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— I have faith that the world is coming together, gradually
and painfully, towards a new global consciousness and that
we are becoming One with each other, as Jesus had hoped,
so that before too long our minds will be much more mutually
and mindfully aware, as well as tolerant and accepting
of those who are “different,” in different cultures
and sub-cultures.. It’s like the “New World Order” with a Twist,
and without the Tin-pot Dictators, in a struggle to win our minds
and Hearts, such as I have come to understand is (or should be)
the true message of the Illuminati, the Masons and America, not
money or power. I feel that this is one of the most
important articles I have written.

republished September 29, 2020
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One World:
Global Consciousness

Psychic Awareness, iPv6 Internet Connectivity
and “One World” – Microsoft, Google
and w3schools are changing the way
the world connects and empowering
a global consciousness

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), republished with additions, September 29, 2020, by Paul Evans. I feel that One World is an important article. Did you know that the iPv6 internet has twice the connectivity than did the old iPv4 internet? Ordinary people are beginning to do empathy and yes, even telepathy using certain social IM apps. This is not something to be feared, we are not instituting something like world government. However, for humanity’s future, for our very survival as a species, it is crucial, as we become more mindfully aware of each other, that we be tolerant and even accepting of people who are different than we are (of different cultures and subcultures). Video is The new, larger version of the Internet: IPv6, courtesy of Google & YouTube, featured photograph courtesy of The Huffington Post. Email Paul at

Cortana’s corner (from my old Android): In 1962 The Rolling Stones made their debut concert. And so I wonder why we don’t still hear more from them on FM radio…. To me, to bring back those days, the 2CD Album “Hot Rocks” pretty much has all their best hits, if you might want to relive those days and what they mean to you. I guess I would have been about five years old.

SUMMARY: I have faith that the world is coming together, gradually and painfully, towards a new global consciousness and that we are becoming One with each other, perhaps not in the sense of world government at all, but much more mutually aware and accepting, a sort of “mindful now.” What we are going through now in society are the birth pains of this. The destination overall of this transformation I call One World, which is not at all a political concept. May it be, and Amen.

Again, the concept of One World is not political AT ALL. It isn’t the U.N. or trying to install some sort of world government, at ALL. It just means that now the truth about the way things are WILL come out. Neither the “Sharia Law” kind of fundamentalist Christians, nor the Masons can hide the truth about things now, maybe for a while, but the internet is exposing everyone’s mind to new ideas, most of which are ZERO threat to the faith of any believer with good faith. Neither can Communist nations or equally, the Sharia Law Muslim fundamentalists remain isolated in their viewpoints. “One World,” is not world government or political, it refers instead to a connected sort of global society, where we are a lot more aware of AND more tolerant of each other and our various, different beliefs, and exist in a sort of connected, simultaneous “now” sort of reality with toleration and acceptance of different viewpoints.

The whole concept of One World originated back in the early 1940’s, with a liberal Republican, Wendel Wilkie, andd then-president FDR. You can read all about it at Wikipedia, which states that “One World is a manifesto and a travelogue written by Wendell Willkie, a liberal Republican, about his seven-week, 31,000-mile tour, and originally published in April 1943. It advocates for an end to colonialism, World Federalism, and equality for non-whites in the United States.” Actually, the whole tour of the world was requested by FDR, and Wilkie soon thereafter published a famous-at-that-time book which has been long out of print, although you can buy a used copy at, although the hardcover verions are rather expensive. Also, The Nation published a recent article One World: The lost internationalism of Wendell Willkie, by Samuel Zipp.

The U.N. has been long denigrated by conservatives as nascent “world government.” But most conservatives will admit that many offices of the U.N. serve positive functions in today’s world, and mainly complain about the over-strong role of radical, small nations in that body, and that the U.S. bears too much of the burden in supporting that body, monetarily. President Trump, in his speech to the U.N., called for major reforms there, reforms that would lead to this body being much more respected and trusted among the large western, industrialized world. This might be the start, not of viable world government, but of a United Nations which would serve a much more valuable and proper role in the world, as many of its organizations already do. See Trump presses UN for reforms, but they won’t be easy, CNBC, September 18, 2017, by John W. Schoen. Trump showed that he fully believes in a positive role for the United Nations in the world, but that before the Trump Presidency can fully “get behind” the U.N., some major reforms are necessary. They won’t be easy, but they are doable.

