Luxury for the Few, Hell for the Common Man — or Real Freedom!

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— Open Your Eyes, America! Wake Up, before it is too late!! I have seen a terribly bleak future for the average citizen in America and throughout the world. America’s economy is fully sustained by the luxury purchases of our wealthy, as the average American slips deeper all the time into despair for a decent future, even for families with two full-time jobs (which is rare). We are being replaced, in a gradual, creeping evil, by automation, AI, robots and outsourcing. With the average American holding onto $400 in savings, and bad credit, we are one big expense away from a terrible danger of homelessness. The elite no longer intend to keep paying for the Entitlements which somewhat sustained us in the past. To take one example, Obama’s 50 percent cut in food stamps, five percent a year for ten years (while the average person on food stamps HAS a job, and most of them are single working mothers). May God and the good people all over America, help us from this terrible poverty. And may the CIA and all patriotic Americans lead us to real freedom — freedom or death, which is what the Illuminati had planned for the average American and the poor. None of this suffering and depopulation needs to be at all, it is purely a product of evil legislation dictated by the billionaire investment bankers (the Illuminati). Let freedom ring!

republished September 19, 2020
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Luxury for the Few,
Hell for the Common Man —
or Real Freedom!

THIS is the Future Our Leaders
Have Planned for us. It is
a Zionist Illuminati depopulation plot.

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), September 19, 2020, by Paul Evans (email The die is cast. This is the chance for America to have real freedom, such as we have not had since the unfavorable peace treaty we made with Great Britain back in 1815. Freedom for America! America first! Freedom from tyranny and freedom from corporate rule. Freedom from the oppression of the 13 Ruling families! …and freedom and a decent and better life for the average American and our poor! May God richly Bless the United States of America!!

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Consider that the true Illuminati — the 13 ruling families — are 0.1 percent of the world’s population but control 95 percent of the world’s wealth. The heirs of Sam Walton’s Wal*Mart fortune own 42 percent of the wealth of America, while the entire lower 40 percent of us have 0.3 percent of the wealth. What does that really mean? It means that IF the true Illuminati would sacrifice say two percent of their income each year, everyone in the lower 40 percent of us could have twice the income we now labor under. Why not? Because, unwilling to pay for even the entitlements we now have, the Trump administration is preparing to loot the Social Security trust fund. It means that five percent or so of the poor each year (the homeless and the addicted), are being very quietly sent off to out-of-the-way FEMA camps, outside of which, as of two years ago, sat 5.2 million “coffin liners” (Snopes verified, search Google images to see photos). It means that an unspeakable greed and evil is repacing us, gradually, with automation, AI, robots and outsourcing. Please, anyone who reads this article, won’t you share it with your friends? …and it means that coronavirus is part of the self-avowed Illuminati plan to reduce Earth’s population from its current 7.3 billion down to 500 million, by means of disease and war. And if you are any kind of a Christian, please pray for God’s intervention. God loves the poor and hates injustice: it’s shot through the Bible. Maybe only God can save us now.

I am Paul Evans, the owner here, and a big-time Trump supporter in 2016. I am 63. I just live here in Wooster, Ohio… and keep trying to help the “common man,” (the average American and the poor), as I have, blogging on my own, popular websites for 10 years, but I have little evidence that the world will get any better any time soon, maybe not in time for mankind to even survive as a species. Because of Donald Trump’s biggest funding source in the last election, Arthur Bloomberg, (former mayor of NYC and a Jewish investment banker worth $32 billion), and for other reasons, such as Trump’s political use of division and confrontation, I am supporting Joe Biden for President in 2020. But it may be too late then. Trump is sending federal forces into towns and cities, gassing and assaulting mostly peaceful protesters (and this in mostly Democrat cities such as Kansas City and Chicago). It is as if he Wants the situation to blow up so that he can roll it up into a more complete occupation of America. If he cannot accomplish a complete occupation of America now, then he probably knows Biden would win a fair election and could hold up the next coronavirus relief bill. Then, when Americans start dropping like flies, with possibly a few million new homeless from a failure to extend unemployment benefits, and then when the stock market crashes, he will send out the troops “to establish order and assure a minimal supply of food. If he gets away with that, it will be too late to stop him. We will see a racist, Zionist-Illuminati dictatorship over America, and an end to what freedom we have. I have many links to buttress what I claim, including a statement by a former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but the sensors destroy my code if I try to put links up to document my claims.

