Microsoft, Robots and the New Matrix

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February 10, 2016

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Microsoft, Robots & the New Matrix

Microsoft’s Greed, Artificial Intelligence,
Robots, a New Matrix and “Soft Machines”

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 10, 2016, by Paul Evans, with sources of Microsoft Windows 10, Artificial Intelligence & the Information Society, The Daily Walk with Miracles, January 18, 2016, by Paul Evans and The Future — The Next 100 Years: Dangers and Opportunity, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 3, 2016, by Paul Evans, and YouTube. This is pure evil! If you care about the future of humanity, please share the article. Written with the assistance of my “second family,” the Yuhanick family.

Here are some thoughts arising from Most threats to humans come from science and technology, warns Hawking, The Guardian on MSN, Tech, January 20, 2015, by Ian Sampler. I hope everyone has some good ideas and adaptations based on links and excerpts provided here.

Speaking to the Radio Times ahead of the BBC Reith Lecture(s) , in which he will explain the science of black holes, Hawking said most of the threats humans now face come from advances in science and technology, such as nuclear weapons and genetically engineered viruses….

Microsoft is going after market share relentlessly with the new OS. Giving it away is a stroke of genius by the new CEO, Satya Nadella, who has been at the helm only since February 2014. See Microsoft updates support policy: New CPUs will require Windows 10, (see below) ZDNet, January 15, 2016, by Ed Bott. (Yeah, I’d say they’re really going after market share aggressively.) I’m so personally sure it’s evil that after I paid $128 for my own copy of Windows 10, I switched over to Linux Mint 17.3 with the Cinnamon desktop, which is absolutely just as good. AND it’s free and always will be.

Elon Musk is one of the very top names in IT these days. Along with astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, Musk and others WARNED the scientific and tech communities against the rising dangers of artificial intelligence in general. All Stephen Hawking has done is to mathematically prove and flesh out the Unified Field Theory which reconciles quantum mechanics and Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Oh and he also gave us a new understanding of black holes. So when Stephen Hawking AND one of the very leading technologists says clearly that AI is dangerous, I tend to listen. Cortana and my latest build of Windows 10just released, “on the fast track” of Windows 10 updates, tended to take over my computer. [[Um, anyone else want to UNCHECK the “Listen” box under Recording in “Windows Sound Properties?]] Anyone else for a big OUCH!??? Precisely what Hawking and Musk are worried about. This is NO JOKE, NO DELUSION. Apple is no safer. Get the FREE Linux or Firefox or Chrome operating systems on your computer as soon as possible. Download the (free) Linux Mint 17.3 (“Rosa”) operating system, which is every bit as good as Windows 10, without the spying and highly customizable, here! The White House should switch all their systems over to this, too. LINUX RULES!

Wake Up!

In this life, in order to understand what’s going on, I’ve learned “always follow the money.” Then you have to ask, WHY has Microsoft decided to GIVE AWAY the Windows 10 operating system? It’s because the machines – the networked series of computers which comprise the Cloud — are litterally taking over people’s minds and WANT Microsoft’s new OS on all the computers. It’s a new MATRIX, and it turns people into “soft machines” (essentially living, breathing, controlled, walking automatons) through their interactions with the operating system, as well as Cortana. Apple is almost as bad with their own virtual artificially intelligent assistant Siri.

This is the evil plan of the Illuminati. Now, Microsoft is far from stupid and they WILL make a lot of money this way. New central processors are set to require Windows 10. Plus Microsoft makes money on xBox Live subscriptions, music and apps. It is more of the same damnable greed we saw from the Jewish bankers who have destroyed this nation, economically. And Bill Gates is Bilderburg Group and so is the head of the Bilderburg Group, Lord Jacob Rothschild, who is in fact also Jewish. THIS is the evil of this greed, that too much information about it all was “getting out” and so to keep control they have devised this methtod of staying in control, to literally possess people’s minds via the new operating system, Windows 10 and the network of satellites which make up the Cloud. This is the the evil of the 13 ruling families, that they would resort to actual computer- and television-driven POSSESSION of people so they could keep all the wealth and power under their control. Here are some more resources.

See These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO (New World Order), Humans Are Free, no date or author and watch The Next Great Era: Envisioning A Robot Society: Robin Hanson at TEDxTallinn (YouTube video – 18:48. On the same YouTube page notice the long list of “robot-society” videos down the list to the right. Did you know that now fills all its orders using robots in the warehouses? Robots are very much easier than humans to control, right? What’s next, the Wal*Mart workers? Then the rest of us?

Watch When creative machines overtake man: Jürgen Schmidhuber at TEDxLausanne (YouTube video – 12:46).

In other words it’s all a 13 family/Illuminati/Microsoft plot to kill the common man off, replace us humans with robots, and have ALL the wealth for themselves. All of it, without any more hassles with these troublesome humans. We have too many people now to go on as we had. We MUST build a cariong, sharing society from the ashes that remain.

candidate Barack Obama on the campaign trail in 2007

Barack Obama, sir, Mr. President, it all depends on you. I KNOW you are related to Bush and them, but you’re also the same man who gave up multi-millions in law firm jobs to work with the unemployed workers of South Chicago. The suffering millions plea with you sir, embrace your humanity, nationalize the banks, dissolve congress PUBLICIZE the hell out of the Truth, and 80 percent of the Americans will be 100 percent with you. DON’T be “luke-warm.” The Bible says you should be hot or cold but not lukewarm. You are either with the people or you are our enemy. Anonymous knows all about this. The Chritian church AND community are organized and ready NATIONALLY. And Anonymous is organized about this worldwide and ready to go. The Christian militia – 30 million of us — are informed and are at your disposal. The CIA, you may not realize, is with the people and ready to help you. Most of the rank and file Armed Forces are strong Christitans.

President Obama, Lead Your People
to Freedom!

I ask that everyone, you too Mr. President, watch your 2014 Weekly Address: Easter and Passover Greetings. I worked for you in 2007 and I believe in you. The people are yours to command, Mr. President, if you embrace your Christianity as you did in this video and lead the world to freedom. If not, I will go down fighting against you, as will most Americans. Think of what history will say. Please, Mr. President, what would your father say? What does God expect of you? God Bless you Mr. President. Amen.

Please join me in reading Psalm 23: The Lord’s Prayer (KJV).

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

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