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February 15, 2016

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Midnight Oil – “Forgotten Years” (mix)

Peace, Love, Toleration and Acceptance

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 15, 2016, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of eraseunavez1201 and YouTube. Photo of the Australian rock band Midnight Oil in concert at the Royal theater, Canberra, 2009 is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I first came across the music of Midnight Oil in the early 90’s at a little CD store in Wooster, where I bought there albums “Blue Sky Mine” and “Captricornia” for $7 each. They are another Australian band, one that celebrates a “live free or die” attitude, as well as the ethnic heritage of the aboriginal Australian people.

I would describe Midnight Oil as “Indie,” alternative and (quite a bit) punk, too. There’s nobody else quite like Midnight Oil, and I would say they are the conscience of Australia. God Bless Midnight Oil.

A Word About Torrent Downloads
and Digital Piracy

In the first place, let me state un-categorically and honestly that I DON’T do illegal downloads, though I used to, and I am very sympathetic to those who do it. I was once sued about it, too. But here’s the thing: Did you know that, people who do illegal torrent downloads on average buy 30 percent more music than those who don’t? “We” just love music that much and if we weren’t poor, of course we’d buy all of it. But you won’t find any illegal music on my PC. And another thing: when the music industry DOES win lawsuits over digital piracy, the musical artists in question see NONE of this money, it all goes to the record labels. Sad but true. “Judge not lest ye be judged, and in such a manner as ye judge others, so God will judge you.”

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