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March 22, 2016

The Bible is an Imperfect, Fallible Book
and Revelations is an Evil Deception
IF You Interpret it Literally!

Will Mankind Survive of Perish?

Free Music57, March 22, 2016, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of Paul Gomez, Ph.D. and YouTube.

Mankind stands at a crossroads in his history as a species. Either we move forward with more equality, fairness and understanding …or we fail as a species and face extinction. The factor which is fully evil and most threatens to destroy us is belief in the literal truth of ALL of the Bible, most notably the Book of Revelations. Revelations seemed to me for a long time to be a trick and a deception of Satan, while in reality it is a lesson from God. It does in fact strongly threatens ANY future humanity might have, if we interpret it literally. It is not MEANT to be interpreted literally, and in fact IS A LESSON ABOUT FAMILY LIFE AND MARRIAGE.

Dear hearts, is not God Love, and could you possibly imagine God acting upon all of humanity except 144,000 in the basic way that Revelation describes? I can’t. Not MY God. Look, here is just ONE reason why you must never miss the bigger picture as well as USE YOUR BRAIN in order to be able to interpret the Bible at all — and at that with our own imperfect, oh-so-fallible minds:

OK, in the Ten Commandments: “Honour thy mother and thy father that thy days may be long upon the earth.” Yet in the Gospels, Jesus says “He who does not hate his mother and his father cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” Look, IF EVER two statements, literally interpreted, were DIRECT and total contradictions, these two are, aren’t they? But you see, as in ALL interpretations in the Bible, YOU HAVE to USE THE BRAIN GOD GAVE YOU!

You see, OF COURSE Jesus isn’t telling you to dishonour the love and respect you have for your mother and father. He’s talking about Jewish families and Jewish culture. You see, Jewish mothers and even fathers often are pretty selfish about letting their children go forth into the world. Jesus is simply saying that in order to find a wife and have a family (enter the kingdom of heaven – or marriage – that you’re likely going to have to go directly against your parents to get there, but NEVER to dishonour them or disrespect them if it can possibly be avoided. Many of the teachings of Jesus have to do with the family and relations between people in society. God Himself gave me that understanding. I was so amazed when I figured that out! God bless everyone!

Here are just a FEW MORE reasons why Revelations CAN’T be literally true and why it is an insertion of evil by Satan:

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  1. By what stretch of the imagination do Christians or ANY men believe that a God who is love would cause all of humanity except for 144,000 souls to suffer the fate described in Revlations?
  2. The belief in a NEW kingdom of heaven on earth is NOT supported by the Bible. Jesus promises us to be here with us in our tribulation. The kingdom of heaven is a HIDDEN kingdom which has ALWAYS been with us these last 2,000 years. It is a more or less secret society, “the Body of Christ,” as Jesus pours his spirit out on first the disciples and then an every-growing group of real, saved Christians. This is the number of the saved, 144,000, but is the number of saved UNTIL HE COMES AGAIN.
  3. Michael Evans is a New York Times best-selling “nonfiction” author who believes that the Rapture, when it occurs, will be accomplished by alien motherships, I suppose this is theoretically associated with or before some final battle of Armageddon. I say the whole idea of a “final battle” is an evil trick of Satan designed by pure evil to get Christians to blow up the planet.
  4. John the author of Revelations is said to have wandered in the desert for 20 years eating locusts and drinking only wild honey. I’m sorry. That’ll get you DEHYDRATED, and Satan USED THAT to influence in evil ways this book of the Bible, in order to con mankind into blowing up their world.
  5. We KNOW the Bible is NOT all literally true. This is common, basic reasoning, it’s simple, this is NOT a complicated proof. WHICH version of the Bible? The Old Testament was first written down about 1,800 B.C., AFTER HAVING BEEN HANDED DOWN ORALLY FOR 800 years. You DON’T THINK (excuse the sarcasm) that fallible men, first and formost of whom were the Pharisees who governed the Hebrew religion, would have made ERRORS AND DELIBERATE EDITS to accomplish their OWN purposes do you? Let’s look just at ONE place in the “infallible” Bible. The Catholic Bible of 1909 reduced the number of spiritual gifts from 12 to 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. (And the New English Bible and New International Bible followed this change and have just NINE spiritual gifts, when it is clear that EVERY previous edition of the Bible before 1909 had 12 spiritual gifts.) Now, maybe every previous edition of the Bible had it wrong? One of the gifts removed was the spiritual gift of prophecy, which spiritualist Christians say is basically the same thing as mediumship (depending on just who you are channeling as a medium, right?). AND the self-same “always right” Catholic Church formally says that spiritualism itself is in error. Well, believe what you want about this, only PLEASE see that content in the Bible IS EDITED and has changed over time.
  6. In other words, the Bible CANNOT BE LOGICALLY REGARDED AS INFALLIBLE. IF we have a brain and USE IT, that is, instead of just parroting what the Pastor always taught us…. The Bible, properly regarded, IS a Holy thing, yes, the word of God, BUT it is a highly impefect vehicle which has been improperly received, edited over time, and is in any version I am aware of, a CORRUPT instrument in ANY real view of the TRUE HOLINESS OF GOD. People, get real before you let them blow up the world out of false obedience to an actual evil. I believe that parts of — and even the whole general direction of — the book of Revelations IS IN FACT AN EVIL DECEPTION, to con mankind into blowing up the world. YES, the Book of Revelations is an evil trick of Satan designed to fool humanity into thinking that it is God’s will that we blow up the earth. Blowing up the earth is BY NO STRECH OF THE IMAGINATION any kind of thing God could possibly want for his people, given that his sole value is CARING, that He is a God of Love.
  7. The weight of centuries of writings and belief are on the side of Revelations being literally true. The weight of plain logic AND of Love are on the side of the argument liberal Christians make that Revelations CANNOT be the will of God, and that working to cause the false prophecy of it to happen is in fact quite evil.
  8. IF you are so brainwashed by “what they always taught you,” you just go ahead and work to MAKE Revelations come true. Go ahead, blow up your planet and humanity and think that you are doing something Godly. I myself will fight this until my dying breath. This evil of the literal truth of Revelations is the sort of trick Satan would use isn’t it?
  9. “Everybody knows….” NO, everbody DOESN’T know. Only those who’ve been brainwashed from infancy. Those who cannot escapte this Matrix of evil….
  10. My personal, spiritually received interpretation of Revelations is as follows:. IF humanity, taken as a whole, would believe that a God who is love would do that to all but 144,000 of His people, His children, THEN THEY WOULD DESERVE IT. And we ARE fallen and evil, and we DO deserve it. But God IS Life, and He is Light, and HE IS LOVE (the Holy Spirit), this is the Trinity, ONE HOLY GOD OF ISRAEL, and He loves His children, so HE FORGIVES US ANYWAY. Because the PRICE has already been paid. God Bless and Blessed Be.
  11. If words and logic MEAN ANYTHING to you, you will have to admit the strength of my argumentation here. If words and logic DON’T mean anything to you, why do you bother to read the Bible or think you can understand ANYTHING??? And for this, you “Christians” hate me and revile me, just as Jesus said you would.

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