Joining Breitbart as a Platform for Christian Alt-right Thought

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We see The Daily Walk with Miracles embracing
conservative populism and American national
identity, and standing against free immigration
and the disintegration of our true American cultural identity. We do NOT embrace any sort of antisemitism.

June 5, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Joining Breitbart as a Platform
for Christian Alt-right Thought

American Nationalism without Any
Anti-semitism, but Constructively Conservative

The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 5, 2017, by Paul Evans, with all due thanks to Flickr & ‘Fibonacci Blue’, for the featured photograph. The featured video is President Trump’s speech at CPAC, February 24, 2017, courtesy of YouTube — 48:13. Please join me on my Facebook page: Let’s be Facebook friends!

We see The Daily Walk with Miracles embracing conservative populism and American national identity, and standing against free immigration and the disintegration of our true American cultural identity. This is the same basic sort of neo-fascism embraced by Steven Bannon and Breitbart. At the same time we decry any sort of anti-semitism and embrace the idea of a neo-fascist economic identity, whereas politically we see ourselves more in the realm of conservative populism. We do not embrace any “pro-white” identity, only that fully conservative and traditional, American vision for a cultural identity which arises from an earlier, almost lost era when being an American mattered. America’s cultural identity has been almost lost in the liberal miasma forced upon us by the Clintons and Obama. We are NOT racist, only culturally fully American.

We stand for voting rights dependent upon facility with the English language, and hope for a national identity where government and schools are English only. America is an English speaking nation and must remain so. And if America is a place to which someone has immigrated, there must be full cultural assimilation, as there was in the 19th century for the Irish and Italians. Furthermore, if our government sees fit to requisition or purchase any supplies, we would require that they be manufactured in the United States of America including automobiles and any other sort of supplies, such as computers. We are perfectly capable of manufacturing any sort of computers here in the United States and that is what our government should be forced to purchase. This alone will create many thousands of new jobs. We also call our readers’ attention to the article on Wikipedia about fascist economics and the lack of one overall prevalent economic theorist.

Economically the United States was and is a notably fascist nation. There are two factors linked to a fascist political identity and America notably is qualified for inclusion in such a categorization: a government-corporate partnership and the existence of the security state. More than half of government workers actually are employed by private companies, so that qualifies us in the first case. That we are a security state I believe to be self-evident. The Daily Walk with Miracles has always supported the revised Patriot Act and necessary surveillance and obviously is a friend in particular of the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.). As the CEO of Google once said, “if you aren’t doing anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about.” This is the United States of America NOT the 1950’s Stalinist Soviet Union. In America we believe in the rule of law.

It is my personal hope that elements of the left might support President Trump in the coming debate over his budget. It appears to call for an almost across-the-board reduction in domestic spending by about 16 percent. This is absolutely necessary. With the entrance onto the world market of the Chinese yuan as a joint global reserve currency and the fact that some 40 nations stand poised to drop the dollar as their trading currency, the United States cannot continue its policy of unsupported deficit spending. It is becoming harder and harder for America to continue to borrow, and what we are borrowing is our children’s economic future. We must now come very close to balancing the budget, TODAY. The future is here, now. I would also hope for a slightly progressive fair and flat tax to pay for our government’s spending. The father of modern capitalist economic theory Adam Smith said in his 1776 book The Wealth of Nations that the rich should give back “not only in proportion to their wealth, but something more than in proportion.” During the 1950’s and 1960’s the upper income level tax was at some 93 percent, and the economy grew at a steady pace of 4 percent per year GDP. Far from that, I would envision a base rate of about 16 percent (which would allow the government to fund almost all programs) with two minor five percent jumps as a progressive measure. The whole concept depends on congress being able to enact a fair revision of the tax code to cut out most of the current loopholes.

Moreover, while we support a fascist economic and political reality, we cannot support the situation in America where “the tail wags the dog” and corporate America and the banks are essentially running our county. It’s supposed to be a partnership: we have gone terribly wrong in this regard. It has to change. The main problem as I see it is NOT so much corrupt congressmen but a situation where lobbyists essentially write our laws. Term limits will help here, a lot. When congressmen are dependent upon lobbyists for funds to get re-elected, the result is all-to-predictable. I would challenge the President to follow through and enforce term limits by Presidential orders to two terms of office.

President Trump’s Speech at CPAC

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