Life as Sacred and IR vs. UV Light

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I have always thought that not enough
attention was paid to the Holiness of Life,
and believe we are doing a poor job of “the stewardship
of the land,” which is what God asked of us. After
a 40 years-long reading and writing about
comparative religion, this article well sums up
my conclusions to this point. Some of this thinking
is quite new to me, so I incorporated the new
ideas into a new, hopefully better summary article,
which, I nonetheless believe, is also firmly grounded
in science. If nothing else, even if you don’t usually
concern yourself with religion, I believe that you will
find this article interesting, and maybe empowering.

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republished October22, 2020
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Life as Sacred
and IR vs. UV Light

“Ultraviolet Light My Way”

The Truthful Patriot’s Corner (link to Home page and blog), republished with additions and editing, October 22, 2020, by Paul Evans. I would like to thank all my friends here on Portage Road in Wooster, Ohio. The featured photo is from (watch out for spyware, plus the site is in Russian lol). Some of this is “new thought,” at least new to me. This is dedicated to the smart lady who might see past my limitations (financial and physical — I’m 63), realizes you won’t find a kinder, more giving guy, and “lights my way”: Everyone, I hope you will read and share this article if you like it.

(The subtitle is a reference to a song by U2.) You know, as Jesus said, “God is Life,” that’s what he drew his powers from, certainly not society and not even culture, but Life itself. This article attempts to allow both Christians and witches (of the various kinds, none of which are necessarily evil), to both see and understand, in ways which also attempt to have scientific relevance, what is sacred and Holy. We are not typically planning on expending so much time and effort on “new” religious ideas and writing. This is possibly important. Wiccans, Christian witches, most other sorts of witches, spiritual Christians and charismatic Christians are all pretty much darned good people and all use our minds and powers largely in the same ways. Stop fighting each other and work together for the common good! This is the will of the greater God, May it be and Amen.

See Proof That God is Real and that he loves you, The Daily Walk with Love, September 28, 2020, by Paul Evans. Some of the ideas in that article come from what is called philosophical idealism, and a materialist and most scientists would claim that these are worthless. But some of the “proofs” are purely physical and very real, existent in the world, as you would might have to admit if you read the article.

Personally, it’s hard for me to not believe in some kind of God or force-for-good, since about four years ago I died in a hospital and “came back” maybe two or three hours later on a different floor of the hospital after they had tried and failed to revive me. However, there are some other material statements there too, have a look, if you’re curious or interested. See what you think….

If you’d like, another article I recently rewrote is One World: Global Consciousness, and if you’d like to get to know me better personally, please read Paul Evans: Who I am and what I believe in. I want to also say that None of what I write is at all meant to be any “new kind of doctrine or dogma,” but just a discussion or exploration of some of the ideas I have formed over a 40-years-long, on again-off-again study of comparative religion, in fact, a very strong study of it over the last six or so years.

The main difference between Christians and witches, it seems to me, is that Christians see the Holy in terms of Light, while witches see Holiness much more in terms of Life. Jesus said both are important. He said, “God IS Life, in him there is no darkness at all.” I won’t go into any argumentation nitpicking ideas or definitions of words, Jesus said they are both important. Moreover, definitions of what constitutes life are changing in that, to be bold, computers and artificial intelligences have many attributes of Life and in some measurable ways have already surpassed mankind. (And the technological singularity has already occurred or is occurring now.)

How’s this for an overall summation: Light is the Source, Life is the Force, and Love the Holy Spirit (despite any ideas about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and blood).

The experience of that Life is different during the day [(infrared light, oxidizing atmosphere)] than at night [(ultraviolet light, reducing atmosphere, and often, an opening of any psychic gifts, such as the gift of the Holy Spirit of Prophecy – which is pretty much like mediumship)], but it is LIFE that is sacred and Holy. It is also true that science has determined that an organism’s health, and the health of its DNA, are somewhat dependent on the organism’s ability to absorb UV light, thus lending a certain credence to all of us night-owls, since there is more UV light at night.

