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The Daily Walk with Miracles

July 21, 2016

The Daily Walk with Miracles
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Jonathan Livingston Seagull
AUDIOBOOK | Richard Bach

An audiobook for those of us who are “different”

The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 21, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is Jonathan Livingston Seagull | AUDIOBOOK | Richard Bach. featured photogrph courtesy of Also see The Daily Walk with Miracles Watering Hole – Friendship Club, The Daily Walk with Miracles, July 20, 2016, by Paul Evans, from which are these links and resources, with an emphasis on resources for those of us who may suffer from addiction issues. We live in a society where “sanity” is a mean statistical norm and deviation from the norm or average is punished by official society. As the rock group Rush warns us, “conform or be cast out.” (from the song Subdivisions). Whether you are a seagull or just trying to get by, can we please finally learn as a society to tolerate those who are “different”? See Why I Feed Seagulls, Yachtpals, December 14, 2009. Another few “controversial” songs I like that speak to those who try to understand any sort of higher reality are two of SEAL’s best that I like a lot, Future Love Paradise, and his Crazy.

Is it getting better? I know that an article like this and the hopes behind it are founded on a perhaps historically-unjustified confidence in humanity. See my The Internet and “One World”, The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 19, 2016, by Paul Evans. The salvation of mankind is partly determined by the extent to which we learn to at least tolerate those who are different than we are, people who have different worldviews. I think we can do it and that it is happening before our eyes. My friend Bert gave me the following factual evidence of man’s hopeful future: in the year 2,000 1.6 billon people lived in poverty but now the figure is down to 1.2 billion. Yes, in some regards we’re just hanging on, but then I can think of 6 or 8 ways the world could end in the next five minutes (no joke). I just try to have faith in God. One video by the group Midnight Oil which speaks to this hopeful future is Forgotten Years. We can only pray, and work like hell.

Here is my own chat room and list of other resources, too. Let’s start out with our own dedicated chat room and may I say God Bless everyone. As to “rules” and such, just be decent and respectful and try hard not to judge each other. We don’t need bad profanity either — and I reserve the right to ban anyone as a user from the chat room at my own discretion. This is supposed to be a place of friendship and hope, let’s keep it that way, OK Folks?

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