Love Mother Earth: The Truth of the Gaia Hypothesis

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The Daily Walk with Love

An examination of The Gaia Hypothesis, a formal scientific hypothesis that all life on earth functions as a unified whole and sustains us, with an examination of better and worse choices to make for mankind’s future and the health of the environment.

December 15, 2016
Justice is Coming!

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Love Mother Earth:
The Truth of the Gaia Hypothesis

LIFE is Sacred:
Let’s Take Care of Our Planet, People!

The Daily Walk with Love, December 15, 2016, by Paul Evans, (email, video is a YouTube playlist based on Earthshine (Rio Live Version).

Luv Mother Earth! The Gaia Hypothesis is totally true! Here’s a link is for a discussion of The Gaia Hypothesis on Wikipedia. It’s at

A Warning About Philosophy

A word for you “philosophers” about cogito ergo sum: thinking about “stuff” will get you words and logic, not happiness or a better life. I don’t trust words and logic, they are subjective, they can be twisted by evil people, do not trust them! Trust your values. Where do we live, people? Is it not true that “God is Life?” And we live on planet earth, and what is primary is the earth-moon synergy. See MiXX: RUSH – “Earthshine” + “The Gaia Hypothesis”, The Daily Walk with Miracles, December 9, 2016, by Paul Evans. Luv your Mother and Blessed Be the name of the Lord!!

The Gaia Hypothesis

The Gaia Hypothesis, named after the ancient Greek goddess of the earth Gaia, shortly stated, is that the entire earth functions in all its systems and “ecosystems,” as if it were a single living organism — (which the hypothesis labels as Gaia, goddess of earth)). [Ecosystems are large scale ecological communities, essentially the plants and animals as well as the mineral and organic environment which sustains them, considered on a larger scale.] Gaia, Lovelock and Marguilis (the originators of this hypothesis) found, has one over-riding function or purpose or design: to maintain life on Earth in a “homeostasis,” or steady-state. Scientists tell us there are 100 billion habitable planets in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. One way to view the God who is Life is to visualize these “living planets” as “cells in the mind of God.” Really, that is not too far-fetched. Transcendence can get you in touch with that “God,” that overall Life. Santana’s music sometimes takes me there, such albums as “Welcome” and “Caravanserai.” But we must remember that live here on Mother Earth, on this “Oasis in Space,” and we must take care of her because this planet’s life IS fragile and we must preserve and nurture it: All Life is Sacred!

Gaia’s Feedback Loops

Here is one example of Gaia’s “feedback loops,” which keep life in a homeostasis: For example, if the ocean temperature becomes too warm, (as it is now, at depth, while surface layers are oddly not much changed in their temperatures) the ocean reacts by precipitating CaCo3, or limestone ooze. Since this is an “endothermic” or energy consuming reaction, the process of precipitating the CaCO3 lowers the ocean temperature. This subsystem thus is what scientists call a “feedback loop” and part of the overall bio-chemical “system” of Gaia, or Mother Earth. The problem in relying on Mother Earth to save us altogether is that these feedback loops take 100 years or more to effect the changes which sustain the Earth, and so cannot save us in the short run. We have damaged and degraded the environment so much that we risk our extinction as a species and also that of most life on earth. (And we risk such extinction even IF we get past this difficult crisis in our species in terms of avoiding nuclear winter or some other similar disaster.) See my article, “Global Warming: What is the Truth?, which was updated September 9, 2016.

The Gaia hypothesis is a formal, scientific “hypothesis” which as you might imagine, is quite controversial, and was proposed about 1975 by Lovelock and Marguilis. It has been strongly attacked by both materialist, mostly unreligious men from the “mainstream” scientific community, as well as those who count themselves as conservative Christians, but it has never been at all fully disproven (nor in most of the main claims it makes), in any major detail. In fact, Lovelock and Marguiles just received a major award in 2014 in recognition of their contribution to science, in the main with their Gaia hypothesis. Since its proposal, The Gaia hypothesis has been one direction of a major change in the way the Earth is viewed, scientifically.

