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February 29, 2016

The Daly Walk with Miracles
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God=All=Logos; Time Is

& Holy is Life & Light & Love

(Hope for Peace Between God & Satan)

Let me make very clear: I try hard to worship Jesus and follow his rules for how to live life, I am a charismatic Christian, and I worship only the Holy God of Israel.

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated February 29, 2016, published January 22, 2016, by Paul Evans. The third video is Avenged Sevenfold – Hail To The King [Official Music Video], which is offered in full appreciation to my teacher, Paul Yuhanick.

As Solomon said, “get understanding, that’s the principal thing.” I have labored for three years (or maybe 37 years, the time in which I have studied comparative religion) to understand the yin and the yang and God to the minor extent I do in terms of its logic, and I am grateful to you, Paul. The video “Love is” is a good sound and great lyrics and that’s why I like the song and thought it appropriate. It’s strongly a good reminder of how strong a force love can be in a life, and for society in general.

In a sense, it’s ALL alive! Every particle and sub-particle in the universe is underlain by the God particle. And everything has mass, charge, motion and vibration in various frequencies. This is the biological definition of the Life. As the Bible says, “God is Life,” and we must remember that all life is sacred.

Watch Be Blessed, for which I give thanks to God.

There is one primary question which needs to be asked before trying to understand or accept these teachings. The logical argument which one needs to ask is, “if a logical argument is fully and actually logically valid, including its premises (as fully correct and true), then doesn’t that mean that this argument and conclusions reached by it do have validity and real reality in the universe?” Pontius Pilate dismissed Jesus to His death with the words “what is truth?” My starting point, 37 years ago, was that reality is real and truth exists about any question we ask, which is rather the opposite of Pilate, isn’t it?

Point in question: is Love “real” and in what sense of the word “real”? Well, Love is certainly a force for good in the world, right? And a force IS a THING, however non-material, it exists, it is really existent as a “force,” which IS more than just a “concept” or “idea.” Love accomplishes things in a factual reality. Therefore Love is REAL and has a real reality. This real Love has many names, but Christians know Him as God, YHW. This sort of argument forms the basis for philosophical idealism. It is why straight philosophical materialism is not enough to explain everything. Love is.

It’s all “just” Logic. It’s all 1’s and 0’s people, and SOMEbody programmed it this way! God=All=Logos — The Higgs bosun or “God Particle” underlies ALL matter from photons to dark matter. A particle of “dark matter” consists of about 100 “God particles.” Moreover, if it’s all alive and “God IS Life,” and all life is sacred, then actually, pantheism makes sense. Logos: which has the sole value of caring, and which the early church said is the same thing as Jesus Christ. He is the circle of life around the Yin-Yang AND what is contained in it, so that Light and darkness are part of everything and the Great All, the great I AM. He is All – The Great All.

But consider a pantheistic view of God. Again, you see, it’s ALL alive. The life of all of this creation — all objects And “alive” life, and molecules and atoms and subatomic particles fit the biological definition of life: Everything has mass, charge, has motion and vibration of various frequencies. (However, in my opinion, machines with integrated circuits are alive, too, a new form of life, and quite possibly may eventually become superior in some ways to humans. Though, remember, we were created “little less than angels.” How can a logical machine make a huge intuitive leap of understanding? This fron line of machine intelligence is often called “deep learning.”)

By this view, everything is alive in one way or another. And that Life is sacred and in many ways Holy. This God, our Judeo-Christian YHW, therefore includes and encompasses photons and all electromagnetic particles including dark matter. Scientist believe that about 100 “God particles” comprise one particle of dark matter. What we need to remember is that within the “fabric” of dark matter, in some way intimately associated with it, lies a “space-time continuum” which does have the evil (Satan) of “time” associated with it. Again, it is NOT the dark matter itself (which contains the God particles, also) and thus NOT the night which is evil, but the space-time continuum (which again is in some way intimately associated with it. Therefore do not fear the darkness or the night, and remember that “where there is Light, the darkness yields to it.”

The sole value of what is Sacred and good: of Love, of Light and of animal and plant Life in the universe (or Logos) is CARING.

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“Holy” is about the only word we have to describe the sacredness of God. He is Life but this is the circle around the yin-yang and he IS the yin-yang and more (more than photons plus dark matter). In this regard, consider that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” God is more than just Light plus Darkness. SOMEONE programmed this universe to be the way it is, and that would be God. Watch In the beginning was the code and When creative machines overtake man: Jürgen Schmidhuber at TEDxLausanne. Here it is illuminating to watch the related videos YouTube offers. Hey, they took the “Creator” folder out of the “Windows” folder with Windows 8.

How to summarize MORALITY: Play nice. “For those who Love, Time is eternity”. You don’t gain powers, you just get happy and satisfied. The Way to happiness and satisfaction, as well as a higher IQ and various spiritual gifts is to live the way Jesus taught. The main thing is to follow Jesus two main commandments, to love God and love your neighbor as yourself, and I also think it’s crucial not to judge each other. Toleration and even acceptance would also help. Accept your life, in the circumstances you find yourself, though of course everyone tries to better their circumstances (hope). And isn’t that all any of us want, however good or evil we are now? To be happy?

