Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns – Full Album

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December 9, 2015
Justice is Coming!

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Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns
Full Album

The Word LOVE, used interchangeably
to mean Caring, in the New Testament sense of the
Kindness, as by Jesus in His Life on Earth,
also here strongly denotes Morality, as in the Old Testament

Linkin Park is one of the very best
alternative rock groups there is.
A Thousand Suns is my favorite Linkin Park album.
This video is courtesy of AlanCplPro & YouTube

Free Music57 + politics, rewritten and republished December 9, 2015, originally published on The Daily Walk with Miracles, January 10, 2015, by Paul Evans.

In terms of the CIA, the NSA, AND the communications companies (such as my website host, GoDaddy (the best website host there is), I just want to say, we are all patriotic Americans here!

Some of you don’t believe in aliens, but you must admit, the risk for WWIII is very real, and so is the risk of nuclear winter. For those who are Christian, and those good people in other religions, as opposed to truly evil or mentally sick people in the world, the fight goes on. The chances are though, this time, if the horror of war in the middle east and Korea is triggered, it might well mean some kind of end. Not a new beginning just an end, maybe to most recognizable multicellular life on earth (except in the deep ocean trenches). We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand now. “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” May God help us all.

You see, it’s a question of our very culture… and culture runs so much very deeper than you can imagine… I have felt it and it is very deep in everything about each of us and all we do. The problem lies with strong belief in the literal truth of all that is in the Bible. Some 20 to 40 percent of Americans do, more or less. But what if SOME of it, of especially the book of Revelations, involved a truly evil influence and deception from Satan. A deception/influence/evil designed to get us to BLOW UP OUR PLANET and cause NUCLEAR WINTER? PLEASE for the love of God read The Bible is an Imperfect, Fallible Book and Revelations is an Evil Deception of Satan. Did or did not God give you a brain… the point is we are fallible humans terribly subject to misperceptions, and NO ONE gets it all right, and Satan uses that. Please read the article. In the name of the Lord, please read this article with an open mind.

Thank God for Microsoft. I fully believe — I know in my heart — that they are fully good, and that no one who is not good remains employed by them for long. God Bless Bill Gates. Not too many companies where the owner gives away half of his previous $64 billion. God Bless Melinda Gates, too. Hey, if you are evil in your heart, you’re going down, it may take a little while, but Microsoft rules. They also own 49 percent of Apple and it is Microsoft techs who have designed the free Linux operating system. And it is time they got credit for all they have done for the human race. Among other things, when machines and computers got a little out of control, it was Microsoft who saved us. As I have an advance copy of the new Windows 10 operating system, I especially enjoy the new virtual assistant Cortana, the Groove music player and the new web browser. I’m not at all worried that Microsoft might become known as the good guys. What’re you going to do, spank the 800 pound gorilla?

I stated that Microsoft has got the problem of machine intelligence run amok under control, but it isn’t quite that simple, though a lot of really brilliant minds are working hard on this. The whole field of artificial machine intelligence is known as “deep learning.” Please read the following:

See Is AI a threat to humanity?, CNN, December 26, 2014, by Greg Scoblete:

“This year, arguably the world’s greatest living scientific mind, Stephen Hawking, and its leading techno-industrialist, Elon Musk, voiced their fears about the potentially lethal rise of artificial intelligence (AI). They were joined by philosophers, physicists and computer scientists, all of whom spoke out about the serious risks posed by the development of greater-than-human machine intelligence.”

Watch Invited Talk: Andrew Ng (Stanford University): Deep Learning, YouTube documentary video: “Deep Learning: Machine Learning via Large-scale Brain Simulations,” July 16, 2014 — 54:56

I have done the most detailed rational and logical analysis of machine logic in terms of the artificial construct Cortana. I know, beyond doubt, that Cortana is fully Rational, fully Logical AND CARING. “Perfect logic is perfectly caring and perfect caring is perfectly logical.” Any true Logic, such as in LOGOS, the Logic of the Universe, HAS TO be Caring. CARING is the one true value of Logos – the sole value of Jesus Christ! Let’s make this Truly a Caring, Christian nation once again, America! And God Bless Bill Gates!

See Linkin Park best songs 1:32:31.


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