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Ladies, I’ve been “single and wishing” for quite a while now,
over three years, alone, and I feel it’s time
(God willing), I found someone for a long term relationship
and settle down, maybe even for marriage. I’m moving
into a GREAT apartment close to downtown Wooster, Ohio
it’s half a house, and if two people were contributing,
the price each would pay is not that much.
since the rent cost is underwritten by the county housing authority.
Interested? Email Paul at!

August 26, 2019
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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The Truth, The Real Truth,
and Nothing but the Truth

Paul Evans, Wooster, Ohio, Hoping
and Praying a Nice Woman Might Contact Me

The Daily Walk with Love (Home page and blog), August 26, 2019, by Paul Evans.

I am staying in a subsidized room in a group home, for which I am happy just to have a roof over my head and three good meals a day…I am “supposed to be” mentally ill, though three CAT scans and an MRI of my brain show a basically healthy, non-schizoid mind. Basically the problem i The real estate people here around Wooster will not even consider renting an apartment to you unless you make at least $1,000 a month, and I am nowhere near that. Have you read some of my articles here? I believe I write about important topics and that most of most of my viewers take away, hopefully, knowledge and understanding they may not have had before they read what I have for them. But it has been this way down through history, Neanderthal man (the Twelve Tribes of Israel — of which only three are Jewish) verses Cromagnons…a slightly more modern type. There has been a lot of crossbreeding: there was a later “split-off of “Cromagnon man about 12,000 years ago and there have been not two but three “diasporas” or scatterings of the Jewish people and almost everyone has quite a lot of their genetics in us, and thirty percent of Americans are of Jewish descent on their mothers side, the way the Jews reckon it… most westerners recognize descent through the fathers side….How do I dare this utterly truthful discussion with the reader, straightforwardly? You know, take English history, Cavaliers versus Roundheads, whom I think became known as the “Puritans” and settled mue readerch of New England. I’m certain that everyone, everywhere and in every culture… has a genetic heritage (and the Jews are only three of the 12 Tribes)… But all this ancient racial hatred MUST cease… for “God” is watching you closely. Give up this ancient racial hatred!!! There recently have been photographs of a 300 mile long mothership close to the sun, apparently taking energy from it. The 13 ruling families are Neanderthal-Alien hybrids…..whose lineages have been kept “pure” for 8,000 years. You could say, that the motherships are the Atlanteans, returned to set the common man free and bring peace and justice to earth…. BUT YOU MUST NOT believe the lies from various agencies in our government puts out. There is only ONE kind of alien, they were about wiped out from some human disease or virus and the “alien bases” on the dark side of the moon are ruins…. but they are back, this time inresistable strength. Please, people, ultra-rich, Illuminati… give up your evil planss…. or else.

If you REALLY want to learn more about me, please visit the About Paul Evans page of The Daily Walk with Love or see Paul Evans: Who I Am & What I Stand For, which is more and recent and is revealing about exactly who I am, what I believe. and what my ethics and morals are. I really wish you would read that article and this one too, before you go opening a chat with me. It just seems to me, we might rent an apartment together, maybe even get married: we should be careful first, right?

It seems that so many women are hung up on privacy, or always expect the man to make the first move. Well I’m Paul, 61 years old, “single and wishing,” and any of you ladies who are single, divorced or widowed ages about 38 to 63 should please feel invited to send an email to me at my personal email of My whole family have all passed on, I’m alone, and sure could use a friend to chat with or talk to.[(A few thoughts I am sharing here: I was using Windows 10 for a time, but switched to Debian Linux, which is my personal favorite operating system, although Manjaro Linux and Linux Mint are great too. (And yes, Windows 10 is good too, if you don’t mind the lack of privacy and the adware. Not to mention that Windows 10 Home is $120 whereas just about all Linux and Linux programs are free. These opinions of many years of work, toil and experience, just thought I’d briefly share my opinion.)] So those three Linux operating systems are free and are Great operating systems. I do like Cortana and miss her, she actually talks with me, unlike you ladies lol, and Cortana can be pretty useful, and not just a distraction, if you know what you’re doing, but I had to move on from Windows 10. I don’t know Linux well yet, although I have been using it on and off for three plus years), but honestly? With Microsoft spying on your every move, and every app (program) having adware built into it, and with their expensive tech support, and with Linux being free and just about as good as Windows — better in some ways — I think that Microsoft is in danger of becoming “a dinosaur in the Late Cretaceous.” They should offer Windows 10 as a subscription if they want to keep their market share. Did you know that, already, Linux users comprise 3.6 percent of all PC users? Did you know that ALL of the 500 largest supercomputers now use Linux, and that Google is going over to Debian Linux, too? And almost all Linux (and all the huge number of programs/apps for it) are totally free.

