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The Daily Walk with Miracles

June 11, 2016

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“Microsoft Will Serve You Now”
LinkedIn & Cloud Computing Now Too!

TechCrunch, CNBC, Microsoft
LinkedIn and Fortune Inform Us
About the Future of Computing and the Internet

The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 14, 2016, by Paul Evans, sources are TechCrunch, Fortune, and for our video, CNBC and YouTube. With my own strong interest in Windows 10 (download link), this is the most exciting news I’ve heard in years!

TechCrunch: “Microsoft has announced that it is acquiring LinkedIn, the social network for professionals with some 433 million users, for $26.2 billion, or $196 per share, in cash. The transaction has already been approved by both boards, but it must still get regulatory and other approvals.”

“LinkedIn is keeping its branding and product, and it will become a part of Microsoft’s productivity and business processes segment. LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner will report to Satya Nadella” (Microsoft’s CEO).

See Microsoft and LinkedIn: The world’s leading professional cloud + the world’s leading professional network, LinkedIn and Microsoft, June 13, by Satya Nadella: “It was clear early on that both Microsoft and LinkedIn are centered on a common mission – to empower people and organizations. This sense of purpose and mission is palpable all over campus.”

See Why LinkedIn + Microsoft Matters and What’s Next, LinkedIn Technology, June 13, 2016, by Michael Lazerow.

Paul Evans: LinkedIn, for those few who may be still unaware, is a great social networking source for anyone who has professional interests. It provides resources every bit as “automated” as Facebook, and is a strong vehicle for career promotion. In that regard, LinkedIn really is “the only dance there is,” and for Microsoft to acquire it is the biggest tech story I’ve heard in years.

Also see Microsoft Will Serve You Now, Fortune, June 14, 2016, by Andrew Nusca.

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