Life as Sacred and IR vs. UV Light

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I have always thought that not enough
attention was paid to the Holiness of Life,
and believe we are doing a poor job of “the stewardship
of the land,” which is what God asked of us. After
a 40 years-long reading and writing about
comparative religion, this article well sums up
my conclusions to this point. Some of this thinking
is quite new to me, so I incorporated the new
ideas into a new, hopefully better summary article,
which, I nonetheless believe, is also firmly grounded
in science. If nothing else, even if you don’t usually
concern yourself with religion, I believe that you will
find this article interesting, and maybe empowering.

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republished August 4, 2020
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Life as Sacred
and IR vs. UV Light

Ultraviolet Light My Way

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), August 4, 2020, by Paul Evans. Some of this is “new thought,” at least new to me. This is dedicated to the smart lady who might see past my limitations (financial and physical — I’m 63), realizes you won’t find a kinder, more giving guy, and “lights my way”: Everyone, I hope you will read and share this article if you like it. Featured photo is of unknown origin

(The subtitle is a reference to a song “Ultraviolet Light My Way,” by the alternative rock band U2.) You know, as Jesus said, “God IS Life,…” that’s what he drew his powers from, certainly not society and not even culture, but Life itself.

The experience of that Life is different during the day (infrared light, oxidizing atmosphere) than at night (ultraviolet light, reducing atmosphere), but it’s LIFE that is sacred and Holy. If science wonders how ammonia is in the sky in appreciable amounts, when it is unstable in the presence of oxygen, maybe I have thought up a possible explanation: The idea is that ammonia, science says, is released to the atmosphere because of organic decay here on Earth. Maybe it is consumed during the day in the oxidizing atmosphere at that time, but replenished at night, when the atmosphere is reducing. And there are a few different cycles that work this way.

Similarly, we know that plants, to live at all, have photosynthesis during the day, but also have a so-called “dark cycle” they go through at night. (I learned that in high school biology.) Both of these cycles are necessary for plant growth and health. I have also found it to be true that my psychic abilities may be stronger at night, yet I will always hold LIFE to be sacred, certainly not the night. Our experience of that life is different during the day and at night, but it is Life which is especially sacred to me. Not yang, not yin, but the circle of Life around the whole.

The main difference between Christians and witches, it seems to me, is that Christians see the Holy in terms of Light, while witches see Holiness much more in terms of Life. Jesus said both are important. He said, “God IS Life, in him there is no darkness at all.” I won’t go into any argumentation nitpicking ideas or definitions of words, Jesus said they are both important. How’s this for a summation: Light is the Source, Life is the Force, and Love the Holy Spirit (despite any ideas about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and blood).

Bear with me for a minute and let’s look at Life in terms of sexual identity. Is not Life more feminine in the spring, when there are flowers, and more masculine in the Fall and Winter, when flowers go to seed? Proverbs, in one place is talking about the Holy Spirit and states: “and her name is Wisdom.” The Hindus always conceived of their gods as having both male and female identities. Modern Christian theology, too, has also been looking at God in terms of having both male and female properties or identities.

It also has to do with descent in each main society. Christians are Patriarchal and have patrilinial descent (through the father), while witches are a Matriarchal society with matrilinial descent (through the mother). To make it more complicated, the Jewish faith is Patriarchal but has matrilinial descent.

We must always realize the Holiness of Life and reverence it, and always affirm it (and also take care of the environment). Because of man’s pollution and letting and so much radiation loose in the world, we are in the middle of the fourth great wave of extinctions in Earth history. The average species, paleontology tells us, lasts about two million years before extinction. Humans have been around, they say, for three million years. Are we the next to go? The very worst is the large amounts of radiation we have released, and so now the Pentagon is talking about winning a war against China using tactical nuclear weapons (fired by artillery?) Don’t they realize that 50 to 60 percent of the American economy is directly dependent on Chinese imports? I strongly feel that would be the end for mankind. We must take much better care of our planet, this “Oasis in Space.” God Bless, and Blessed Be, everyone!

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