Kid Rock – Care ft. T.I. & Angaleena Presley

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a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism The Music Critic’s Corner a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism

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Angaleena Presley never looked and sounded
so good in this, Kid Rock’s heartfelt, special music video.
CARE (a 26 video playlist), which in fact
is the Official music video of
The (New) Music Critic’s Corner, where
we care about every one of our visitors
(care about everybody, in fact!)

Republished September 30, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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The Music Critic's Corner

The Music Critic’s Corner
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Kid Rock – Care
ft. T.I. & Angaleena Presley
(26 video playlist)

The Word LOVE, used interchangeably
to mean Caring, in the New Testament sense of
Compassion, as by Jesus in His Life on Earth,
also here strongly denotes Morality, as in the Old Testament

The Music Critic’s Corner, republished September 30, 2020, by Paul Evans, From the music video playlist courtesy of Kid Rock and YouTube, featured photograph courtesy of Fresh Independence. So Kid Rock ran for U.S. Senator from Michigan. God knows the people of the Detroit area could use a little help (they’re getting precious little now, although things are supposed to be a little better than they were). Somebody who cares about the common man in the Senate sounds like a great idea!! You may also enjoy Kid Rock – The Big Interview with Dan Rather (2017), YouTube – 51:31.


(which may or may not still be online)

Kid Rock – Care ft. T.I. & Angaleena Presley on The Music Critic’s Corner tells it like it is and let’s the world know where to go to get really great music videos to watch (you’re there). Visit to purchase downloads of Kid’s rock’s music as digital rights free, high quality (256kbs) mp3’s.

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