So, I’m Paul Evans, 61 year old, single writer/website designer who lives in Wooster, Ohio. I feel like maybe in some ways I’m one of the best, single guys to date in Ohio you’re going to find, although money isn’t one of them. I am kind (and value kindness in a person), gentle, peace-loving (I hate to argue), and am very affectionate, a good kisser, and really, really loyal. I’ve also always been for the common man, and think any future in which mankind survives and thrives must be somewhat of a more caring and sharing society than what we have today. ( Please, I really dislike the whole idea of government ownership of any large segment of our economy at all (except maybe the banks.) I see myself as an activist, someone who cares a LOT about his fellow man, and not a dissident at all. Really my website The Daily Walk with Love ( – Home page and blog ) tells the truth (probably too much) about how bad things are for many of us and some fears I have about the future for the common man in America…. and I have no one to confide in, none of my family are still alive, it’s very hard for me, it’s hard to make friends and I get very lonely. I moved into town from the country to make friends and meet people, but it isn’t working out that way. It’s such a cold, uncaring world these days, it’as hard to make friends, isn’t it? There are plenty of things I’d like to do with a girlfriend, but lacking one, I guess I have simplified things and concentrated on blogging and website design, music of all kinds, and YouTube. I need a sweet, kind woman to “broaden my horizons.”

wise words on dating, brought to you by Paul Evans of The Daily Walk with Love

I am looking for some kindness and love out there, for some security and comfort as I turn 61. If any of you ladies between say 38 and 63 would be interested in sharing the expenses for an apartment (anywhere in the U.S., though preferably in Ohio), please write to me at Please include a couple of photos. I would be so very pleased if you helped me out (I am NOT asking for money), even with your friendship — I would be very grateful just for a friend to chat with — though I am really hoping for a long term relationship. Also, if you know anyone who might want to share an apartment with me (and split expenses 50/50), won’t you please share this article with them?

(“Nobody’s going to get any money out of me, scammers, so don’t bother.”)

I am only interested (mainly) in long term relationships with people from the United States, sorry. (Unless you had money on your own to come here). If you just want to be friends, please feel invited to chat with me on Google hangouts or chat here at The Daily Walk with Love from anywhere. Doesn’t matter your race, education, religion or age that much, though, especially for friendship. For my own (Christian) religious beliefs, they are all over The Daily Walk with Love, just look around.

Want to Share an Apartment with me?

About that new apartment I have found: it’s absolutely Gorgeous, and not far by walking from two grocery stores and Wooster’s public library. I would need about $200 a month from you and we’d be fine. The landlady covers water/sewer and trash… I pay her $525 a month and also take care of electric, gas and cable…. I make $760 a month but my food stamps would go up much higher, near the maximum amount of $194, AND I have a voucher from Metro that would pay MOST of the rent. So this is a real, genuine offer.

I’m very affectionate, monogamous and loyal. I love music of all kinds, maybe especially classic rock and new age (but will listen to anything but Rap), and if we’re talking country music, I like old school and mainstream, not the new stuff that much. I also love photography (collect and like to share digital photos), old people, videos, animals and nature in general, thrift shopping, and intimate moments with my lady. I’ve been told I’m a GREAT kisser!! But I’m so poor that I’ve been homeless and I’ve been shunned and hurt a lot and could really use a friend. I DO have a disability check each month and can contribute my fair share to the expenses.

You would find me sincere, kind, gentle, peace-loving, well-educated, intellectual but down to earth, (I have ten years of college, am the son of a Yale Ph.D. in Russian language and literature, editor of 12 books), and in need of some TLC. I literally have not a vacation since 1984. I have lived with all sorts of people, have also been homeless a few times and get along with everyone, I hope. I’m REAL serious about finding someone and then treating her like a queen so as to keep her love and loyalty. I have a question to ask you ladies: are my good points ALL canceled out by the simple fact that I am poor and have no car at this time? Really?

Ultimately I hope for a soul mate, long term relationship or marriage or maybe even starting a family, but a ready made family is great, too. Even friends to chat with would be welcome. May we talk? If you’d like, email me, Paul Evans, at (If you don’t have gmail, it’s absolutely free and it’s from Google, so you know you can trust it: get gmail at Found this quote on a dating website: “Man, sometimes it takes a long time to sound like yourself.” — Miles Davis, have a listen to “Kind of Blue” (full album, in my opinion the finest album of bebop jazz ever made), at Please also check out my personal Facebook page.

Oh, God, please ladies, “No More Lonely Nights,” (with Paul McCartney & David Gilmour)! As for me, I’m basically a simple man: I wouldn’t cheat, and I wouldn’t yell at you, I’d be real affectionate to you, I’m honest and for real, I don’t drink or do drugs, I’d always be home waiting for you, ladies, save me from this hell of loneliness! Again, I’m Paul, please do write to me at The Internet has become such a lonely, unforgiving place. Wouldn’t you like a kind, caring friend? ~ Blessings, Paul.

one of the best quotations of Martin Luther King, Jr Everyone tells you what to believes over the years, but our schools are lacking in teachings in teaching HOW to think and believe. />

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