Miles Davis – Bags Groove (Full Album) 1957

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 — Miles Davis is without doubt my favorite jazz
trumpeter. My two favorite albums by him
are Kind of Blue and perhaps today’s really
cool bebop style jazz, Bag’s Groove.
They are both superb examples of bebop
jazz, played with the jazz legends of their time
and featuring Miles Davis on jazz trumpet.
Rolling Stone named Kind of Blue among their
“15 essential albums.” It dated from 1959 and
Bags Groove was from a couple years earlier (1957).

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Miles Davis — Bags Groove
(Full Album) 1957

Hey, dig the xylophone on this bebop

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Of interest: See Internet Time and Earth Time: Is Time Ending?, recently on The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans.

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I heard Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” CD for the first time, about 1991 or ’92, it was almost a religious experience. (People see “God” in nature or in Light, well, music means so terribly much to me, and this is one of the best CD’s I ever heard, and Rolling Stone calls “Kind of Blue” as among its “15 essential albums.”) This Bags Groove album from 1957, two years earlier, is really about as good. The album was released not quite 63 years ago. This was also, in my own musical evolution, the beginning of a long period of listening pleasure involved with standard jazz, and even smooth jazz, (which everybody seems to put down, but which has some really stylish sounds, with various effects on the listener), along with new age and “fusion” genre’s.

Here at the Daily Walk, we have published “In a Silent Way” from 1957 and (of course) “Kind of Blue” from 1959. These, together with today’s offering of “Bag’s Groove,” would in my mind represent the epitome of bebop jazz. Miles’ is accompanied by a pantheon of jazz stars such as Sony Rollins, Milt Jackson, Theloneous Monk, Horace Silver, Percy Heath and Kenny Clark. See if you like this bebop as much as I do.

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