Merle Haggard Back In Hospital With Pneumonia

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March 2, 2016

The Daly Walk with Miracles
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Merle Haggard Back in Hospital
with Recurring Double Pneumonia

God Bless You, Merle!

The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 2, 2016, by Paul Evans. Video is Merle Haggard: Best Songs Of Merle Haggard – Greatest Hits Full Album Of Merle Haggard, by IWantYou and YouTube. God it’s been a while Merle. Country is great and a needed change for me! Merle Haggard ain’t never gonna die. Featured photo courtesy of

From “Pancho and Lefty”: “All the Federales say, they could have had him any day. They only let him slip away… out of kindness I suppose….” And God Bless the Central Intelligence Agency!!

2004: deaths from marijuana: 19 (all marijuana and something else); deaths from alcohol: 44,0000; deaths from Alzheimers: about 84,000. Please fund Alzheimer’s research. See New Help for Alzheimer’s Patients, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 26, 2016, by Paul Evans. Maybe that might help a few people.

See Merle Haggard Back In Hospital With Pneumonia, Billboard, March 2, 2016, by Associated Press.

Country icon Merle Haggard is in a California hospital for treatment of a recurring bout of double pneumonia.

A statement from his publicist on Tuesday said Haggard has had to postpone his concert dates in March.

Ole Merle Haggard’s Greatest Hits

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