Joel Osteen: God Will Finish What He Started

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June 24, 2016

Joel Osteen: God Will Finish
What He Started

If you aren’t rooting for the common man
you’re reading the wrong website

The Daily Walk with Miracles, June 24, 2016, by Paul Evans, video courtesy of Joel Osteen and YouTube. Just as Jesus disliked the ruling Pharisees and abhored the moneychangers, it might seem as though some of my writings might be critical of those in power. Rather, just as Joel Olsteen says, this is NOT just me rooting for the common man, it is from the very God of Creation, that is, those values which Jesus lived and taught. There is no way I can serve the Lord and not be for ordinary folks, so that really this is a positive attitude, THIS is what being a true Christian consists of, so far as Jesus own life testifies to me. I know (have a deep faith) that God is on my side, so how can I do otherwise? This is all I know to do, to help the common man have as good a future as possible, and have as much of a decent future as a moral a common understanding of the Truth (which I try my very hardest to help us see) can allow. I try very hard to not even keep my own personality or well-being in mind at all, even at the risk of persecution by big money and power, as I have good justification to think has happened in my own life. If I am doing God’s own work, that is what matters most deeply to me. Joel Olsteen offers us regular folks a lot of promise for a better future. You can count on it, because it’s from God.

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