Earth’s Fragile Life

Did you know that we are in the midst of the fourth great wave of extinctions in earth history? We must take much better care of our planet, for example planting forests instead of deforestation, which cools the air as well as cleans it. New England thirty years ago was 25 percent forested and the temperature there was quite warm. Now New England is 43 percent forested and the authorities have had to spend $60 billion on salt and winter road clearing expenses. Want to slow down Earth’s global warming? Plant forests and practice safe, selective cut harvesting and forestry and the Earth will cool down nicely: Plant some fast-growing trees like pines and we’ll do much better by Mother Earth’s health and our own chances for survival as a species.

Causes and Cures
for Global Warming

The whole “carbon tax” solution is really stupid and conceived mainly (unconsciously) as a way to make money for the government and the rich corporations. The common man and small business would be the ones “stuck with the bill.” Moreover global warming has to do with “insolation” (incoming solar radiation). As Virgil said, “there’s nothing new under the sun.” But putting hydroflourocarbons in the water CAUSES the degradation of the ozone layer and MUST be stopped. Fracking with hydroflouric acid and fluoridation are actually what is destroying us much more than any carbon emissions. The fluoride in toothpaste is adequate. STOP fluoridating the water supply: it ends up destroying the ozone and is the root cause of global warming. It must also be combated by reforestation. And did you realize that styrofoam alone causes one-fourth of all global warming. We can do OK without styrofoam, too, folks. Love mother earth: you are going to have to live here for a while.

God IS Life:
and Life is Sacred

The Bible states quite straightforwardly that “God is Life,” and this would mean that Earth’s overall Gaia system is (like) a “single celled” organism in the universe as a whole, like an “oasis in space,” and The Gaia hypothesis a conception almost as if Earth were itself a living organism, in a universe of similar live systems, which we might think of as “cells in the mind of God.” But even conceived of just as Life on Earth, we find that witches generally conceive of Gaia as female and have their genetic heritages handed down as a matrilineal matriarchy, while the Christian culture sees Life as patriarchally descended (patrilineal descent – or patriarchal societies with matrilineal descent for Jewish people). Truth seems to me that Earth is more feminine in the Spring, when there are flowers, and more male in the Fall, with Earth’s Life going to seed. (OK, admit it guys, the ladies rule. Yeah, guys, if you must view it this way, OK, we’re stronger, but women give birth, and they can leave us, too. Never take advantage of or misuse a woman: you WILL end up being punished by the karma of it.)

So our view of the God who is Life is, really comes down to a question mainly of how descent is reckoned in these different cultures. It is the same God, the same Life, in reality. And what sex exists for the fully living pith of a growing tree? Surely we can all see that Life is sacred and comprises an irreplaceable heritage that we all need to respect and preserve and reverence. “Blessed be the name of the Lord.“

Multi-Level Approaches to Spiritual Growth
and Our Growth as a Species

See “Beyond environment: falling back in love with Mother Earth,” on The Guardian:

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh explains why mindfulness and a spiritual revolution rather than economics is needed to protect nature and limit climate change.

Paul: Yes, of course a spiritual revolution is needed so very strongly on our planet. However a better system of laws with regard to the environment, as well as practicing socio-economically fairer politics would “cure” this old planet earth or ours and also heal the environment. Planting fast-growing trees and practicing selective cut forestry would help so very much too, and would in fact stop global warming in its tracks. Removing flouide from use both in hydrofracking and flouride in the water is crucial to the health of our ozone layer, too. (Reforestation cools as well as cleans the air.) And passing laws which are actually caring for the people would be an unspeakable grace upon humankind. Please be aware: correct solutions are in NO WAY against the interests of money or power. Correct solutions benefit ALL mankind, rich AND poor.

At the same time, Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh is a very wise man: a spiritual revolution is fully necessary for mankind to progress to “the next level.” But our approach must be one of “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” We must approach these problems spiritually as well as with practical solutions.

Rush: Earthshine – playlist

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