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There was a time when societies and “sub-cultures” were distinct and separate and nobody had to really deal with the whole spectrum of “cultures” around the world. Now, however we live in an essentially “global society,” where we are all exposed to and influenced by each other’s ideas. Sub-cultures and special interest groups tried hard to stay separate or maintain their own “correctness,” but it’s a global, connected society now, and the only way to keep humans from basically learning more of the truth about the way things are in the world would be to actually shut down the internet.

“Stratified knowledge” which special interest groups like fundamentalist Islam, the Masons, or Communist nations have always tried to prevent the “common” person from getting at — esoteric or “special” knowledge about the way things really are in the world — and the Truth can no longer can fully be made inaccessible to the masses, because of the very fact of the internet and how it connects people into a growing, global consciousness.

One big factor in this is the rapidly developing change in “internet connectivity” and the growth of a global spiritual consciousness, or “One World” (at Princeton). This is becoming an accomplished fact as the changeover to the iPv6 internet has changed the “spiritual connection” people have with each other. People who had “some” consciousness of each other, and other people’s minds, emotions and hopes and thoughts — some ESP, spiritually aware people — now find that the changeover from iPv4 to the iPv6 internet has connected our consciousness in ways not understood before the change. This was mostly instituted in 2013, when the iPV6 internet was technologically empowered, as Google explains in the video, below.

We are becoming One World, a global society which IS in fact much more aware –and aware of each other — and mindful.

However, though the technology behind the change is mostly a fact now (since the iPv6 internet was mostly instituted architecturally in 2013, and is even now basically mostly established), societies around the world MUST still must learn to tolerate and even encourage individuals and other cultures and subcultures which are “different” than what the dominant elements in particular “special interests” used to tolerate. The days when societies could intolerantly punish differences in people, days of intolerance and hate and even mind control, in subconscious and unconscious ways, of those who are different, are in fact slowly ceasing, or at least moderating, for which I thank God.

What a wonderful time to be alive! “Life is a gift, for which we are grateful.”

But now we must begin as a species to really, actually love our neighbors as ourselves — at least tolerate even those with different ideas and beliefs — for which reality our Savior suffered, died, as was resurrected 2,000 years ago in a remote corner of the world. Mankind stands at the cusp. We must embrace our brothers around the world, and claim our true destiny as an inter-related, interconnected global consciousness, or else we face an all-too-possible fate involving the horror of nuclear winter (or worse).

See Have Compassion for Your Brother, Even As God Loves You and U.S. ALLIANCE WITH RUSSIA?, The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans. Don’t laugh until you read the article. There are some amazing possibilities outlined in this article about a treaty with Russia, and both “sides” would benefit a lot, both in financial gain and foreign policy-wise.

In case anyone does not have Windows 10, in which the iPv6 internet is a reality, since most website hosts have enabled it, for poor people I now suggest that one can simply open up “Internet Options” in older versions of Windows, click on the advanced tab, and put a simple check mark where it says “iPv6,” although the whole reason for giving Windows 10 away must partly be to more connect the world, and this is even now basically an accomplished fact. (There is a great deal more “connectivity,” psychic and OS-wise and in the iPv6 internet.) This is true even though un-equal, petty and unjust and intolerant regimes around the world still fight it. Today’s youth are so very tech-savvy, from a young age, and I truly believe us “old folks” must give way to our kids and that young people are gonna save this sorry old world. The overall change may take 50 years or a century, but intolerance and hate may soon rue the coming day of the Lord, and may I say, “and God Bless Bill Gates,” as well as Google and, who actually are the people who first developed the original standards upon which the whole worldwide web is based. (Most people think the internet was coming into reality about 1994, but it is a fact that it goes back to military applications as long ago as 1961 in the U.S.)

Appearances can be deceiving, money will always be money and power will always rule, but most people do care about each other and I have faith that the world is now drawing together, gradually and painfully, towards a new global consciousness and that we are truly becoming One with each other. May it be, and Amen.

See An Enlightened Way of Thinking, The Daily Walk with Love, by Paul Evans.

See Poverty, Self-actualization, Maslow, the Hierarchy of Needs and Acceptance, The Daily Walk with Love, March 15, 2016, by Paul Evans

The new, larger, “connected” version
of the Internet: IPv6

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