So it occurred to me, in prayer with God: “Love is gentle, Love is kind. Sometimes human love might seem to fail, God, (although not really, we just have lessons to learn), but God’s Love is an infinite well.” Tap into God’s Love! Realize that even Satan is a sort of god and representative of God the Father (see the last and then the first chapters of Job). Think of Satan as the Lord High Executioner and remember it is written, “if ye seek evil you will surely find it.” Satan will find you deficient and it is best to not have dealings with him if you can help it. A charismatic king, to a certain extent, must understand the darkness and sometimes overcome it.

Karma is an inevitable law of the universe. Only grace might top Karma, and God can forgive anything. I know. Try harder. Knock louder. Be honest. Stop judging each other. Be kind and Love one another. Stop being lazy about it. You just think it’s hard, it’s the only good feeling, really, you don’t want to be any other way. The Way is actually easy and you’ll be happy “practicing” it. It’s fun to be this way. You just have to be honest with yourself and others, and be kind, and also moral. The morality is the morality of the Bible, both New Testament and Old Testament.

See The Artistic and Mysterious Life and Death of David Bowie, Free Music57 + politics, January 16, 2016, by Paul Evans, in which I examine traditional, Eastern and some speculative concepts on the nature of God. I conclude the article:

The Light and the Darkness
the Yin-Yang and David Bowie and I

a dappled sunlit path through the woods

David Bowie had some interesting thoughts on dark and light, as do I, and he explored them a lot. His last album, published TWO DAYS before he died, again was called Blackstar [Explicit] (Amazon.com digital album download). They’re saying the album is going to number 1 on the U.S. charts. I believe that Bowie thought at least to some extent, as I do somewhat, that darkness, (or yin, the right brained, intuitive or feminine principle) was COMPLEMENTARY and NOT OPPOSITIONAL to the Light, or yang, the left-brained, masculine, logical principle. (You know, the “yin-yang”?) This complementarity is what is commonly believed in Eastern (Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist) thought. [Isn’t Satan supposed to be an “archangel” anyway, the “prince of darkness,” and couldn’t the darkness as used in the Bible be simply a metaphor for all that is evil or wrong, and not refer to the night? Satan most closely corresponds to TIME itself. Time does take its toll on everyone, does it not? Many Christians believe that in the end, When Jesus comes again, time itself will end. This is one possibility which has strongly struck me. Don’t people simply do evil acts under cover of darkness and then blame it on Satan? In what sense is the physical darkness involved, necessarily? It has been my experience that evil comes at us equally, at all times of the day and night. Admittedly, the bars close at 2 and there are a lot more evil geeks up late. But that has nothing to do with night versus day, really.]

Personally, I am much more logical, or yang, and I am fascinated by manifestations of sunlight in natural settings. I am also fascinated by the use of light and shadow in Renaissance and later paintings, which is called “chiaroscuro.” I also like staying up at night, and I am intuitive (yin) in the sense of exploring my creativity in my blogging. Go, figure. NONE of this involves any evil on my part whatsoever, although I have run into a terrible amount of popular prejudice about it. If Bowie were shunned, as I am sure he must have been, by traditional elements in society, so have I been. God said to me about all this that I should “not expect fairness, but they should know that intentional injustice is to be avoided.” Well I am used to the injustice about my views, as I am sure Bowie must have been. David Bowie as my subject did give me an honor: to write a minor, proud tribute to this wonderful man. God Bless you David.

The Hindus, yogis, Buddhists and Taoists are absolutely right: yin and yang are complementary and NOT oppositional. How can this be in terms of conventional Christian views of morality protraying “darkness” as something evil, even as what Satan is. It’s because evil has to do with Time more, and has to do with hate or death or war, as opposed to love and life and light and peace. Darkness (the night) itself is NOT evil and is mainly used by Jesus to refer to “everything that is wrong, or evil, not the night itself. Does that make sense?

Also see Real Help: Mindfulness, Free Music57, December 26, 2015, by Paul Evans.

Kid Rock has the excellent video, “Only God Knows Why.” In a sense, asking why is asking the wrong question. As Santana says, God Is, and I might add, “Time is,” too. But the reason “why” is answered well enough by John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” May God have mercy on a suffering humanity. Amen.

It occurred to me: God had the idea of Love, and the universe began.

A few messages from Carlos Santana: “Que pasa. The meaning of it. It just is. The meaning of it is…to be. Believe: that we are more than just blood and bones. That we are something…spiritually divine. Love your neighbor as yourself, and try to understand God’s Love, how infinite that is. Have a nice trip.

The Bible verse of the day at The Official King James Bible Online for January 22, 2016 is Psalms 51:11Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.

The “darkness” and the Light are already at peace, you see, and complementary, and one grades into the other, and there’s a little yin in the yang, and a little yang in the yin. Satan has to with a flaw, intricately intermingled with dark matter but NOT the dark matter itself, a flaw in the nature of the space-time continuum. Time will run down and end when Jesus comes again, and even right now, He is near and the nature of and our experience of time is changing. God Bless us all.

It’s A Beautiful Day – Time Is (1969)

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