Midnight Oil – “Forgotten Years” (Mix)

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— Midnight Oil is “indie-rock,” not quite alternative and (somewhat) punk,
too, but they are great rockers. There’s nobody else quite
like Midnight Oil, and I would say they are the conscience
of Australia, environmentalist and they espouse more justice for
the Australian aboriginal culture, though that’s only a minor part
of the band’s story. I always have thought Midnight Oil to be
an important part of my own personal CD/.mp3 collection.

August 11, 2020
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Midnight Oil
“Forgotten Years” (mix)

Brothers and Sisters: Peace,
Love, Toleration and Acceptance

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and Blog), republished August 11, 2020, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of eraseunavez1201 and YouTube. Photo of the Australian rock band Midnight Oil in concert at the Royal theater, Canberra, 2009 is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

I feel that Midnight Oil is a very good, overlooked indie-rock band who deserves a lot more commercial success. I personally particularly like their early music such as Blue Sky Mining (YouTube — 46:47 – [full album]) and, since I have been homeless myself in recent years, a song called Under the Overpass — YouTube, 6:30, from the album Capricornia.

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Personal Note from Paul Evans: I am doing well at my new house on Portage Road in downtown Wooster, Ohio. I’m trying really hard, with the Grace of God, to get beyond some of the vices which have angered God and somewhat destroyed my life. I haven’t touched alcohol now in four years — (well, actually, two beers in the last five years)! I also (since I am alone in the world and have no one), want to wish that perhaps, if any lady wished, she might be a friend and chat with me sometimes. Any single Christian, new age, or spiritualist or even witches or agnostic types, type ladies — or spiritual-but-not-religious or witchy or quite Christian — who might be interested in a friendship, or even in a relationship or marriage and/or children, please email me at sailingtokansas@gmail.com. God Bless you all, and Blessed Be (the name of the Lord).

We are spiritualist and we are Christian. We welcome our traditional Christian brothers and sisters, and all charismatics, as always, (as well as even Christian witches, earth witches, pagan witches), and green environmentalist people, as well as all scientists, and we also encourage those who are agnostic and atheist to read our articles. We want The Daily Walk with Love to be a welcoming, friendly place for everybody, regardless of their beliefs, we sure won’t judge you here. Judgement is for God. We also realize that various evil people, or Satanic “trolls” stop by too, and we do not judge you, we only encourage you to read our articles and to consider having faith. 90 percent of astronomers believe in God, and we believe you should too. God Bless and Blessed Be (the name of the Lord) — Jesus Loves you!

I first came across the music of Midnight Oil in the early 90’s at a little, short-lived CD store in Wooster, where I bought their CD’s “Blue Sky Mine” and “Capricornia” used, for $7 each (links point to these albums on YouTube). They are another Australian band (lol, like AC/DC), one that celebrates a “live free or die” attitude, might be said to be generally dissident, as well as promoting the ethnic heritage and welfare of the aboriginal Australian people. Please feel encouraged to read more about Midnight Oil on Wikipedia, which has a lengthy, well-written and informative article about them.

I would describe Midnight Oil as “indie-rock” alternative and (quite a bit) punk, too. There’s nobody else quite like Midnight Oil, and I would say they are the conscience of Australia. God Bless Midnight Oil.

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Here’s the truth about illegal torrent downloads of copyrighted music. People who do illegal torrent downloads on average buy 30 percent more music than those who don’t? So you can see that torrent downloaders just love music that much and if we weren’t poor, of course we’d buy all of it. So, even doing those downloads, we support the music industry more than the average person. And another thing: when the music industry DOES win lawsuits over digital piracy, the musical artists in question see NONE of this money, it all goes to the record labels. Sad but true. “Judge not lest ye be judged, and in such a manner as ye judge others, so God will judge you.”

Midnight Oil
“Forgotten Years” (Mix)

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