King of Glory: Third Day “Offerings” full album (playlist)


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King of Glory: Third Day
“Offerings” full album (playlist)

This is my very favorite album in the world

Free Rock57, March 4, 2015. If you aren’t familiar with Christian rock, this is the best album in the world to find out how good it can be. The only album I like similarly is David Crowder’s “Remedy” album. Third day well reflects the power of God in modern music, and, like they say in one song in the album, this may be a Third Day concert but it’s also “a church service” too. If you aren’t Christian in your heart before, I pray that this will be a life-changing experience for you. You can view this playlist on secure YouTube at tdivine01’s collection of beautiful videos of these songs, or just watch it below.

I recently spent an eventful four days at the Haven of Rest Ministries organization’s homeless shelter in Akron, Ohio. There were two sermons every day, and it was strange and compelling to me to see how some of these very effective and moving sermons affected the people having to stay there. Some acted like, “ho hum, another sermon” or “how long will it last this time before I can finally get some food?” These were common attitudes of some of the residents. One sermon got to me. The preacher was saying, people, look, here you are in this homeless shelter. Just how much lower can you go before you answer Jesus’ call, and you start heeding God’s call to you. But here is what I believe to be a very moving and compelling set of videos from the best, most moving and compelling Christian worship album I have ever listened to. I pray now to God that when you listen to these songs, that God will move you to have an open mind to the message of the writer of this music. I believe Third Day was inspired by God to write these songs, and I pray that you might be moved by Third Day to call on Jesus and turn to Him. Amen.

The daily Bible verse for March 4, 2015, at The Official King James Bible Online is John 15:7 — "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you." Read all of John Chapter 15. Also see Psalm 46: a prophecy, with commentary.

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