Christianity, Lust and Human Sexuality

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— UPDATED: My own personal views, following modern Christian theology,
Romans 7:7, and a lifetime of guilt over my sexuality
and desire (call it lust if you will) as a
single man, written here not as a confession but as a
declaration of what I believe the truth
to be (for both men and women). I have strong hopes
that might help some people.

updated February 12, 2018
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Christianity, Lust
and Human Sexuality

A quick summary of where my life has led me
in terms of my (Christian) beliefs
about lust and human sexuality, and guilt over this.

The Daily Walk with Love (link to blog Home page), updated February 12, 2018, by Paul Evans. Video is Enigma – Principles Of Lust: Sadeness / Find Love / Sadeness (Reprise), Enigma VEVO and YouTube — 11:46. Featured photograph of hot babe with an American flag bikiki (Amy Markham) is of unknown origin, included photograph of Brooke Burke courtesy of The Editorialite.

Paul Evans: Edited from my personal Facebook page. This is how I truly feel and believe and I won’t be a hypocrite about it. Believe me, there are also in this “talk” some words for the wise here, too. This article is beyond common sense, it is the result of 38 years of study of comparative religion and a lot of contemplation, guilt and prayer.

God give me the words: I want to talk about a problem I believe that really almost all men have, dealing with sexual desire, lust, whatever you wish to call it. I have been single all my life, although engaged three times, and most especially I have felt the strong negative judgment of fundamentalist Christians because I enjoy sexuality and like beautiful women. I feel that this is NORMAL for men, and that fundamentalists, in making a literal reading of the Bible about lust, are missing the boat, that enjoyment of human sexuality is just a normal part of being human, and that this does NOT make us any more or less Christian. See for example Romans 7:7, to paraphrase, “I would not have known sin, had I not known the Law, and I would not have known lust, had I not coveted.” “Coveting made the short list of Ten Commandments, lust did not. In other words, in the context of a committed relationship, if a woman offers herself to a man, I feel that it’s entirely appropriate that they both enjoy it all they can.

hot photograph of Brooke Burke in an American flag bikini for all you patriots out there

Fundamentalism & Human Sexuality: There are those fundamentalists who feel that sex is ONLY for making babies, I’ve heard them say so on radio shows. There are those who feel it’s a sin for even a married couple to enjoy each other’s bodies or to enjoy sex. Some (almost radical) fundamentalists say that the germ of a baby is all in the male sperm and that sex just for sex, or masturbation, is tantamount to wholesale murder. I feel this is all absurd, unhealthy, ultimately makes us inhuman and is just plain very wrong. I am very much aware of all the places in the Bible where the Apostle Paul and even Jesus warn against a lustful spirit. I feel Jesus, in fact, did not really say that about lust, and that it was added in later by the church. I can easily prove to anyone that the Bible is edited over time. Paul was an old prude Jewish bachelor, apparently. The Bible changes as to content, and maybe at no time as it did in the first few hundred years of the church, (but even in modern times). For example, in 1909 the Catholic church reduced the number of gifts of the Holy Spirit from 12 to 9, and the New International and New English bibles followed suit. (One of those spiritual gifts which was removed was the gift of “prophecy,’ which some equate with mediumship.) Even the Dead Sea Scrolls as a source are from a highly life-denying sect of Jews who lived lives of deprivation, not because they had to, but because they thought they should. I simply do not trust the words about sexuality and lust which are in the current Bible. If that makes me less of a Christian in many people’s eyes, so be it. I live the basic rules that Jesus taught, and most Christians don’t.

But anyway, I feel the ancient Jews were all hung up and repressed about sex, and that as modern Christians, we do NOT have to enjoy human sexuality any less, AT ALL. Nor will I change my mind, as I am almost 61 and you fundamentalists have hung a lifetime’s guilt on me, FALSELY. I bet Jesus and Mary Magdalene had really good sex, and were likely married, too. (Any Jewish man of 30 spending time with a woman at this period in history had to be married to her, it was de facto.) Of course, lust can be carried too far, obviously, but fundamentalism goes way too far (usually) in the direction of repressing human sexuality. All the same, the Jews were correct to basically prohibit masturbation, and kids, it can over time result in sexual dysfunction (ED). The less often you do that, the better off you will be, although I personally (after a lot of prayer) feel it is no great sin. It just isn’t a very good idea, especially as you get older, so it should be minimized. And sex should be only within the context of a lifelong sort of committed relationship, especially oral sex, as much as possible, and this is important. Did you know that now in America one-third of all Americans have Herpes? Ignore all that at your own peril. I’m openly discussing this so you don’t make the same mistakes I did. (BTW I am hospital tested STD-free.) And ladies, I’m single and looking, should any of you be interested in a kind and gentle, Christian man. Love, Paul It’s still (I think) a free country.

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See Love and Sex and Dating, The Daily Walk with Love, September 26, 2017, by Paul Evans. It probably needs a rewrite, lol, and it may sound a bit cynical to those who are not familiar with the online dating world.

Now, as I said in Ladies I am Single & Looking, Looking for a Long Term Relationship in the United States:

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Enigma – Principles Of Lust: Sadeness /
Find Love / Sadeness (Reprise)

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

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