“Revolution of the Heart”

The Daily Walk with Love, November 7, 2017, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of Enigma and YouTube. Dedicated my future beloved lady, who will see past my limitations (such as my poverty and the fact that I smoke), accept me fully and share love blissfully together, in lovingkindness, so long as we both live. Ladies, email Paul at paul.miracles57@gmail.com.

* ENIGMA * is * LOVE *

Enigma is the coolest, sexiest band I know, certainly coming out of the electronic side of things. I think you’d call Enigma new age fusion, but the sound is absolutely unique, although Enigma of course by now has imitators. I have one friend I lived with for a while who loves Enigma so much that he actually, legally changed his last name to “Enigma.” (Hi Ed!) Read more about this song, “The Gravity of Love,” on Wikipedia, which says it was released in November, 1999 on the album “The Screen behind the Mirror.” Check out the “semi-official” Enigma website. See Enigma’s Facebook page. A great place to spend some time is the official Enigma YouTube channel. Then stop by Amazon.com and see all the 256 kbs digital downloads of albums and mp3 singles by Enigma.

Enigma is cool, understated and sexy, sometimes quite sultry. It may be absolutely the best thing around in new age fusion. I know that Enigma’s many fans are begging them to get back together and come up with a new album. Meanwhile all the audio electronic whizes, such as my good friend Ed, are coming out with all sorts of remixes, but we really want the real thing: new music by Enigma. Please guys? My favorite Enigma album is Enigma – Love Sensuality Devotion (Full Album), and I also especially like Enigma – Erotic Dreams Bootleg (Full Album 2005), right here on The Daily Walk with Love.

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Gravity of Love
(greatest hits)

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