Let’s All Get Along and Do Better

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

Let’s all Get Along and Do Better, I’m sure we all can understand that we really have to do better if the world is to survive and thrive much: sure you can do better!

July 10, 2017
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Let’s All Get Along
and Do Better

We need a positive change
in our personal and public attitudes

The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 10, 2017, by Paul Evans, this is a heartfelt one.

Happy Sunday Eveyone: Today’s Sermon at the Overton Community Church was on 2 Corinthinas 3: 1-6, about living the word of the Law versus living in it’s Spirit. This was very meaningful to me and I encourage all of you to read the whole chapter at the link.

See The Future — The Next 100 Years: Dangers and Opportunity, The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 24, 2017, by Paul Evans. Now, we don’t really know quite how this “experiment” in artificial intelligence is going to end. Stephen Hawking (the leading astrophysicist) says it could be “the best thing or the worst thing” to ever happen to mankind. Let’s try to get it right, Microsoft and DOD, because I don’t think we’ll get a second chance. BTW, Hawking says the greatest threat to our species lies with our own technology.

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Just a reminder: nobody’s covered themselves in glory here. Certainly not me. You bankers KNOW the extent to which your greed has us on the brink of a grave depression. You KNOW the misery you have caused. Donald Trump, I marvel at your stamina and wonder where you get your energy, but you could try keeping up your more positive attitude about helping the poor a little more (I do know the pressure you are under). I know this situation is not your fault, too. (Trump gets 80 percent negative press coverage, according to Harvard.) Yes, the liberals don’t get it, we can’t borrow any more, we have to balance the budget NOW. 40 nations, at least, are going into something called the “Shanghai cooperative” and going off the dollar. Mathematically this means global currency wars and borrowing are not rational alternatives any longer. We HAVE to balance the budget. Since the world is a very dangerous place, this means major cuts in domestic spending. Sad but now inevitable.

To those (like me) who hope for a more caring, sharing sort of society, it will happen if humanity survives, but it sure won’t be big “C” Communist (60 million dead in Stalin’s gulags alone). We have to carpool and share and do microfinance and empower the little guy ourselves! Let’s DO IT guys, let’s make it happen! Germany isn’t better off than it was in 1938, nor is Russia better off than it was, revolutions have generally accomplished little. As the (jailed and now probably deceased) former Prime Minister of Burma said, “THE ONLY TRUE REVOLUTION IS A REVOLUTION OF THE HEART.”

Then (it has come to my attention) there is a way-far right, basically neo-Nazi movement going on with ties to a Jezebel spirit mentality. Believe it or not the trail here leads upwards to the very richest of the billionaires, most of them.

There have been attempts by the liberal media to tie Donald Trump to this far-right movement (just as there were election-time attempts among conservatives to call him a Democrat), but those are both fully wrong. Yes, Trump has ties to the Alt-right, but this is a core conservative constituency he has to deal with. Conservative, OK; ultraconservative, conceivable; neo-Nazi, no way in hell. I say again, it is up to ALL OF US to do better, to keep the big picture in mind, and to support the President, too. And Donald Trump was absolutely right on in MOST of the moves he’s made so far, especially Clexit. God Bless you sir!

I think like the creeping NWO “they” (the billionaires) are basically planning on the bifurcation upwards and downwards of the middle class and the destruction of the underclass. I believe this is well underway, under the radar. I believe that’s exactly what the new push on robotics is about. Do a YouTube search for TED robot society, and anyway, those videos are pretty horrifying to the man on the street trying to gather up $4 for his next meal.

I really and honestly don’t think the outward “form” (such as democratic socialist versus fascist) of government matters that much. What matters is competent people in the top positions and getting rid of the overweening corruption which is destroying America.

It’s up to ALL OF US to do better. With God’s help I know we can and we will.

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