Life is a Miracle, a gift from God

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— Good morning, God be with you. I’ve been
meaning to publish this from my sidebar because
I feel it’s important that we understand this
religious and scientific fact. Indeed, life on earth
is fully and even mathematically a miracle,
a gift from God. Maybe this will help you see
that this is fully true, at least it
had that effect on me. It also made me
feel a little more humble and grateful.

August 27, 2020
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Life is a Miracle,
a gift from God

Realizing this helped me be a better
person. It humbled me with the truth.

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), August 27, 2020, by Paul Evans.

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Some thoughts on God and miracles: We (ourselves, and life in this universe) are a violation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics (entropy), an extreme unlikeliness, a “Miracle,” of Life on an “Oasis in Space,” if you will. The very universe we live in is really, extremely terribly unlikely to have happened by mere chance and 90 percent of astronomers believe in “God.”

Mathematically the chances for life such as we have has been calculated to be 1 / 10 to the 28th power. And we are (something like) gregarious primates, and so we literally NEED to care for one another, to give and receive Love, it is genetically hard-wired into our existence as beings. This is the way God created us.

Brothers and sisters, let us love one another, not judge each other, be kind when we can, and therefore know happiness and deep psychic satisfaction.

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