Losing My Religion (R.E.M.)

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

I believe we should be good and kind
to each other when we can. And I also
believe that Christianity is the correct and proper
way to raise a child. Let me have faith
in YOU! Write to me and be my friend. ~ Paul

June 13, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Losing My Religion (R.E.M.)

Social Darwinian Ideas
Such as the New World Order
Are Certainly Not a Replacement
for a Lack of Faith:
We Must Retain our Christian Values

The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 13, 2017, by Paul Evans. Video is R.E.M. – Losing My Religion, Playlist, YouTube. Please, I am begging you, out of my very loneliness I think I am psychologically dying, so would you email me and chat with me at paul.miracles57@gmail.com? I sure would appreciate your kind friendship.

I think our life’s experience is like mine for an awful LOT of people in the world these days. Much if not most of our suffering is solely because of the greed of the super-rich. See a great playlist based on 4 Non Blondes – What’s Up. Are we just going to “go quietly into that dark, dark night,” (Dylan Thomas) good people, or are we going to stand up and demand the kind of government we deserve. I think it’s time for a genuine and strong Third Party in this country.

I am an intelligent man. I have an I.Q. of 149 actually, and have 11 years of college. I’ve even edited 12 books and had the cover of History magazine with an article I wrote. Yet my life in the last ten years or so has been a kind of living hell, mainly out of loneliness but also as I was homeless five different times. See Homeless: My Life on the Streets in Akron & Wooster, Ohio, a personal experience blog from this year. (People who have money have NO IDEA what it’s like for those who have nothing, believe me.) I have done absolutely everything I could to try really hard to live a good Christian life and yet my life has been hell. About the beginning of this year I died, came back to life about an hour later (on a different floor of a hospital). This happens sometimes, I guess it must have a rational explanation why this can happen, but in my case it did (and is hospital documented). I won’t say my faith is totally gone, but it has been severely weakened by my loneliness, mainly. It seems as though my main interest of computers and web design has turned against me too, and anyway seems like a rote exercise any more, not fulfilling as it used to be.

The New World Order offers nothing to have faith in, either, see The CIA is a “Good Shepherd,” as Opposed to the Evil of the New World Order. The overweening conception of the NWO is just wrong. With the NWO we couldn’t change the world and totally change their home life AND religion AND family in those ways and expect society to prosper at all. Perhaps mankind is coming to some kind of end. Perhaps all these different ideologies over the earth might not allow man to survive as a species. Or, optimistically, perhaps some sort of new global consciousness is coming to be. I’m all out of optimism, aren’t you? Out of our selfishness and greed, we deserve death, many or most of us. But we’ll do it to ourselves, no God is gonna come down from heaven, nor will there be some kind of rapture (unless it’s from U.F.O.’s as the NYT Bestselling author Michael Evans believes).

I don’t think people really know about the New World Order and how “over-revolutionary” and really sort of sick those changes are. So here is a summary from a book on the NWO and its evil courtesy of Cindy Shepard from Facebook.

The New World Order will include changes in:

THE FAMILY: homosexual marriages will be legalized; parents will not be allowed to raise their children (the state will); all women will be employed by the state and not allowed to be “homemakers.” Divorce will become exceedingly easy; and monogamous marriage will slowly be phased out.

THE WORKPLACE: The government will become the owner of all the factors of production; the private ownership of property will be outlawed;

RELIGION: religion will be outlawed and believers will either be eliminated or imprisoned; there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind; all will believe in the new religion.

Have you ever heard of “The Odysseus Factor” from the ancient Greek Homer? Or have you read the French Enlightenment author Voltaire’s “Candide“? Or even my own life over the last 12 years… it’s been really, really lonely and tough to survive. Why? I’m a worthwhile man, perhaps too gentle and kind, and certainly too open and without guile, but a nice guy? It hasn’t been some sort of Job-like test of my faith, of that I am convinced. PEOPLE NEED TO BE GOOD and FRIENDLY to their fellow man. Jesus died to get you to love your neighbor as yourself. Maybe “God” consists of SOCIETY at some sort of deep, cultural level, and not some sort of white-bearded figures out there in or within the universe. I personally believe this God to be something like the LIFE Jesus described Him as, believe this planet to be an “Oasis in Space,” a cell in the mind of a living God, and having an origin in LIGHT, the Judeo-Christian God Yahweh. (…and that this is about the same as the Wiccan concept they call their God, “The One.” And I believe that some people can be more or less transcendentally aware of God.) But my faith hasn’t made my life any better, either. The worst thing we are doing is our intolerance towards those are different than we are. AT LEAST, I retain my Christian morals and ethics. I believe we should be good and kind to each other when we can, and I’ll go to my grave believing that. And I also believe that Christianity is the correct and proper way to raise a child. Let me have faith in YOU! Write to me and be my friend, I do beg you ~ Paul (paul.miracles57@gmail.com)

Losing My Religion (R.E.M.)

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