Kid Rock – Greatest Hits 2015

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A real force in pop-rock music in the 90’s
to the present, here is a good collection
of greatest hits by Kid Rock. The Kid’s Nothing but gritty
in your face, down and dirty, cool hard rock, only prudes
and moral hypocrites don’t like Kid Rock!

December, 8, 2017
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Greatest Hits (2015)

Sometimes in Our Lives it Seems Like
Love Becomes an Illusionary Thing:
Kid Rock, Stop Your Drinking!

The Daily Walk with Love, December 8, 2017, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of Linda L. and YouTube. Featured photo courtesy of FreshIndependence. Dedicated to the fine woman of whatever age who sees past my limitations as a poor, struggling writer/website designer with high functioning autism (and no car), who writes to me, and becomes my friend and lover: email Paul at


Thanks to the Yuhanick family for tolerating all the phone calls and emotional turmoil of mine. I hope I will still help people and serve the Lord with this website, for a long, long time.


Some Kid Rock videos are about his need to find a loyal mate but lack of any success which he doesn’t understand. He says only God understands this as in “Only God Knows Why, The Daily Walk with Love, March 27, 2016, by Paul Evans. No, Kid, seems to me it’s the booze: You go into and out of bars all the time (including in the video), and you have problems finding the kind of woman you want, I’d guess the two are connected. (And you’re NOT going to find THE woman, usually, in a bar.) I always thought you belonged with Sheryl Crow, but I bet she won’t put up with your drinking b.s. Give it up and you’ll find the wife you want easy. You’re a great guy, but the alcohol has to at least be minimized, I’m afraid. As a reformed alcoholic, I know.

And I’d never judge you for it, addictions are a terrible force in western society. Really they are just part of life, it seems to me. But He said, people, “Judge not lest ye be judged, and in such a manner as you judge others, so God will judge you.” Hypocrisy about, and criminalizing of addictions is barbaric. We ALL have addictions…hot cars, money…even power, stuff like Facebook, blogging, clothes or shoes, television, there are a LOT of things to get addicted to. We mustn’t judge it, worry about your own addictions and stop criticizing others. To criminalize addictions is just because “they” make money of things being illegal. It only empowers the drug lords and street gangs.

Yes, sure Kid, I get the “pirate,” Born Free mime really well, and I guess there are good women who drink… right? I guess…. I’m just trying to be helpful, Kid. God Bless you Kid Rock, I absolutely LOVE your music.

Also see Kid Rock – Born Free, The Daily Walk with Love, December 29, 2015, by Paul Evans.

Kid Rock – Greatest Hits (2015)

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