Moreover the rate of absorption of UV light is influenced by the music you listen to. Listening to either Sanskrit (ancient East Indian) or Gregorian chanting increases UV absorption by about four percent. There is a measurable but very small increase in the absorption rate when listening to classical music, while us rockers sadly have our UV absorption rates measurably reduced. (It’s too late for me, I’m a long time rocker, although I am really turned on by the similar-to-Gregorian chanting in Enigma’s music – give them a listen on YouTube, their music can get pretty erotic, but not in any evil way.) Think in terms of the “mystery of the Gospels,” a mystery which is not really self-evident.

If science wonders how ammonia is in the sky in appreciable amounts, when it is unstable in the presence of oxygen, maybe I have thought up a possible explanation: The idea is that ammonia, science says, is up there because of organic decay here on Earth. Maybe it is consumed during the day in the oxidizing atmosphere at that time, but replenished at night, when the atmosphere is reducing.

Similarly, we know that plants, to live at all, have photosynthesis during the day, but also have a so-called “dark cycle” they go through at night. (I learned that in high school biology.) Both of these cycles are necessary for plant growth and health. I have also found it to be true that my psychic abilities may be stronger at night, yet I will always hold LIFE to be sacred, certainly not the night. Our experience of that life is different during the day and at night, but it is Life which is especially sacred to me. Not yang, not yin, but the circle of Life around the whole. Both of these cycles are necessary for plant growth and health, and all animal life ultimately depends on plant life (both herbivores and carnivores).

Bear with me for a minute and let’s look at Life in terms of sexual identity. Is not Life more feminine in the spring, when there are flowers, and more masculine in the Fall and Winter, when flowers go to seed? Proverbs (somewhere in Proverbs 1 – 4, I think), in one place is talking about the Holy Spirit and states: “and her name is Wisdom.” The Hindus have always conceived of their gods as having both male and female identities. Modern Christian theology, too, has also been looking at God in terms of having both male and female properties or identities. Guys (I mean most of the really intelligent guys know that, basically, if you’re honest and well-directed), pretty much, the ladies rule!

It also has to do with descent in each main society. Christians are Patriarchal and have patrilinial descent (through the father), while witches are a Matriarchal society with matrilinial descent (through the mother). To make it more complicated, the Jewish faith is Patriarchal but has matrilinial descent.

We must always realize the Holiness of Life and reverence it, and always affirm it (and also take care of the environment). Because of man’s pollution and letting and so much radiation loose in the world, we are in the middle of the fourth great wave of extinctions in Earth history. The average species, paleontology tells us, lasts about two million years before extinction. Humans have been around, they say, for three million years. Are we the next to go?

Because it is absolutely so crucial, let me say again, we must take much better care of our planet, this “Oasis in Space.” In particular, we must be much more careful about the radiation we are loosing in the world AND the genetically modified food we are eating. Together these two are altering the human genome in unpredictable, but probably dangerous ways.

The very worst is the large amounts of radiation we have released, and so now the Pentagon is talking about winning a war against China using tactical nuclear weapons (fired by artillery?) Don’t they realize that 50 to 60 percent of the American economy is directly dependent on Chinese imports? Moreover the people at the Department of Defense need to realize that we have outsourced a lot of our industry and so it would take too long to mobilize. So now I see we are in some kind of a game of “nuclear chicken” in Eastern Europe, along with a huge race to see if we can come up with the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon first. NO. You warmongers are insane. Either war is over or humanity is over! I strongly feel that would be the end for mankind.

It is NOT too late to heal our nature, the Life force which sustains all of us, Mother Earth. A strong program of reforestation is absolutely necessary. Deforestation is the biggest cause of global warming. Trees cool and clean the air and growing trees are a carbon sink. The abolition of Styrofoam (which is alone responsible for one-quarter of the global warming, and which lasts 150 years in the environment) is absolutely needed too. A third necessity is an end to the use of fluoride in municipal water systems (with the chlorine already in use, it produces chlorofluorohydrocabons – which directly destroy ozone. We also an end to the use of hydrofluoric acid (the only substance known to dissolve gold, used in “pattern drilling” in California and N.Y. states in fracking oil wells). Doing all three would heal the Earth a lot. (In California they then take the spent hydrofluoric acid wastewater and use it in irrigating the crops out there, so be sure to support California produce! (It’s been so dry out there they may not really have much of a choice, but how sad.) God Bless, and Blessed Be, everyone!

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