You really, really need to understand: This is the future our Illuminati overlords have laid out for us, hey, it’s time to either give up and lose hope, or to “do something about it.” But I see no capable popular leader who will help us. Remember the stated Illuminati goals: a “sustainable” global population of 500 million, out of the current world population of about 7.3 billion. This means that seven (7) percent of us would survive. They also want all our children to be raised by the government AND an end to all current religions, to be replaced with “the religion of the Self.” This is right in line with a major statement by the American Psychological Association, that “all religious belief constitutes DELUSION,” for which, I guess, they raise your medication levels.

Here are a few statistics: Fully two billion people in the world lack ready access to clean drinking water. Those people become nomadic, the recruiting ground for the world’s terrorists. Here in the U.S., Sam Walton’s Wal*Mart heirs own 42 percent of the wealth of America, while the entire lower 40 percent of us (including me) own 0.3 percent of the wealth. The top one percent makes 80 times as much as the whole lower 50 percent of us. America’s economy is totally ruled and sustained by the luxury purchases of the top five or ten percent of us. (Most of these statistics come from Scientific American and the Atlantic magazines, and are less than two years old). Far from trying to help “the little guy,” they are replacing us en masse as we now live paycheck to paycheck. The average family in America now has $400 in savings. This means we are one big expense, say a car repair like transmission problems, with typically bad credit, from a terrible probability of homelessness. The elite don’t care, at all. They actually WANT us dead and gone, horrible though that is to contemplate. We are being gradually replaced in the economy by automation, AI, robots and outsourcing.

May God have mercy on the common man, and in most countries, it’s as bad or worse. Well, that’s the truth “they” don’t want you yo know. They want it to be a creeping thing, like the New World Order, like Obama’s 50 percent cut in food stamps, five percent a year for ten years, as well as Donald Trump’s call for a ~30 percent cut.

The “Syndicate,” the 13 Ruling Families, are 0.1 percent of the population, but control 95 percent of the world’s wealth. (You can read much more about this at a website called “Humans are Free.) Being conservative or neo-nazi is not going to save you. That is a lie, a con, that “they” are putting out to get you to support Donald Trump. [(Historically, Lord Jacob Rothschild, head of the largest and most powerful family, has been calling himself an Orthodox Jew AND a neo-nazi, but in reality has always been the world’s foremost Zionist Jew. Over recent presidencies, it has been he who dealt the cards and secretly held the reigns of power in America.)] Donald Trump’s biggest campaign contributor in 2016 was Arthur Bloomberg, two time conservative mayor of New York City, an investment banker worth $32 billion, and very Jewish.

A few thousand in the bank is not going to save you, either, nor is being far-right wing in your politics or even neo-nazi. That’s a con, a lie. Donald trump’s administration, it seems to me, deliberately made a too-late and not enough response to Covid-19. Why? So that, soon, are economy will collapse and he will Have to occupy America with troops, “to maintain order and ensure a minimal supply of food.” (Yeah, and to begin Zionist-Illuminati dictatorship over America with an end to any true freedom.) I want to finish this diatribe by saying that violent demonstrations will only make matters worse (short of a revolution, but I see no capable leaders emerging, either). Pray. Pray to Almighty God who is YWH, all the Light in the universe, pray for our deliverance from this tyranny. Pray also that decent people in America come to their senses and see the Truth, which I risk my life to tell you. Please share this article. Amen.

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