Loneliness of a Blogger

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I HATE the loneliness of the #internet, probably because
I am a very social person, and I can’t really get anyone
(especially any nice ladies) to even chat with me.
It’s almost a singularity, seems to me.

February 17, 2017
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Loneliness of a Blogger

(with some really cool
Santana music from 1972)

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 17, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is Santana – Caravanserai (1972) (Full Album). What good is it if you even understand the secrets of the universe if nobody treats each other with kindness and caring?

WHAT IS WRONG??!?? EVERYBODY IS BLOGGING, NOBODY’S TALKING WITH EACH OTHER AND CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER. MAY GOD HELP US – Paul Evans paul.miracles57@gmail.com as the scientists would say, we are “gregarious primates,” everybody needs a LOT more “loving thy neighbor.”

They say that everybody who is successful in life ends up dealing with it, one’s “alone-ness” in the world. It’s bad for me especially because all my own family have died, even my sister. I can get people to talk with, even nice ladies sometimes… but I guess at this point I am needy. Watch Neil Young with Crazy Horse – Everybody’s Alone, YouTube — 2:33. I know we’re supposed to have a “personal” relationship with God, and I DO read His Holy Word every day, now. Sometimes what I write is even inspired by God, via my unconscious mind. (But I believe that’s the way it is for everyone, that we have our very thoughts arising from His good pleasure, our karma and God’s grace, that ALL thoughts arise this way. That is something Socrates and Plato never quite figured out, they couldn’t get that all thoughts arise from God.)

We really all need to do less actual, ego-based conscious thinking and a lot more listening and responding (empathy). True empathy is more that THAT, too, it is putting yourself in the other’s place, sort of FEELING what they feel and relating to that kindly. But I sure am lonely for a good woman by my side. I’m needy (the one thing you never admit to a woman, right, guys?) I guess I’ll keep trying via the internet. At this point I will NEVER GIVE UP. Why I’m a nice guy, intelligent and affectionate, AND alone at age 60 I do not understand, except I DO know it must be because it has been God’s will for me up to this point. I wish you’d change your mind, God, and send me a nice woman for me to shower with my affection and kindness. That’s the way I am, ladies. But I fully admit that I am an obsessive blogger, you poor dears… LOL.

I HATE the loneliness of the #internet, probably because I am a very social person, and I can’t really get anyone (especially any nice ladies) to even chat with me on gmail or here on #Facebook.. I don’t get it, why don’t we all be friends and CARE about each other and “love one another.” I just don’t get it, it’s as if it is some kind of “singularity,” why almost expect a black hole to open up at any moment. Is there ANYONE here who might like a #kind, nice person as a long term #friend, and THEN follow through and put some time and effort into being friends? Everyone seems so fickle. LET’S ALL BE FRIENDS, I thought that is what Facebook (and blogging) are FOR??? Why can’t we live together, but I mean REALLY live together, in a caring community, the “One World” some people are talking about. I KNOW only #God knows why but this is ridiculous. I don’t bite ladies. Doesn’t that make sense? Paul Evans paul.miracles57@gmail.com. Ladiess, everybody, why not shoot me an email. [(If you feel the same, please share this article.)]

Here’s Caravanserai, really cool
Santana music from 1972

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